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  2. Microsoft security essentials and Windows XP

    Thanks for the support. I already know how to turn off notifications for Security Centre, and I don't really care if there is an issue. Does it auto-update okay or does it require manual intervention in order to update the virus definitions? I didn't see it mentioned in any of the posts I managed to read last night.
  3. Install Aero Glass Theme without Installer

    Firstly the reason you couldn't replace the file is because you have to kill AeroGlass via Task Scheduler first.. as for the theme, you need AeroGlassGUI for that.
  4. Microsoft security essentials and Windows XP

    Official versions of MSE after 4.4.304 don't work under XP. There exist a modded version of MSE based on v.4.8.204 that works under XP. The only limitation is that Widows Security Center don't recognize that it is working and issue warning. The warning may be disabled easily but then you don't receive any further MSC warnings if something vents wrong with your MSE. I use v.4.8 on one of my PCs without any issues, but i don't know which benefits it has comparing to v.4.4. If you interested in the modded version, try to contact its author, http://www.msfn.org/board/profile/402904-heinoganda/
  5. Aero Glass for Win8.1+ 1.5.3

    Debug version from here.
  6. Already posted. And my portable launcher is just the same as running ' start "" palemoon.exe -no-remote -profile .\profile ' batch file, but works without the help of cmd.exe.
  7. Install Aero Glass Theme without Installer

    Well, you don't - those files are used by Glass8 itself. I personally use the GUI to set Glass8 to use the right files. As I do not currently have Glass8 installed (waiting for Bigmuscle to finish the Fall Creators' Update version) I am not sure if the GUI works at the moment.
  8. Disabling JS on this site really helps its usability on slower PCs. Surprised ISP4 even has fallbacks.

  9. Even if you don't use IE it's still worth keeping it up to date because of security reasons, just saying. That said, I quite liked IE 11 when I used it back when I was still running Windows 7. It worked for most sites I tried it on and Edge is a step back in my opinion. In total there should be around 190 updates for Windows 7 after a clean install of SP1.
  10. Does the non-Electron GitHub Desktop application still work? I remember trying last year GH Desktop on Vista when I still had real hardware that ran it, and it worked fine, despite the fact it said Vista wasn't a supported OS.
  11. What Are You Listening To?

    IOSYS - Cirno's Perfect Math Class I figured IOSYS got their name from a file in Windows 9x, lol.
  12. Microsoft security essentials and Windows XP

    Sorry... I think it was quite late at night I made that post (around early 9pm UTC). Wasn't thinking and didn't really have any time to read 19 pages. I'll take a look later, though I mainly wanted just a brief overview rather than a full-blown tutorial (I could likely get things sorted myself, if I wasn't confused as to what version was the last for XP, I've seen people saying 4.8 works on XP here, while the last official one was 4.4.304)
  13. My build of New Moon (temp. name) a.k.a. Pale Moon for XP

    It most likely is compatible with Server 2003, as it works on XP x64 (which shares its kernel version 5.2 and its APIs with Server 2003). That's what the 64-bit build is for anyway: XP x64 and Server 2003 x64, as there are no 64-bit NT 5.1 systems, that's all NT 5.2. Edit: I just tested the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of New Moon on Windows Server 2003 x64 Standard. Works fine, as expected.
  14. List of Web Browsers Working with XP 2017

    During my desperate search to find some web browser that supports 9x, I found a browser that claims to support XP, Pampa Browser
  15. Searching for a few utilities

    I'm somewhat confident there's a web browser out there with Win98 compatibility. Has anyone tried searching the internet in other languages such as Chinese? A while back internet explorer 6 was China's top browser. I was desperate enough to install the shady 360 browser, but that failed. There's countless browsers that are not well known such as blackhawk (although it's a rebrand of chrome).
  16. SUMMARY OF CHANGES TO THE LIST FOR NOVEMBER 23, 2017: Updated information about Cocoon, Comodo IceDragon, and Tor browsers: these browsers are not likely to support Vista much longer, as the current versions of each browser are all currently based on the final version of Mozilla Firefox to be compatible with Windows Vista without rework (Firefox 52 ESR). Updated information about the future of Pale Moon: The browser will soon be merging into a new browser called Basilisk. When this merge occurs, Pale Moon will no longer support Windows Vista. However, efforts to restore Vista (and XP) compatibility are currently being conducted by MSFN user roytam1 via the New Moon project. Removed Dooble browser from the list, as the browser is no longer being developed as of November 19, 2017 with the release of 1.56e. Removed Conkeror from the list, as the browser has still to this day never been updated from its initial 1.0 release from April 2016. As such, the browser is more than likely abandoned, and in addition to this, the browser is not compatible with many websites due to being widely recognized by most sites as Netscape Navigator 5. Removed (ONG) "Web browsers">"Independently based" section, along with K-Meleon from the list, as the browser has not received a single update in almost a year. As such, it is most likely abandoned, but may be added back in future if development resumes. Updated status of Foxit Reader's Vista compatibility: the current version still works under Windows Vista as of November 2017 (I had not tested this since January previously). Updated status of Java's Vista compatibility: with the release of Java 9, the software no longer officially supports Windows Vista. However, I have tested the latest version of Java 9 under Windows Vista myself and have found it to be working just fine. As such, Java will be kept on the list in the ONG section as a UNS entry.
  17. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    Just throwing in my complaints. 1. DirectX and Nvidia drivers don't play well with each other, causing high DPC Latency, this issue was in Win 8 as well and affects even people with High End systems. The negative side effect of this is sluggish response from the system, causing audio stutters, sometimes making videos sound like a sound effect used in The Matrix. 2. No Windows Classic Shell. Seriously some people love the old Windows 9X look, myself included and I work in the Graphics Industry. I'd take it over the current look any day. 3. Windows Update...It always breaks, making me jump through hoops to get it working again. When it does work, it installs crap I don't want. 4. Windows Store, installs random crapware without my permission, uninstalled apps sometimes reappear. I don't even want Windows Store at all, will never buy anything from there. 5. XBox. I'm a gamer, but only on PC and only play games from Steam, GoG or Itch.io, i'll never buy a console. I don't want it on my workstation and even then it causes issues with game performance with it's crappy capture service. 6. Settings screens, whoever the UX designer was and their director was and those that signed off on the idea should be slapped. There is nothing wrong with the old control panel, I've managed to use it since my preteens in the 90's without hassle. 7. Accessing camera's, microphones, folders, personal information. No, just no, I don't trust it at all and refuse to ever accept it, no matter what their excuse. 8. UI customization has never felt this limited, can't scale the borders, can't change the font, colors etc easily. Have to resort to third party hacks. 9. The Apps, all terrible, only the Calculator is ever in use on my side, everything else has been replaced with Third Party tools. All of it makes me think of some bad Javascript based app made with Electron with minimal features. 10. I have to waste my time jumping through hoops to remove all this crap, disable components & services, change registry keys, downloading third party software, only to still sit with a bloated POS/OS that can't even run new hardware properly. Even Vista does a better job as an OS. If only software devs would develop for FreeBSD or Linux...and maybe M$ could hire CS students that still see the value in programming in a language like C.
  18. Anyone with experience setting up Bochs? I'm new to it, want to set it up for old Windows versions. I'm struggling to get .iso files to read. Main reason for using it, is because it's lightweight compared to VirtualBox or VMWare and emulates old hardware.
  19. Greetings

    Hi all. Just another user annoyed with Windows, wishing for things to be simpler again.
  20. How to avoid such dependency?
  21. Aero Glass for Win8.1+ 1.5.3

    Which one works on Creators update 1709 ² at least partially, i cant live without aero glass lol
  22. > NewMoonXP? It emphasizes New Moon's mission to serve XP, just as TenFourFox serves Mac OS X 10.4 users. A new moon can't be seen (it's below the horizon) so: FauxMoon -> FOMoon -> FiveOneMoon > third_party/rust/kernel32-sys/src/lib.rs: pub fn K32GetModuleInformation( Most of these new dependencies are likely in third party code, not the core code. Or they might be generated by newer compilers.
  23. Printer Software for HP Deskjet

    Must-read guide to getting USB printers recognized by Win98 and drivers installed (see third and fifth posts).
  24. Yesterday
  25. Microsoft security essentials and Windows XP

    Wow. Just...wow. All of the information is here; I can tell you reading over this thread had me up-and-running in no time at all. And folks here are excellent at helping with specific questions should you have problems. So spend ten minutes and skim through the thread (hint: skim the thread backwards to save some time - had you bothered to read the post directly above yours, you'd know which version of MSE's installer to download, and a link to where to get it!); you will get a whole lot of excellent information from some very knowledgeable people. If you don't have time to expend that tiny bit of effort and make an attempt on your own, well, dunno what to tell you.
  26. Hello, i downloaded and installed Aero Glass 1.5.6 for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update with the zip file because with the installer i can't replace DWMGlass.dll with the Experimental for 16299 one, executed the schedule.bat and all is ok. My problem is with the Aero Glass theme offered in the installer, i found it, yes, i found it but it is a .png and a .layout file, how i can convert it into an usable theme for Windows? Thanks! EDIt: With the installer thing, i mean, i installed the Aero effect with the zip, not with the installer. But i want the Aero Glass THEME.
  27. X64\Sources and X86\Sources: The Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 setup.exe supports this. The Windows 7 <DVD:>\setup.exe dosn't support X64\Sources and X86\Sources, the path x86 or x64 is unkown. The file install.wim is not found. However windows 7 setup.exe supports .\Sources. A relative path is supported. Run <DVD:>\x86\sources\setup.exe or <DVD:>\x64\sources\setup.exe at start up. Hence at boot.wim. What about adding a text file setup.vbs? How to read topic 26064: Dual Boot BIOS/UEFI Windows 7 AIO https://web.archive.org/web/20160505013612/http://www.911cd.net:80/forums/index.php?showforum=3
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