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  2. BSOD x00000007b during install

    This is my hardware The are not any xp drivers for this model on Acer site. So, that's it, I think. EDIT: I found this topic: https://www.win-raid.com/t11f23-Modded-Intel-AHCI-and-RAID-Drivers-digitally-signed.html. This moded drivers contains AHCI driver for my device 22a3, XP also, but it doesn't work either.
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  4. BSOD x00000007b during install

    I can't find any positive examples of installing Windows XP on Acer ES1-131. Probably its chipset is not supported by Intel drivers suitable for XP. But this is a good advice to help in finding a suitable driver or make the final conclusion that this is impossible. You may use Windows PE version 8.1 or 10, or a Linux based "Live disk". Linux command to list PCI devices with their hardware IDs is: lspci -nn
  5. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    Worst general UI design since Windows 3.11 (I rather use Windows 95 than Windows 10 UI-wise) The built-in spyware telemetrics The fact that games and programs are being installed without explicit permission of the user: (Like candy crush on a Windows 10 Professional OS) The apps in general. Who needs X-box on a business PC? I will most likely be using Windows Seven long after the extended support ended. It's going to be a sad time fighting security issues in the long run.
  6. BSOD x00000007b during install

    The first step you need to do is identify the Hardware IDs of both the USB and the storage controller. Then find the drivers for each and add them to your install source and to your OS image. You can find the HwID by booting a WinPE and use Nirsoft's Devmanview: http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/device_manager_view.html Or in DOS there are programs such as pciscan.exe.... BUT i am having difficulty finding where this tool comes from. Anyways, it is always easier to know exactly what you are looking for rather than blindly trying drivers. It is real simple, you find the hardware ID, then you can open the INF of a driver and see if the hardware ID is in there or not. If it is, then you can try it. If it isn't, don't bother!
  7. BSOD x00000007b during install

    Still without luck. Installer gives me bsod after loading setup files and before hiting enter to start installation. When I choose first two options of WinntSetupfromUSB it gives error that no supported hardware IDs found, or something.
  8. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    With all the hype about "improving" the Windows Update process... I had my Win 10 v1709 test VM at 16299.19 with 100% perfect system integrity. It's a clean, well setup system I use for testing. Then I ran Windows Update. It found the Malicious Software Removal Tool, a Flash update, and other stuff typically delivered with Windows Update. But it did NOT find KB4048955 nor bring the system up to 16299.64. But here's the kicker: It did NOT emit any kind of error message! Only running the .msu directly from the catalog brought the system up to 16299.64, so my conclusion is that Windows Update is no longer trustworthy (not that anything about Microsoft is trustworthy any more). It's just a small step from "Something Happened" to emitting no message at all, I suppose, but... Good software doesn't work this way. Good systems don't expect that you have to reinstall or buy a new one every year. -Noel
  9. BSOD x00000007b during install

    Wait a minute. When (exactly) are you having the 0x0000007b Stop Error? Describe what you can do BEFORE the BSOD. What I suspect is that you are having an issue in installing the XP from the USB bus. Try using WinntSetupfromUSB on a stick (as opposed to your USB CD/DVD drive) as source: http://www.msfn.org/board/forum/157-install-windows-from-usb/ (or one of the other available methods available in that sub-forum) jaclaz
  10. BSOD x00000007b during install

    Yes of course, I installed it by myself.
  11. BSOD x00000007b during install

    I read a little more about the Acer ES1-131. Are you sure that your model has SATA SSD drive? Typically Acer ES1-131 have builtin eMMC memory only, which is incompatible with Windows systems before 8.
  12. BSOD x00000007b during install

    I receive the same error after the driver integration.
  13. BSOD x00000007b during install

    Can you explain a little more? Do you experience problem with integrating the driver into XP installation image, or receive the same error when installing XP after the driver integration?
  14. BSOD x00000007b during install

    It doest work.
  15. BSOD x00000007b during install

    Try to integrate this driver into your XP installation image. The NLite is suitable for this task.
  16. More and more every time I look. Most of my Website is dedicated to providing them.
  17. Hi, I'm trying to install xp on Acer ES1-131 without luck becouse of this BSOD. I use USB connected optical drive, and my harddrive is SSD drive. I enabled legacy mode of SATA controller in the BIOS. Is there any chance to install xp on this machine? Please help.
  18. NewMoonXP? It emphasizes New Moon's mission to serve XP, just as TenFourFox serves Mac OS X 10.4 users.
  19. I don't name it, but MCP people named so
  20. Maybe last build of Pale Moon in this month, but it still depends on how many commits they made and how many free/idle time I have for compilation. For Basilisk, it doesn't crash on my XP SP3, will test it on my vanilla XP VM later (but I have no schedule for this as new pokemon game takes all my free time now )
  21. Hi Anonymous, Thank you for your donation of $50.00. We look forward to improving the forums and stay online with your donation. Thanks MSFN
  22. Yesterday
  23. I happen to like 'New Moon' as the name and hope it will stay that way. It just seems fitting. A New Moon every month till we get to see another wonderful Full Moon ... Google search "The new moon is the phase that is invisible to us here on Earth because the moon is between the earth and the sun, and its illuminated side is facing away from us. The new moon marks the beginning of the lunar cycle, the movement of the moon through its different phases." ...
  24. Or even... Lunar Lifeline .
  25. Win9x is one big workaround anyways, if you really think about it So were programs such as DOS4GW.
  26. Searching for a few utilities

    For battery I found something crude, but it's better than nothing: http://exodusdev.com/products/monitor-win32-power-management-events As for Screen brightness adjuster and maybe color, you've tried PowerStrip?
  27. Please don't name the browser after a demon... How about Nova Luna ? (New Moon in Latin)
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