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  2. @dencorso Not bad, but it might confuse Windows 2000 users. NT 5 implies being compatible also with Windows 2000, which it is not.
  3. WinNTSetup v3.8.8.3

    You can be right. But from the same assembly of LiveXP but in the WiNTSetup version 3.7.*.* such mistakes weren't On 7 based PE I didn't check. But I will surely try
  4. > Settings: MaxPhysPage=2000, MaxFileCache=65536 Try: MaxPhysPage=20000, MaxFileCache=65536 You can also disable the swapfile if your games don't need it. ATI 9600 AGP: 128MB or 256MB? You probably will need RLoew's RAM patch to get everything that you want without compromising.
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  6. Firefox Quantum

    Sounds like you need to refresh your Firefox. Had no problems at all with the upgrade, only one addon disabled due to being Legacy/not WebExtension compatible.
  7. Disassembling A Compaq Presario 1065 Laptop

    Isn't the screen in the other half of the chassis? You probably need to open the lower chassis from the bottom--screws can be visible or hidden inside or under rubber feet or stickers.
  8. Latest DivX codec for Windows 95C

    I don't have a file with subtitles to test with, but my WMP6.01 does have View->Captions. Help counts it as an Accessibility feature. So two more questions to help narrow things down: - Does WMP7.1 have the View->Captions (or equivalent) Accessibility option? - Does WMP6.04 display the subtitles as captions even without VobSub? According to Videohelp.com, VobSub (up to 2.23) may only be for VirtualDub. WinDVD needs VSFilter: The latest (2.41 and also xy-VSFilter) requires Windows XP SP3. The earlier ones (2.24-2.37) all look okay in Dependency Walker on my 98se system.
  9. (This is a generalized version of something I put together to help out a member here. Of course after having written it I found out that @heinoganda has already mentioned most of this earlier in this thread, but at least this is prettier , so I'm still going to post it.) So, you're looking for an older version of Microsoft Security Essentials in your local language (for example version 4.4.304, the last one officially supported on XP) and find out that the web is full of English versions, but it's very difficult to find an installer for the language you want. Fortunately, you can convert an English installer into any other supported language in just a few steps, using 7-zip and a text editor. Any place you see Italian and IT-IT in this example, just replace them with your language from this list: Download the "English" 4.4.304 installer, for example from https://web.archive.org/web/20140325144125if_/http://download.microsoft.com/download/A/3/8/A38FFBF2-1122-48B4-AF60-E44F6DC28BD8/ENUS/x86/MSEInstall.exe Right-click MSEInstall.exe > 7-zip > Extract to "MSEInstall" (or wherever you like). Open the folder you extracted it to. Open setup.ini in a text editor, change Market=EN-US into Market=IT-IT. Copy the folder EN-US, paste the copy into the same folder (top folder, not EN-US), rename the copy to IT-IT. (Optional) If you also want to change the installation dialogs from English to Italian: Go into the x86 subfolder, open epp.msi in 7-zip. Right-click product.cab > Open Inside. Locate SetupResDllMui_IT_IT, extract it to the IT-IT folder you created before. Delete the existing setupres.dll.mui, rename SetupResDllMui_IT_IT to setupres.dll.mui . (If you absolutely need an Italian EULA as well, download the latest version of the Italian installer and extract EULA.RTF from its IT-IT folder into your IT-IT folder. Judging by the English EULA, the contents differ slightly between versions, but who really cares about the EULA anyway, right? ) To install MSE, execute epplauncher.exe. (If you want to re-pack your results into a single executable installer, search for sfx in 7-zip help.) Of course none of this would even be necessary if only Microsoft could be bothered to make proper unified installers that automatically launch in the OS language (or, even better, allow selecting the language at program startup). I mean, why not just do this if you have all 33 languages packed into the installer anyway?...
  10. This laptop is nice, but a pain in the neck. (Or keeping with the old computer theme, should I say pain in the NEC? ) The system arrived to me in excellent shape but with a broken CD drive. I have a replacement. This system requires complete disassembly to swap the drives. After getting the laptop open by taking off the TouchPad assembly, then the keyboard, I can access the HDD. I now (I think) need to get the screen off. Does anybody know how to get the screen off, or know where I can find disassembly instructions for this model, or any from the 10xx series as IIRC they are the same chasis.
  11. Yesterday
  12. I've been trying to get this to work for ages and familiarised myself with a lot of the limitations and setting involved but I seem to be getting an issue that I can't see anyone else having. I've tried on a few other forums, but a lot of links lead here so I thought I'd try my luck and see if you guys can figure this out! Without trying to tell the full story chronologically, as it get's complicated, let me tell you what I've figured out so far... System: P4 / Intel 865G, Tried 512/1024/2048 MB RAM, ATI 9600 AGP Settings: MaxPhysPage=2000, MaxFileCache=65536 What I've discovered: Limiting physical memory with MaxPhysPage in addition to using onboard GPU (shares physical memory) causes windows to disable the swapfile regardless of swapfile settings. This only happens once GPU drivers have been installed and the problem goes away after uninstalling the drivers. Limiting physical memory with MaxPhysPage in addition to using a SBLive (uses physical memory to store SoundFont files) causes the same swapfile issue. Uninstalling the drivers did not seem to fix the issue. Sometimes I end up in a situation where windows boots but hangs with a completely empty desktop and no tasks running. Ctrl-Alt-Del works and you can shutdown. Changing system .ini settings has no effect, the only way to resolve this issue is to remove the RAM and install 512MB. I have had the system running fine with 1GB and 2GB of ram using the settings above just fine, it seems to be installing the drivers for either SBLIve or onboard GPU that causes the problems. I've removed all drivers but now I seem to be stuck in a situation where no matter what I do with system.ini it won't boot unless I install only 512MB RAM. What I want to achieve: Multiboot system with several OSes, therefore I need 1GB, ideally 2GB of physical RAM installed in the system. Not bothered about Win98 being able to use more than 512MB RAM, just want it to run standard Win98 games. The extra RAM is just for the other OSes. Don't need on-board GFX, The Radeon 9600 AGP is needed for gaming. Would prefer to be able to use SBLive or Audigy2, but I can settle for SB Vibra 128 for example which also has DOS SB16 emulation.
  13. WinXP SP3 takes VERY LONG checking for updates

    Hi Yellow Horror: Thank you again for trying to help. I downloaded KB4011268 and tried to install it - and in typical M$ idiotic style I got a vague message that it cannot install because something else is missing (what exactly is not clear, my guess is previous update). I tried to see in Add/Remove Programs (Show Updates checked) what was the latest update for Office 2010. It seem to be from May 2016, which means that I have to seek out and download updates for the period of 1.5 years and apply them manually. I guess it beats the alternative of leaving Microsoft Update Agent to grate on my nerves for several hours while scanning for updates. Best :-)
  14. Latest DivX codec for Windows 95C

    Hi jumper, Thank you for responding. Here is what I can answer to your questions: 1. Currently, I have three players on my machine that I use to play DivX/MP3 encoded files: - Windows Media Player 6.4 - Windows Media Player 7.1 - InterVideo WinDVD 3.0 None of these can display subtitles, even though VobSub filter loads up every time I open up a video file (a little green arrow pops up in the system tray). There is one exception, though - in WMP 6.4, when the Captions option is selected under the View menu, then subtitles CAN be seen in the caption bar that appears within the player window - see pic below. I tried to play around with the VobSub filter settings, but none of the tries produced any success in displaying subtitles. 2. The DirectX version installed is 8.0a ( VobSub is version 2.23. 3. My audio card is Yamaha AW724. The DirectSound driver for the card - YDSXG.VXD - is version, and I believe it is the latest to support Windows 95C. In addition, none of the versions of Media Player Classic (my preferred player) that I tried wanted to work - it simply refuses to start. Best
  15. WinNTSetup v3.8.8.3

    The message is repeated two times because it is related to two files: bootstx.dll bootstx.dll.mui Most probably (for whatever reasons and whatever those files are) they are compiled for an earlier version of the OS. This would make sense for LiveXP (as most programs are now compiled for MajorVersion 6 and Minor version 6.1 or 6.2 and anyway XP doesn't uses .mui files) but that shouldn't apply to a 7 based PE. , unless somehow a later (10) version is in use? jaclaz
  16. Thank you! I made the entire theme from scratch so to speak. I copied the default aero theme from Windows 10 FCU to a separate folder, injected all the new elements into it, changed other elements (Font colors mostly and some other basics), then replaced it (in windows\resources....). I saved the original aero theme in a back up for just in case. All with Windows Style Builder and Photoshop. As for the icons, up button and removal of the Views and Help button in the command bar, those are accomplished by editing the shell32.dll.mui file in the system32\en-us and syswow64\en-us folders. Basically creating icon image class entries to overwrite the class entry for those specific icons in the actual shell32.dll file. Because you cannot edit the shell32.dll file directly, or windows will not load. However the imageres.dll file you can which must be done in both System32 and SysWow64. Then simply deleting iconcache and using Disk Cleanup to delete cached thumbnails will reset all the icons. (Took me a while to figure that out). I suppose I could share. I've not shared my themes before. Just have to make sure to warn people of the risks and all that which I don't like to think of being responsible for if someone corrupts their system. Though I've done it to myself a number of times, I've learned almost every possible way to fix it, even from boot up into troubleshooting options you can access the file system on any installation of windows to revert files back (provided that you rename the original files to something like imageres.dll_ORIG). You basically choose restore from System Image, then choose Install device drivers, choose browse, and you can access your windows directory. It will be a different disk than the one you're using to load the startup with. I use a USB with a copy of Windows 10 Install on it. (ISO to usb sort of thing). I will consider putting this on my Deviantart page in the customization themes section.
  17. WinNTSetup v3.8.8.3

    -From Google translate- From version 3.8.8.* I install Windows from LiveXP or Live7 and at the very end of installation the error message is displayed. She repeats on 2 times everyone. But all the same installation is carried out correctly. Why it can be? "The application or library *** isn't image of the program for Windows NT. Check purpose of an adjusting disk."
  18. BSOD x00000007b during install

    Do the SATA controller hardware ID changes if you change AHCI settings in BIOS setup? UPD: After thoroughly search i am sure that there is no official XP compatible driver supporting [8086:22a3] SATA controller. I found one unofficial driver (based on iaStor v. with modified .INF file) that may support it. But one user reported that the driver didn't help him, just changed BSOD from 0x7b to 0x7e. I suggest you to try the driver as a last chance (registration on the win-raid forum is required to download it).
  19. BSOD x00000007b during install

    This is my hardware The are not any xp drivers for this model on Acer site. So, that's it, I think. EDIT: I found this topic: https://www.win-raid.com/t11f23-Modded-Intel-AHCI-and-RAID-Drivers-digitally-signed.html. This moded drivers contains AHCI driver for my device 22a3, XP also, but it doesn't work either.
  20. BSOD x00000007b during install

    I can't find any positive examples of installing Windows XP on Acer ES1-131. Probably its chipset is not supported by Intel drivers suitable for XP. But this is a good advice to help in finding a suitable driver or make the final conclusion that this is impossible. You may use Windows PE version 8.1 or 10, or a Linux based "Live disk". Linux command to list PCI devices with their hardware IDs is: lspci -nn
  21. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    Worst general UI design since Windows 3.11 (I rather use Windows 95 than Windows 10 UI-wise) The built-in spyware telemetrics The fact that games and programs are being installed without explicit permission of the user: (Like candy crush on a Windows 10 Professional OS) The apps in general. Who needs X-box on a business PC? I will most likely be using Windows Seven long after the extended support ended. It's going to be a sad time fighting security issues in the long run.
  22. BSOD x00000007b during install

    The first step you need to do is identify the Hardware IDs of both the USB and the storage controller. Then find the drivers for each and add them to your install source and to your OS image. You can find the HwID by booting a WinPE and use Nirsoft's Devmanview: http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/device_manager_view.html Or in DOS there are programs such as pciscan.exe.... BUT i am having difficulty finding where this tool comes from. Anyways, it is always easier to know exactly what you are looking for rather than blindly trying drivers. It is real simple, you find the hardware ID, then you can open the INF of a driver and see if the hardware ID is in there or not. If it is, then you can try it. If it isn't, don't bother!
  23. BSOD x00000007b during install

    Still without luck. Installer gives me bsod after loading setup files and before hiting enter to start installation. When I choose first two options of WinntSetupfromUSB it gives error that no supported hardware IDs found, or something.
  24. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    With all the hype about "improving" the Windows Update process... I had my Win 10 v1709 test VM at 16299.19 with 100% perfect system integrity. It's a clean, well setup system I use for testing. Then I ran Windows Update. It found the Malicious Software Removal Tool, a Flash update, and other stuff typically delivered with Windows Update. But it did NOT find KB4048955 nor bring the system up to 16299.64. But here's the kicker: It did NOT emit any kind of error message! Only running the .msu directly from the catalog brought the system up to 16299.64, so my conclusion is that Windows Update is no longer trustworthy (not that anything about Microsoft is trustworthy any more). It's just a small step from "Something Happened" to emitting no message at all, I suppose, but... Good software doesn't work this way. Good systems don't expect that you have to reinstall or buy a new one every year. -Noel
  25. BSOD x00000007b during install

    Wait a minute. When (exactly) are you having the 0x0000007b Stop Error? Describe what you can do BEFORE the BSOD. What I suspect is that you are having an issue in installing the XP from the USB bus. Try using WinntSetupfromUSB on a stick (as opposed to your USB CD/DVD drive) as source: http://www.msfn.org/board/forum/157-install-windows-from-usb/ (or one of the other available methods available in that sub-forum) jaclaz
  26. BSOD x00000007b during install

    Yes of course, I installed it by myself.
  27. BSOD x00000007b during install

    I read a little more about the Acer ES1-131. Are you sure that your model has SATA SSD drive? Typically Acer ES1-131 have builtin eMMC memory only, which is incompatible with Windows systems before 8.
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