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  2. List of Web Browsers Working with XP 2017

    I have QT5.9 and Vs2015 . I can give a try but no promise.
  3. WinXP SP3 takes VERY LONG checking for updates

    In short, XP version of Windows Update Agent is buggy, so any update that replace a big number (as far as i can see, the critical number is 29) of older updates is hard to find with it. Internet Explorer cumulative updates are an example, because they are released every month and each new cumulative update replace all its predecessors. While the bug in WUA isn't fixed (i hope that MS fix it before XP Embedded support ends), the only workaround is to download and install troublesome updates (IE cumulative and some other) or all updates suitable for your system manually. You can read more about the problem on the last pages of this topic.
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  5. Hi guys, I have two almost identical machines running genuine Windows XP Home OEM SP3 - one is my work computer, the other is used for file storage. Internet Explorer 8 installed; POSReady hack too. Automatic update is off, I prefer to check for updates manually on weekly or by-weekly basis. Usually there is no issue with updates, except for the very annoying fact that of lately it literally takes several hours for the updates to show up (per usual, every time they are no more than a few of them - update for Internet Explorer, the OS and now and then MS Office). I use Symantec Endpoint Protection 12 client for anti-virus and firewall - this thingy is pretty heavy, but it does not really matter if it is on or off when the update is going on. Both machines have 2.2 MHz dual-core processor, one has 4 GB of dual-channel DDR400 memory, the other - 2 GB. In other words, hardware is not a problem for the scanning of updates to take so long. I have been browsing this forum, as well as the Internets for solution, but could not really find anything that would help (probably my bad). So I would really appreciate it if a friendly soul guides me on a way to solve the issue. Thanks in advance! Best :-)
  6. Simple XP 32BIT 64Gb RAM (true Pae) Guide

    That's precisely what I meant when I said: Gavotte itself uses PAE, it does not rely on a patched Windows to do it, nor require any windows patching. And it works equally well with up to Windows 8.1 x86.
  7. Simple XP 32BIT 64Gb RAM (true Pae) Guide

    XP appears to allocate physical memory top down like Windows 9x. If Windows is Patched and a RAMDisk run from within it, Drivers and many other things will still end up in high memory. To avoid any issues you will need a RAMDisk that loads before Windows or one that can use RAM not known by Windows. Windows should not be Patched in this case.
  8. I'd do it. I did it to all my machines and alternate bootpartitions, except I did not use the Office 2003 updates, only the ones for the 2007 Compatibility Pack, because they don't apply to my installations which are Office 2000 or 97 with the 2007 Compatibility Pack. But I also did replace the Equation Editor executable everywhere, as per @mixit's instructions.
  9. Ok OK - I'm so over-secured that the only thing still working is a manual typewriter and carbon paper. But for my OTHER machines -- "On my wife's important SOHO machine (Win 7 64-bit), we are still using Office 2003. Should any of the recent updates for Office or Compatibility be run manually on her machine?"
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  11. Latest DivX codec for Windows 95C

    Hi again :-) For the benefit of the community and per the suggestion of @sdfox7; I tried DivX 5.1.1 Pro Codec on my Win 95C machine. It works flawlessly. In the process though I hit some snags. Namely, when I first tried to play DivX/MP3 encoded video file, Windows Media Player loaded up some crappy InterVideo Audio filter (iviaudio.ax), and not the Fraunhofer MP3 filter that I wanted, thus producing a garbled and crackling sound. This necessitated me to get rid of the InterVideo crap. After some search on the Internets, I managed to do this by the following: 1. Start/Run 2. regsvr32 -u iviaudio.ax 3. Delete iviaudio.ax from Windows\System 4. Restart comp. After that, Windows Media Player loads up the MP3 codec to play audio as it should. I also had to install Radium MP3 codec 1.263 (believe it is a hacked official Fraunhofer MP3 codec; had it in my archive, it is also available on the Internets). Finally, InterVideo WinDVD 3.0 (my software archive is bottomless) can play perfectly single AND double-layer DVD disks. It is awesome. The only remaining problem so far is that no version of VobSub that I tried works under Win 95C. Have to figure something else out in order to display subtitles. Hope this info will help other people. Best :-)
  12. List of Web Browsers Working with XP 2017

    @Dibya Don't really know how to use it, and it could be time consuming. Maybe someone else here can interpret the code?
  13. Abbodi1406, nice to see you around... Let's not get into the image.exe timings anymore. I think the point is clear: Imagex.exe was almost "forgotten", but as Abbodi1406 found out, it can be useful for direct apply of UUP files, and fast as well, for some people (with old hardware/ disks?) even faster than the mighty WinNTSetup. If people are concerned with/ interested in this time difference, I'm sure they will try it themselves. That's it.
  14. Because you must be using a supermegaüberparanoid security setting, if I know you at all!!! Look: I use MSE v. 4.4.304.0 with up-to-date definitions, the default windows XPSP3 firewall, nothing but the default on the HOSTS file, a hardware firewall on the router and pi-hole for DNS and nothing else. None of my systems ever show the "Disable for now" nor care whether MSFN is offering mixed content or not. AND, the last time I got a system crippled by a virus was back in '88, by Jerusalem.
  15. I already have used SumatraPDF to read the Intel Manuals. I use my Unicows Wrappers rather than KernelEx.
  16. Windows 98SE acting up on laptop?

    I have downloaded as well as uploaded SP3 to test the integrity of the pack which is 119 mb. No issues on my end.
  17. Windows 98SE acting up on laptop?

    Have you tried downloading larger files ~100mb? The wireless seems to time out after a while.
  18. Hi abbodi1406, The log is placed in the Windows folder of the chosen installation drive. Seems a wim index without <arch> in the xml is interpreted as x64. Will fix this.
  19. Howdy @Atari800XL imagex time is the one reported as elapsed it after finish applying? for me i used echo %time% before and after imagexin a script, the difference was ~ 3:40, while imagex reported 3:00 still, manual observation of WinNTSetup applying gives ~ 4:20 BTW, where do i find WinNTSetup log? and it detects 1st index of UUP as 64bit https://i.imgur.com/yNRfOpq.png
  20. It seems like your case has nothing to do with the specific failure(s) discussed in this thread, You are seemingly the unlucky owner of one of the worst hard disks of all times : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ST3000DM001 reportedly those drives simply fail, after some time, in the highest percentages ever recorded. These failures can - in some cases only - be repaired by professionals, no DIY available, jaclaz
  21. mixit - thanks for info. Q - on the thread for XP POS, there are recent links for updating the 2007 Compatibility Pack for Office 2003 on our XP machines. Should I also run those on my wife's Win 7 64-bit machine on which we still have Office 2003 with the Compatibility Pack?
  22. den and mixit - thanks for your patience, After fussing a bit with my Firefox, I am able to see Mixit's insert link only after both (a) importing the certificate for msfn.org and (b) clicking on the lock icon in the address bar, seeing that this page is partially not secure, clicking on the > and hitting "Disable for now". Unfortunately, that last option (the button for "Disable for now") is not available on every page. On this XP machine, I have Firefix ESR 52.5.0 (32-bit). Running FF with Add-ons Disabled didn't help. Only the steps above helped. The normal icons for moving to other pages still don't work unless I right-click and hit Open in New Tab. Why so tough?
  23. @schwups I confirm the issue. The text is visible in only-text mode, but the rest is unusable. The blue background doesn't appear with IE6(!) and Firefox 2/3, so the board is readable, but, anyway, practically unusable for the rest as for Opera.
  24. List of Web Browsers Working with XP 2017

    Can you check it with dependency Walker?
  25. Root Certificates and Revoked Certificates for Windows XP

    @sdfox7 Thanks for the hint, I changed the links to rvkroots.exe and rootsupd.exe.
  26. Newest Adobe Flash and Shockwave, and Java, too!

    A new Shockwave version was released on or around 15 November 2017. Shockwave Player ...
  27. Using that embedded url "trick" with videos marked no-embed has always produced that result
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