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  2. WinNTSetup v3.8.7.4 / 3.8.8 BETA2

    Sorry to be vague. I have now downloaded the new beta, and have put both "uup.txt" and "upp.txt" in the folder, just to be sure. Apply seems to work now, so things are looking good. Please confirm again: you do mean "uup.txt", right? Have to run now, but will test more later. Thanks again for the new stuff...
  3. Today
  4. Didn't succeed is bit vague. WinNTSetup's -ref parameter is similar to the one of imagex/wimlib or dism's /SWMFile switch. Anyway just add an empty file called uup.txt, if it exist you don't need the command line. Beta2 is out and fixes another issue with these ESD files. BTW: you have to convert the cab files yourself first to esd.
  5. September 2017 update rollup

    September Update has left Windows 8.1 users unable to sign into their Microsoft Account: https://mspoweruser.com/september-update-left-windows-8-1-users-unable-sign-microsoft-account/ Besides this, for me, it has broken DISM and SFC. DISM reports now that the Component Store is corrupted and /ScanHealth /RestoreHealth do not work. I hope Microsoft Windows gets irrelevant and more unpopular and that gets the satanic management fired. I am so sick of updates screwing up working systems. We desperately need new leadership at Microsoft that does not have a mental illness about pushing new features at the cost of breaking things that came before it.
  6. btw i did notice your steam post showing that cod bo3 works on vista,why dont you post that on last versions topic?
  7. I tried using Vista on my Haswell machine, and it was exactly that. Eventually when I put the computer on the lock screen, I was stuck on a black screen with just a cursor, so I had to hard reset my PC. Then I started getting IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL blue screens after that. So now I'm back on Windows 7. You're guide to make 7 look like Vista is very thorough and nice, I just wish the taskbar was more proper. Like, when you hover over an item, the color is not blue all the time but rather the dominant color of the applications icon. To my knowledge, Sandy Bridge was the last Intel processor line to fully support Vista. Ivy Bridge doesn't have USB 3.x drivers right? If AnX can prove Vista is fully supported on Ryzen, I might pursue that for my new build.
  8. Is Vista a lost cause on modern hardware?

    Please share your results, could be interesting for my next build, i kept my i5 2400-750ti-16 gb ddr3 PC for two or three years , i probably use Ryzen CPU for the succesor build. I will be happy if the system dont crash , just for nostalgic feels (probably the support at that time be zero) , otherwise , keep my actual build for the memories
  9. Simple XP 32BIT 64Gb RAM (true Pae) Guide

    can you post the boot.ini?
  10. Running Windows 98 in 2017...

    Pasted Windows 98 Install and Setup Notes, if it helps anyone: - Win98 can be installed without using the full drive, use gparted to create fat partition for Win98, ensure all other partitions are not fat, use NTFS or Linux. - If want Win98 to create bootable MBR, from Win98 CD run fdisk to review partitions (4), re-create the FAT partition for Win98 and mark active. Note using gparted to create partition and mark active doesn't work, end up with non-bootable Win98 install. Also use Win98 CD to 'format c:'. - From Win98 CD run 'setup' to install Win98, should install FAT formated c: drive. - Perform custom install and deselect undesirable Windows software options, many no longer applicable or desirable. - Regarding Windows Updates, don't bother upgrading Internet Explorer or Windows Media Player versions, now essentially broken, rely on 3rd party apps (Firefox, VLC). - Several sites online discussing setting up Windows 98 with larger hard drives and more RAM, if install fails try re-install with <= 512 MB physical RAM and Windows98 partition <37 GB (<5-10 GB more than enough, base Windows98 install <1 GB).
  11. What is the syntax for uup.txt ?
  12. Running Windows 98 in 2017...

    To help keep Windows 98 alive, if anyone wants to contact me to get these 'official' updates reply to the post instead of PM. I don't log in often but check the threads occasionally. If anyone wants them all, it's an ~23MB zip file, we can make arrangements. As indicated above, i don't have updates for undesired software, such as Internet Explorer upgrade, so this isn't a comprehensive collection, just what i think is important to run old Windows 98 in the modern era. They were all tested, in that they installed, 'Q' and 'KB' numbers matched and they *appeared* official. Certainly a far cry from signed packages, md5sum checks, etc. I did not modify any updates, aside from the file names. This is what i've got: 2_4_date_2To4DigitDateConversionTool.exe q192425_HotfixForKerberosNetworkWinsock2.0_Error_RNR20.DLL_4.10.2223.exe q236926_TCP_IP_MayRetransmitPacketsPrematurely.exe q237493_SystemDateReflectsChangesWhileDateTimeToolOpen.exe q238453_SpoofedRoutePointerVulnerability.exe q239696_HangResumingSuspendInLowMemorySituationsOrHighDiskActivity.exe q239697_ACPI_EnabledLaptopPromptsTwiceForHardwareProfile.exe q239887_Windows98SE_ShutdownSupplement.exe q240075_USB_DevicesMayNotWorkInWindows98SE.exe q240163_TelnetUp_BufferOverrunTelnetWindows95And98PosesSecurityRisk.exe q240896_OpenGL_ProgramMayCauseInvalidPageFaultErrorMessage.exe q241052_MessageBoxDisplaysBrowseForPasswordSynchronization.exe q241084_ComputerHangsEntering_ACPI_S4_ModeWith_USB_DeviceConnected.exe q241134_USB_MouseOrKeyboardNotWorkingWith_AMD_OHCI_USB_Controller.exe q242193_CreateFile_NCP_MayNotFunctionCorrectlyWithReadAndWriteAccessFlags.exe q242934_WindowsStopsRespondingWhenSendingSystemBroadcastMessageDuringShutdown.exe q242975_1394_StorageSupplement.exe q243199_ProblemsWith_NDIS_IntermediateDrivers.exe q243450_ScanDiskErrorsOn_IDE_HardDisksLargerThan32GB.exe q245065_kb242928_AutomaticRepeatDoesNotWorkFor_USB_KeyboardAfterSuspendResume.exe q245682_IDE_ControllerDisabledInDeviceManagerIfSecondary_IDE_ChannelDisabledIn_BIOS.exe q245729_FileAccess_URL_Vulnerability.exe q246387_FDISK_MayNotWorkWhen_IDE_ControllerIsRebalanced.exe q249146_SoundsMayBeDisabledUsingPlaySound_API_With_USB_HID_DevicesPresent.exe q249635_USB_DriverUsesTheLargestSupportedReportSize.exe q249824_VOLTRACK_ErroneouslyUnloadedAfter255DeviceAdditionsAndRemovals.exe q249863_SGC_ConnectionsMayFailFromDomesticClients.exe q249973_Default_RTF_FileViewerInterruptsNormalProgramProcessing.exe q250514_AccessViolationIn_Spoolss.dll_WhenSubmittingTwoDirectPrintJobsOnSamePrinter.exe q250876_PrintQueuesMayAppearOfflineIfConnectionNumberEquals255.exe q251002_LoadingInvalidImageUsing_OLE_AutomationDisplaysAssertion.exe q252958_HighBandwidthMayNotBeAvailableWith_1394_OpenHostController.exe q253697_USB_EnumerationProblemsWithOpen_HCI_ControllerOnFastComputers.exe q253711_ACPI_ComputerMayNotShutDownProperlyIfDeviceCancelsStandby.exe q254660_FourthAndFifthMouseButtonsNotRecognizedByWindows.exe q256015_DOS_DeviceInPathNameVulnerability.exe q257360_ACPI_CompliantComputerMayHangOnResumeFrom_S1_State.exe q257821_WindowsSocketsSelectFunctionAdds_500_MillisecondTimeOut.exe q258010_PerformanceProblemsInsertingCardBusCardWith_TI_14xx_Controller.exe q258680_ScreenSaverActivationWhileSuspendedMayCauseComputerToStopResponding.exe q258765_RemoteUpdateOptionInWindows98MayAllowAccessByWindows2000Server.exe q259253_ACPI_ComputerWithAntiVirusSoftwareInstalledStopsResponding.exe q259728_IP_FragmentReassemblySecurityVulnerability.exe q260067_MappedDrivesShutdownUpdate.exe q262232_FloppyDiskMayBeUnreadableOrComputerHangsWith_LS_120_Drive.exe q263044_FdiskDoesNotRecognizeFullSizeOfHardDisksLargerThan64GB.exe q263891_InternalStackOverflowWhenQuittingTo_MSDOS.exe q265334_DenialOfServiceAttackPossibleWith_IPX_SPX_Protocol.exe q266772_ClientCannotLogOnIfUnicodeStringIsPassedTo_NTLM_SecuritySupportProviderInterface.exe q267304_IEEE_1394_MassStorageDeviceNotPresentAfterResumingFromStandby.exe q269239_q264650_NetBIOS_VulnerabilityMayCauseDuplicateNameOnTheNetworkConflicts.exe q269388_HP_OmnibookPortableComputerDockingErrorBug.exe q269601_WindowsDriverModelAudioUpdateForWindows98SE_kb242937.exe q269874_DCOM_IStreamWriteCorruptsDataWithNoErrorReturn.exe q271701_CannotUse_PPP_Over_ATM_ToConnectAfterFirstCallClosed.exe q271811_USB_DevicesMayCauseHangWhileAttemptingToHibernate.exe q272137_LongFileNameWithNovellNetWareServerBug.exe q272621_NegativeHardDiskFreeSizeReportedOnVirtualMemoryTabInSystemProperties.exe q273017_IDE_HardDriveCachePackage.exe q273727_Malformed_IPX_NMPI_PacketVulnerability.exe q273991_ShareLevelPassword.exe q274175_ErrorMessageOpeningOrCopyingFileFromFolderEightLevelsDeepOnCDROM.exe q274370_ErrorMessageOrBlueScreenWhenTryToPlayDigital_CD_Audio.exe q275873_SleepButtonAndPowerButtonHaveTheSameFunctionality.exe q276602_DeviceManagerReports_Code10_ForDeviceAndDoesNotAssignAvailable_IRQ.exe q277628_LastAccessAndCreationTimeError5AccessDeniedBug.exe q278033_FixForBugInMicrosoftVideoForWindowsApplicationsWith_USB_DigitalVideoCamera.exe q278368_MemoryLeak_Atmuni.sys.exe q280448_ToshibaWireless_LAN_Mini_PCI_CardMayAppearWithExclamationMarkInDeviceManagerAfterHotDocking.exe q281533_USB_DriverMayCause_Trap14_ErrorDuringDocking.exe q283032_Windows98CannotListUsersInWindows2000BasedDomain.exe q284837_1394_AudioVideoControlDeviceStopsWorkingUnexpectedly.exe q288430_LaptopComputerHangsDuringDockingOrUndocking.exe q288550_PlugAndPlayPrinterMayNotResumeWithUpdated_Vcomm.vxd_DriverInstalled.exe q289635_DisplayColorMatchingDoesNotOccur.exe q290831_SRB_FUNCTION_SHUTDOWN_RequestsNotSentTo_SCSI_MiniportsDuringShutdown.exe q291362_PressingWindowsLogoKeyCausesHangWithWindowsJournalHook.exe q293197_WindowsExplorerHangsWhenInserting_PC_CardDuringResume.exe q293793_Exception_0E_In_Vredir_ErrorMessagesWhenOpenNetworkFiles.exe q295629_EnumerationProblemsWithCardBusCardsInTexasInstrumentsCardBusControllers.exe q305037_LowBatteryAlarmMayNotWorkIfPowerMeterNotOnTheTaskbar.exe q306453_BugCheckIn_Usbhub.sys_WhenRemoveOrAdd_USB_Device.exe q306889_ComputerHangsAfterRemovingSecondBattery.exe q307004_GroupPolicyNotAppliedForUsersInGroupsWithLongNames.exe q308349_Windows98ShutdownHangsFiveMinutesWith_USB_ModemPresent.exe q309081_InfraredFaxModemOrMobilePhoneWithDataFeaturesMayNotBeInstalledCorrectly.exe q310695_DVD_PlayerProgramCannotAccessData.exe q311430_StorageDeviceDoesNotWorkAfterYouInsertOrRemove1394Device.exe q311561_MSDOS_DoesNotProperlyProcessHardDiskHardwareErrors.exe q313829_UncheckedBufferInWindowsShellCouldLeadToCodeExecution.exe q314147_AnUncheckedBufferInThe_SNMP_ServiceMayAllowCodeToRun.exe q315575_DCOM_ProgramHangsAfterServerRebootCreating_DCOM_Object.exe q319571_Keyb.com_And_Jkeyb.sys_DetectNon_US_EnhancedKeyboardsAs_AT_StyleKeyboards.exe q321467_Swenum.sys_PortCls_DevicesDoNotWorkCorrectlyInWindows98SE.exe q323172_FlawInCertificateEnrollmentControlCouldAllowDeletionOfDigitalCertificates.exe q323255_UncheckedBufferInWindowsHelpFacilityCouldEnableCodeExecution.exe q323708_ComputerHangsOrDisplaysBlueScreenDuringInfraredCommunication.exe q38453_SpoofedRoutePointerVulnerability.exe kb811630_FixFor_HTML_HelpUpdateToLimitFunctionality.exe kb814078_js56men_FlawInJavaScript5.6CouldAllowCodeExecution.exe kb823559_BufferOverrunIn_HTML_ConverterCouldAllowCodeExecution.exe kb891711_UnofficalHotfixForCursorAndIconFormatHandlingCouldAllowRemoteCodeExecutionVulnerability.exe kb891781_DHTML_EditingComponent_ActiveX_ControlCouldAllowRemoteCodeExecution.exe kb892211_SoftwareUpdateForWebFolders.exe kb917344_VulnerabilityInJScriptCouldAllowRemoteCodeExecution.exe unicows_LayerForUnicodeVersion1.1.3790.0.exe kb904706_DirectX9Patch_VulnerabilityInDirectShowCouldAllowRemoteCodeExecution.exe
  13. Yesterday
  14. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    I'd say it means you're not trying to actually do anything useful with those systems. I think that's the only way Windows 10 continues to hang together - when it's only tasked with updating itself. -Noel
  15. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    Some new crap to think about. What does it mean when all three Windows 10 Pro test computers have updated cleanly for the last four insider preview releases?
  16. The gui is on the downloads page all the way at the bottom under other (or was it others). Says "testing version of gui".. etc.. I use that. I don't think I bothered with reflection images.
  17. Last versions of software for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008

    Thanks for the information, burd. Added to the list. Hate to hear about Epic Browser on Vista
  18. Thank You Big Muscle For New Aero Glass Build 1.5.6

    Looks like we can have our cake and eat it too We got symbols today and therefor transparency. -DW Win10 16296 w/ Aero Glass 1.5.6
  19. Is Vista a lost cause on modern hardware?

    I happen to be that friend that likes Vista, JFYI, lol. On the Intel side of things, Ivy Bridge is the last platform from Intel to properly support Windows Vista. Haswell and later have a weird bug with Vista that causes it to not boot up half the time, rendering it unusable on the platform(s) if you ask me. While Ryzen might work, I wouldn't get my hopes up. If you're really keen on using Windows Vista today, I say you should go for a high end processor from the Ivy Bridge lineup. I personally have the Core i7 3770, and it runs like a charm with Windows Vista Ultimate. Even if the platform is a few years old, it still provides excellent and efficient performance that can suit almost anyone (I run virtual machines and play a few Dolphin games, and I have no issue doing these tasks - even simultaneously). And if you haven't already, make sure to check out my Last versions of software for Windows Vista/2008 list. There, you'll find a large library of information regarding the current state of third party support for Windows Vista. It's really not as bad as it may seem. The best all around web browser for Vista is probably Pale Moon (based on Firefox, but not the same thing), as it's the only known one that still gets major version updates on Vista, with no end of support in sight. Good luck, and welcome to MSFN!
  20. Simple XP 32BIT 64Gb RAM (true Pae) Guide

    Still didn't work, same error boot.ini is invalid. Tried it on Windows XP Professional SP3 and Windows XP Home Edition SP3
  21. I'm looking at getting my Ryzen system working with Vista. Getting the USB 3.x drivers in is probably gonna be the biggest hurdle. It runs 7 like a charm, but for a friend of mine who likes Vista, I'm looking to test Vista on it too. AMD uses ASMedia for a lot of their chipset, and ASMedia is known to support Vista to an extent, so we could get lucky.
  22. Reflection images can be found easily googling, or searching this forum. Here http://glass8.eu/files/AeroGlassGUI.7z
  23. Sometime in the future I'd like to build a new PC and install Vista on it. My current PC cannot run Vista at all (Haswell i5), so that's out of the question. However now that Vista is completely deprecated, most modern software and games require at least Windows 7, and Intel and AMD have stopped producing chipset drivers for Vista, is it even worth it? Vista is definitely my favorite Windows OS. Windows 7 is whatever but Windows 8.1 and 10 are complete trash and I never want to be bothered with them. Linux and other Unix-likes are also really unattractive. Are there any modern chipsets that support Vista 64 bit with USB 3.x drivers?
  24. Time for my next complaint! Even Google can't seem to answer this one. :lol:

    This is another one that follows the mobile trend. I'm very much aware this "word", or abbreviation, has existed way before mobile technology really even became a thing. But for the love of God, why do people absolutely LOVE saying the word "app" so much?

    This is a word I feel like people get ultimate pleasure in saying, particularly out loud. Listen to just about anything anymore, "blah blah blah......and DOWNLOAD OUR APP!!!" :thumbdown

    Okay, I get it, you want people to download your free program because it makes your content better for them or something. But do you have to say it constantly, over and over again? I'm sorry, but the word isn't cool anymore. I never thought it was anyway, but now it's the most overused and abused word in technology. I think it's just one of those words though that people who know next to nothing about technology or how it works to sound hip. It's kind of like 4G LTE. I hear that all the time, even out of the mouths of regular people. Exactly how many people even know what LTE means or stands for? Probably nobody.

    But to get back to what I was originally talking about. Until smartphones became a thing, I almost never heard people call something an app. When referencing something on the computer, it was either an application, a program, or web browser, a word processor, well you get the idea. Things used to differ from each other. Games used to be games. Now everything is all consolidated into one term, app. Even Microsoft wasn't happy until they cashed in on that word. Programs was used for many, many years in Windows. But what happens once it moves into the mobile era? "That no longer works.....All Apps...yep, sounds good."

    So the too long, don't read version. I'm tired of that word, no it doesn't sound hip, and no, it doesn't make you sound like a tech professional. No wonder new technology is so boring now.

    Now I feel better! :thumbup

  25. Is ReFS ready for prime-time?

    It's like they got it most of the way there then just abandoned polishing the edges so it could be used mainstream. For what it's worth I've never had a lick of trouble with it. I ended up using ReFS for years on both external and internal data drives. One of them is chronically full, and it seemed to me it didn't get as bogged-down as NTFS does when you run a drive nearly full, but honestly I've not done any objective testing to give that feeling any credence. -Noel
  26. Hi, i extra register here because i also was searching for a solution (sorry for my bad english). I hope that i have understand the problem correct. I think, i found the solution in the Dexpot-Forum (i use Dexpot and first i thought it is a Dexpot Problem) In this Forum the user paracanary wrote here I also changed also in regedit HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\PrefetchParameters "EnablePrefetcher" from 3 to 0 (i use a SSD) My problem is solved. Hope it helps you. Greetings
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