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  2. Hmmm. I would probably go for Toruk, if needed. jaclaz
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  4. StartIsBack++ 2.5

    Right clicking on open program in taskbar restarts explorer, but does not close window.
  5. Certainly NOT. Not really "have to", You could alternatively use a Windows 7 installed to a .vhd, For the Windows 10 (already installed) OS the .vhd will be just a (large) file, and you wouldn't need to modify the partitioning. jaclaz
  6. If I've got a win-10 system and I want to install win-7 from a bootable thumb drive, will the win-7 installation process correctly configure the (single) hard drive for dual-boot and preserve the existing win-10 setup? Would I have to create a new partition on the existing hard drive first to do this (and can that be done from win-10)?
  7. StartIsBack++ 2.5

    StartIsBack v2.5.2 activated...
  8. OldNewExplorer 1.1.8

    Yes, I had to take ownership of the file from TrustedInstaller to perform the renaming, which looks like this: How are your preferences for OldNewExplorer? Mine are like this ...
  9. Microsoft Update Windows Update Warning both the MS BEASTS are Dragons, so beware Dragons belong to same Kindom of beasts, but both are different in nature and power
  10. MSFN will be online one more month!

    Thanks to your donations we are still online :-) Thank you
  11. StartIsBack++ 2.5

    Your trial period has probably expired.
  12. Notice: no new basilisk/moebius build today, since upstream changes is limited: - Checking NS_BINDING_ABORTED to avoid dispatching navigate event (5e6185d96) - Merge pull request #302 from janekptacijarabaci/devtools_actors_tab_1 (66a9a051d) - Don't try to use "doc" reference when it might be dead (e705ee82d) - Merge pull request #304 from janekptacijarabaci/toolkit_readerMode_1 (f7058b867) - Remove Rust MP4 parser component. (40ba92f01) - Remove rust URL parser component (d329d68f9) - Change XFO sameorigin to check all ancestors for same origin. (69ef73749) - Remove OS-specific importSourceGroup. (e9170641e)
  13. New Build! 32bit https://o.rthost.cf/palemoon/palemoon-27.8.0a1.win32-git-20180121-4b2c1b329-xpmod.7z 32bit noSSE https://o.rthost.cf/palemoon/palemoon-27.8.0a1.win32-git-20180121-4b2c1b329-xpmod-ia32.7z 64bit https://o.rthost.cf/palemoon/palemoon-27.8.0a1.win32-git-20180121-4b2c1b329-xpmod.7z Official repo changes since my last build: - Collapse notification bar in fullscreen (c1bcdecae) - Removed "on Windows" from comment (e335a9f6f) - Merge pull request #1576 from SpockMan02/master (f4444d4f2) - Remove WebRTC - Part 1: Configure (ccbc20a0f) - Added function for a showTabPreviews pref (10d74de4d) - Added checkbox for showTabPreviews (46f6b0ae5) - Added browser.ctrlTab.previews pref (951495c63) - Added label for showTabPreviews (295aee74e) - Removed unnecessary showTabPreviews function (2dd6ae6d4) - Remove WebRTC - Part 2: Remove all WebRTC files that are not depended upon by the rest of the build system (b16a33e19) - Merge pull request #1583 from binoc-central/webrtc-sec (08263752a) - Made showTabPreviews checkbox string less hand-holding (d208ead3c) - Merge pull request #1582 from SpockMan02/master (d9292ecaf) - Adjust the theme to account for natural border width rounding. (afa34c7a6) - Version bump (new cycle) (7f021126b) - Remove extraneous "tab". (fb9110941) - Implement ES6 Array.prototype[@@unscopables] (ee9d53abb) - Add Eyedropper to the app menu (9b2f63ec2) - Merge pull request #1589 from janekptacijarabaci/devtools_appmenu_eyedropper_1 (b5709d37b) - Add check for Windows 8.1 version (bdaa898f7) - Perform an `XCTO: nosniff` check only for 2xx responses (394350218) - Don't use transparency optimization for theme items in Windows 8 or later with a high contrast theme in use. (3dc0774f7) - Shut up rpmlint (73983c688) - Merge pull request #1593 from JustOff/PR_nosniff_2xx_only (538dfb780) - Don't style the menu bar items unless we don't have a compositor. (b8c009079) - Issue #1595 part 1: Remove Vista checks in XPCOM (f6c1a6b46) - Issue #1595 part 2: Remove Vista checks in /hal (723e8aed0) - Issue #1595 part 3: Remove Vista checks in DOM (8c4c48d34) - Issue #1595 part 4: Remove Vista checks in JS and XRE (d6e790af7) - Issue #1595 part 5: Remove Vista checks in Windows widget code (7c0acbff8) - Issue #1595 part 6: Remove Vista check in Windows DLL blocklist (e6294019c) - Issue #1595 part 7: Remove Vista checks in /gfx (4b2c1b329) My changes since my last build: - Reverted changes in Issue #1595
  14. Extended Kernel for XP (ExtendedXP)

    Any updates? I just discovered this as I have new (to me) XP Pro machine I've setup.
  15. Yesterday
  16. Optiplex 170L Audio Driver?

    Thanks! that worked... I didn't think to try ones that didn't explicity say they worked with 98se (that one appears to be for 2000+) It works perfectly! ...and that one was right on thew drivers page for this sytem on dells site...if only I had been adventurous when I saw it before.
  17. The new experimental version is better. Is anyone else noticing a brief popping up of small black lines/rectangles when hovering over windows' min/max/close buttons? Best to try it through Remote Desktop. This is the kind of thing I'm getting around the taskbar area on Windows 8.1 sometimes. I can reproduce the problem with min/max/close buttons when connecting to Windows 8.1 machine with Remote Desktop which has Aero Glass. Only happens with blurring enabled. I believe this is the same problem that people have been reporting all this time since the Windows 8 era. Also: Read only 2nd paragraph: And:
  18. They do not. The issue in question only happens in Microsoft Update, which is a totally different beast than Windows Update.
  19. Weird internet problem in Windows 95

    As of right now, Google.com (not google.co.uk) works on Internet Explorer 5.5, but not on Internet Explorer 6. Bing crashes IE5.5 and unless you use a different browser, you won't be able to use the search engine. You can still do a basic search for websites under Google, but most of the websites under that browser will not work correctly, if not at all. Here's a screenshot: I recommend that you use a working browser if you're running Windows 95 such as the latest version of Retrozilla.
  20. Taskbar bug?

    The glitches with the old Aero Glass for Windows 8.1 have been brought up a couple times here. They can be difficult to reproduce. The questions are, whether a similar fix as in the experimental version for Windows 10 could be applied to Windows 8.1 version and whether @bigmuscle will bother. @rodri4g Can you confirm if they go away if you disable blurring with Aero Glass GUI tool?
  21. DirectPlay 9.0c & Intel PRO/1000 GT on 98SE

    Not that there is anything wrong with that but no one is going to be able cure symptomsbut you.. If you want to fix your problem than its up to you to trouble shoot it by reinstalling windows different, trying different drivers on fresh installs, installing updates like SP 3.5. trying 98se2me. Using different installer packages instead of stripped down or bugged ones. Figuring that out. Incrementally installing DX like try install DX 7 then 8 then 9 who knows on top of each other. What you have is a rare problem. It could be that it has to do with the way you have set up your computers that other people dont set it up like that thats why only you or very few have the issue.
  22. True, but we were discussing version 56. Workarounds for the new Quantum are appreciated though. I'm afraid it's more like a feature that has become popular to implement. And for what? Your average clueless Windows user won't bother with a custom theme. How is the frame of a classic Win32 application when using default theme different? It uses virtually identical graphical resources, doesn't shrink when maximized and lacks the application icon on the left side. Microsoft and this whole "unified experience across all devices" or whatever they call it. Look at Office 2016 (and 2013). Heck, Remote Desktop app for Android looks like an UWP app.
  23. DirectPlay 9.0c & Intel PRO/1000 GT on 98SE

    Well, it would be a bummer to have to move from Win98 to XP on my four LAN party PCs just to be able to play one game so I'd like to poke around and see if it can work. I guess nobody has the combination of Win98/DX9c-DP/Intel PRO1000GT working to compare notes with. The annoying part is that DxDiag just hangs, if it gave off some kind of error message I'd have someplace to start. Is there some kind of tool I can run in the background that might give me some idea of where DxDiag is hanging? Maybe the Intel drivers just suck? BTW, I tried running the DxDiag in KernelEx XP mode and that didn't change anything. So I guess KernelEx is no help in this case. Thanks, DJ
  24. StartIsBack++ 2.5

    Hi, I have a problem, there is no application icon that is show on the left panel of the start menu. Only the one that I pinned, changing the number of application to be show in the configuration setting will change the height of the start menu ( > 10 ) but nothing appear. This a new Windows 10 LTSB installation with all patchs. StartIsBack v2.5.2 activated. Thanks.
  25. Hmmm. Ok, thanks, though still I am not fully convinced. I'll have to check next time I need to connect these machines to the Internet whether they have issues with Windows Update or not. jaclaz
  26. DirectPlay 9.0c & Intel PRO/1000 GT on 98SE

    well I have 98lite chubby + SP 3.5x + 98se2ME + RP9 and mine doesn't hang. I'm using Directx 8.1 btw But my setup is really different than yours. I am not using sleek. I am using ME shell + IE6 unofficial patched + RP9. I run a 3dfx Voodoo 3500 for glide gaming and I have a voodoo 2 in the same box for compatibility with some games like Shadow Warrior. SO i don't use DX9c. I think anygame that uses DX9c I can run on my XP computer that actually runs the DX9 games better than 98 does. I see no point in DX9 gaming on 98. I use the simple registry tweak from Speed Guide sguide_tweak_9x.zip btw. I dont use the full optimizer.
  27. Optiplex 170L Audio Driver?

    Try this one. https://downloads.dell.com/FOLDER00306584M/1/A13_setup_ZPE.exe
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