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  2. Nothing came back for UnsignedThemes but I did get something for uxstyle so deleted that. After rebooting and trying the various theme patching options themes are still not working. I've tried a few different themes but non of them solve my issue with Firefox. However this is where I look like a complete id*** as i've found a setting in Classic Theme Restorer that gives me the appearance I want. Thanks again for all your help.
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  4. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    Very well put! I will help people with W10 so that they can do emails or use browsers but no way will I trust my home computer to be running OS s***. My home Windows PCs are Win 7 Pro if the need arises. However, I wonder if the Insider Updates are running differently? Over the past 7 updates, I've not lost the multiple users or browser functionality with an extension like Ghostery on the W10 test Dell laptop. Something appears to be working intrusively destructive with the released W10 updates? It seems that other vendors are not providing updated or compatible drivers or software to keep up with new W10 releases. Compatible apps seem to be problematic as well. Thanks Bookie32 to keep us focused on the issue. You are the "score keeper."
  5. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    At the point of the update/upgrade where it asks or tells it is ready to "Restart", by not doing the restart then, an ISO can be made from a file. That ISO can be used to do the "normal offline install." I don't know the file name, but the procedure is out there on the internet someplace.
  6. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-5279587/A-potentially-hazardous-asteroid-flying-past-Earth.html ‘Potentially hazardous’ asteroid the size of the Burj Khalifa is heading towards Earth at 67,000mph The 2002 AJ129 asteroid has been classed a 'potentially hazardous' by Nasa It will fly past on 4th February at speeds of 67,000mph (107,826kmh) This makes it nearly 15 times faster than the world's quickest manned aircraft By Phoebe Weston For Mailonline Published: 17 January 2018 A gigantic asteroid which is larger than the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, will hurtle past our planet in around two weeks time. The 2002 AJ129 asteroid has been classed a 'potentially hazardous' by Nasa and will fly past at speeds of 67,000mph (107,826kmh). This makes it nearly 15 times faster than the world's quickest manned aircraft - the hypersonic North American X-15, which travelled at 4,520mph (7,300kmh). The asteroid is around 0.7 miles (1.1km) wide - making it longer than the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which stands at 0.5 miles high (0.8km). It is set to pass by our planet on the 4th February at a distance of around 2,615,128 miles (4,208,641km) away - which is relatively close in space terms. For reference, the distance between the Earth and the moon is 238,855 miles (384,400 km). Nasa describes asteroids as 'hazardous' if they come within 4,600,000 miles (7,403,00km) of our planet. It is the largest space rock to brush past our planet this year and previous research has found a rock of this size could plunge Earth into a mini-ice age if it hit. The impact would cause average temperatures around the world to fall by as much as 8°C, according to a 2016 study on the effects of a collision with a 0.6-mile-wide (1km) asteroid. Scientists warned the 'very severe global impact' would last several years, causing the world to become a much darker, colder and drier place. 'These would not be pleasant times,' Charles Bardeen, of the National Center for Atmospheric Research said during a presentation at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) at the time. 'As of December 24, there are 17,495 known Near-Earth Objects (NEOs) around our planet; 17,389 are asteroids', a Nasa spokesperson told the Express last month. 'This year, we discovered 1,985 new near Earth asteroids. There were 1888 such objects discovered in 2016 and 1,571 in 2015'. Nasa is currently moving forward with a refrigerator-sized spacecraft capable of preventing asteroids from colliding with Earth. A test with a small, nonthreatening asteroid is planned for 2024. This is the first-ever mission to demonstrate an asteroid deflection technique for planetary defence. The Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) would use what is known as a kinetic impactor technique—striking the asteroid to shift its orbit. The impact would change the speed of a threatening asteroid by a small fraction of its total velocity, but by doing so well before the predicted impact, this small nudge will add up over time to a big shift of the asteroid's path away from Earth. ...
  7. DISM needed (x64)

    I wish I had known about it ahead of time. I "found" this bug while on a production server. Also to note, running multiple DISM like this isn't supported. As even the ADK will not allow you to install it onto a computer that has a previous version installed. Say if you have ADK for 8.1 installed, you have to remove it before you can install ADK10. The only instance where this isn't the case is if you have the WAIK for Windows 7 installed, as the ADK installer does not check for that being installed. It doesn't check for Vista or 7 OPKs, or Embedded Kits either.
  8. Runouce Virus in Windows 7

    What is the name of the virus being reported to you? The name usually starts with W32.
  9. Hello!

    Your signature image is too large.
  10. but does your system work normal then? (I tried that on IBM Thinkpad T60 with all drivers and after that my fingerprint reader stopped working and my WIFI stooped working also system took much longer to boot for Windows Installer to work I had to copy msvcp60.dll and then Windows installer worked again but I still cannot find any fix for WIFI using theese drivers for wifi: http://www.nobu-usa.com/drivers/n8wts_v1.0/intel_wireless_2915ABG/WinXP Pro/Wireless_TIC_125458_v10.5.1.0_XP32_Connection_Software.exe the weird thing is if I uninstall Intel Proset + drivers and reinstall them again WIFI works til I reboot then it stops working Were you able to figure out how to install KernelX with all drivers and did everything worked as expected (WIFI and all that)
  11. Batch conversion HTML to DOCX

    if you are OK with .Net (and its incredible amount of bloat): http://www.multidoc-converter.com/en/index.html Otherwise (still not exactly a "small" tool): https://pandoc.org/i https://gist.github.com/arthurattwell/ea6fa1764f989398f659ab619b654e1f Libreoffice however allows this, should be more or less: soffice -headless -convert-to doc -outdir docs/ *.html jaclaz
  12. 1. http://reboot.pro/topic/2384-alter-group-universal-ata-driver-for-windows-nt351nt42000xp/ driver_9x_39g1.rar 2. You are looking for either VBEMP or Scitech Display Doctor, see: http://www.bearwindows.boot-land.net/vbe9x.htm https://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=59559 3. you simply do NOT. [1] 4. As always. [2] jaclaz [1] The whole point is that setting up a 9x/Me system on modern hardware is EXTREMELY difficult, and prone to errors, if there is not a specific packet of files tested to be integrated/automagically installed on the specific hardware it won't simply work, you need ot install a "base" system and then later test all the changes/various drivers, etc.. For this ME is less suitable than 98 as you will need to have a DOS of sorts for many of these tests (of course a ME with the DOS enabler patch will do) [2] Which usually means that you don't. Since the dawn of time it has been custom for people that are in the knows (to make installs) to copy the files to hard disk and then install to hard disk, from hard disk (as this is usually faster, allows to easily make changes, and have the source available in case some component is needed later). So all you need is normally a boot floppy which can be made (as floppy emulation El-Torito) by *any* .iso making software or even manually created using a trick or two, references: http://reboot.pro/topic/9916-grub4dos-isohybrided/?p=86679 BUT nowadays you would more likely have NOT a .iso/CD/DVD, but rather a "plain" USB stick booting to a DOS of some kind.
  13. What is the best way to batch convert multiple HTML files to DOCX? I understand the batch conversion wizard was removed from Word 2007, the version I have. I also have OpenOffice and LibreOffice.
  14. Latest Version of Software Running on XP

    It supports Windows Server 2008 which is based of Vista, so it is tenichally supported by Vista.
  15. Hello!

    I'm a developer who lives in the United Kingdom. I like Windows XP and I'm working on AeroXP.
  16. The GPU is irrelevant.
  17. Installing either 98SE or ME on Compaq Mini CQ10-101SA

    Hey, got a few questions: 1. where do I find the UniATA for 9x? I can only see NT support officially 2. are there any modded drivers for the display adaptor to work on 9x (specifically ME)? I did a search on it, didn't find anything useful. I'd like at least some sort of support for DirectX in order to use some emulators and such 3. how do I slipstream the drivers into the ME iso? 4. Lastly, how to make the ISO bootable?
  18. UxStyle consists of a service and a driver. Do any of the following commands from administrative Command Prompt return any positive results: sc query UnsignedThemes sc query uxstyle If so, and if UxStyle cannot be removed from Control Panel->Programs and Features, these can be used to purge references from registry which will prevent all parts of UxStyle from running: sc delete UnsignedThemes sc delete uxstyle Then reboot and delete the following files: C:\Windows\unsignedthemes.exe C:\Windows\System32\drivers\elytsxu.sys UxStyle hasn't worked properly in years now. Best to avoid it like plague. It's not updated anymore and nobody forked it to fix it. Even Microsoft noticed and is blocking its installer:
  19. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    Hi guys! Well, windows 10 is improving its record of being "Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!" Continually getting customers coming to me with problems with either...upgraded to Windows 10 or bought with Windows 10....doesn't matter....when the new major releases come they end up with either a computer that installs an update and erases everything (because as Microsoft points out) they are new versions of Windows 10 and that is like a new OS....causing havoc for manufacurers trying to keep up with the releases and trying to have drivers etc that keep the computers working efficently....not working OR the updates don't install and the computer plays almost dead all the time because of the update trying to install!! I have had several reasonable computers bought by customers with Windows 10 that want me to add user details...etc for them....had two entirely different computers...different hardware etc - BUT the first thing the computers do is update and then the latest update is trying to install and a day later I am nearing the state of them being updated to today's date?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will never convince me that this s*** is worth having! Yes, it is giving me lots of work.....but it is futile.... I personally "HATE" this crap they call an OS!! bookie32
  20. WinXP Drivers for GTX 10xx video cards

    not possible, only the early 10x series are supported,because after the driver 372.70 the full support for vista has been dropped (supports 1080 1070 and 1060 only) that too a modified driver not officially supported. unless someone can modify it like this softpedia one its not possible, you can ofcourse try to install 1060GTX Drivers im quite sure it would work but dont expect any performance from it,you can expect some video playback and be able to play some low powered games it wont utilise your gfx like intended
  21. Latest Version of Software Running on XP

    Hopefully @blackwingcat will again create modified installers for Java 8. I hope the problem is just the installer, like in the past.
  22. Final Versions of Working Software on Windows XP

    For two years now, I've been maintaining the last web browsers on 9x, NT 4.0, 2000, XP, and Vista. I'm a bit surprised no one on MSFN has taken the task after the discontinuation of XP for a couple years now, so I thought I might as well take this into my own hands. I am also considering doing this for 9x and Windows 2000 due to the lack of updating by their OPs. Thread under construction! I will continuously update the thread.Currently, I am importing software from this topic. I will later add links onto available free software. Keywords FREE - Freeware OS - Opensource $$$ - Commercial Software OG - Ongoing Development DD - Discontinued Development US - Unofficially Supported, but works Web Browsers See this topic for a detailed list Chrome 49.0.2623.112 Web Plugins Flash Player 28 - FREE, OG Java 8 Update 152 - FREE, DD Unity 5.2.4 - FREE, DD Web Browser Utilities/Downloaders IDM 6.30 Build 3 - $$$, OG FTP Filezilla 3.8.0 Media Players VLC Media Player Classic XBMC Media Center/Kodi 12.3 - FREE, DD Codecs Xmedia Recode Office Microsoft Office 2010 - $$$, OG WPS Libreoffice Openoffice Digital Art Software Hornil StylePix 1.14.5 - $$$, DD Paint.NET 3.5.11 - FREE, DD [August 18, 2013] InkScape - Adobe Photoshop CS6 - $$$, DD, US [May 7, 2012] Adobe Illustrator CS6 - $$$ [April 23, 2012] Adobe InDesign CS6 - $$$ Adobe Flash Professional CS6 - $$$ Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 - $$$ Adobe Fireworks CS6 - $$$ Adobe After Effects CS6 - $$$ Adobe Audition CS6 - $$$ Adobe SpeedGrade CS6 - $$$ Adobe Prelude CS6 - $$$ Adobe Encore CS6 - $$$ Adobe Bridge CS6 - $$$ Adobe Media Encoder CS6 - $$$ Adobe Flash Builder 4.6 Premium Edition - $$$ Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 - $$$ Autodesk Maya 2013 - $$$ Autodesk 3DMax 2013 - $$$ CAD Autodesk TrueView 2014 - $$$ Autodesk DesignReview 2013 Audio Editing Software Audacity 2.1.3 VOCALOID3 Editor - $$$, DD Image Viewers PDF Viewers Adobe Reader XI - FREE, DD Sumatra 3.1.2 - FREE, OG Foxit Reader 7.1.3 Build 0320 - FREE, DD Universal Viewer - $$$, OG File Archivers Z-Zip 18.00 beta - IZArc 4.2 - WinRAR 5.50 beta Development Software Java JDK Visual Studio 2010 - $$$ Qt 5.5 - FREE and $$$, DD PHP 5.4.45 Notepad++ System Utilities System Information Intel Solid-State Drive Toolbox 3.3.7 Speccy System Maintenance CCleaner - FREE, OG???, US System Monitoring Sysinternals' Process Monitor 16.2 Other GrepWin 1.6.3 Anti-Virus Microsoft Security Essentials 4.4.304.0 Microsoft Security Essentials (message heinoganda, also requires POSReady 2009 updates) Malwarebytes - $$$ Panda - $$$ Updates for XP .NET Framework 4.0 Silverlight 5.1.50901 Apple QuickTime 7.7.6 Miscellaneous Apple iTunes Google Earth Kernel Extensions (All UNOFFICIAL, use at your own risk!) PAE Patch (4gb+ ram patch) - FREE Diyba's KernelEx OneAPI
  23. Latest Version of Software Running on XP

    @dencorso Although I got the notification, the installer does not actually run! When double-clicking, nothing happens. Either there is an compatibility issue with the installer, or as of update 161 Java 8 is no longer compatible with Windows XP. If you already uninstalled the previous version (Java JRE 8 Update 152) and need to restore it, it's on my FTP here: http://sdfox7.com/xp/sp3/EOL/jre-8u152-windows-i586.exe
  24. POSReady 2009 updates ported to Windows XP SP3 ENU

    Inspectre new version 0.0.6591.2: https://www.grc.com/inspectre.htm
  25. Latest Version of Software Running on XP

    Java JRE 8 Update 161 was released today, January 16, 2018. I just got the automatic update notification on my Windows XP SP3 system:
  26. The purpose of this thread is to compile a list of updates that need to be downloaded and installed manually in order to prevent Microsoft Update from being unable to finish its search for updates. I don't have all features installed, so it's possible this list is still incomplete. (last revised: January 17, 2018) IE8 on POSReady 2009 * KB4052978 Cumulative security update (2017-12) IE8 on XP SP3 * KB4018271 Cumulative security update (2017-06) Office Compatibility Pack SP3 * KB3213641 Security update for OGL (2017-09) * KB3213644 Security update for Powerpoint (2017-09) * KB4011201 Security update for MSO (2018-01) * KB4011265 Security update for Word (2017-11) * KB4011605 Security update for Excel (2018-01) Let me know how it works out and if the list needs to be revised.
  27. The PSU and video card were replaced: no problems thus far. It looks like it was a PSU problem.
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