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  2. Runouce Virus in Windows 7

    Thanks for replying. I have tried removing it using Malwarebytes Anti malware. It removed the virus but when i restarted the pc it came back. Computer is overheating due to the virus and almost every software fails to start. I have scanned the other drives like D, E, F shown the hidden system files it was no where.
  3. Runouce Virus in Windows 7

    Well, if it retirns after a (proper) reinstall, it means that *somewhere* it is still there (like on another device on the same lan, the installations files, etc.). The creation of a read only folder might be a "temporary" workaround, still it needs to be understood where it remains resident and kill this possible source of re-infection. jaclaz
  4. Bersaglio - thanks. No wonder my XP machine started spewing steam like a humidifier. (Honey, unplug that and hand me a towel.)
  5. Batch conversion HTML to DOCX

    Does it allow batch conversion of html to doc (or docx)? I thought it revolved around PDF's. jaclaz
  6. Check this one too: https://www.driverguide.com/driver/detail.php?driverid=1715165&action=filfo It does contain the "athwx.sys", it is seemingly a "just later version", 7.7 and it has a specific entry for "Atheros AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter" jaclaz
  7. Server 2012 Updates on Windows 8

    Honestly, I think it's good news... No performance loss for Intel CPUs on NT 6.2. Another plus for me
  8. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    I truly believe that Microsoft have lost the plot..... bookie32
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  10. windows 7 and cannonlake / 10nm install

    I believe this launch of the 10nm CPU also will coincide with a new chipset, which was reported to be the first from Intel for desktop boards to be UEFI only with no Legacy or CSM support. Whenever I get one of these types of boards or notebook in, I can definately try it. For usability reasons, there has been no real requirement that I have seen to need a "latest and greatest" system in terms of CPU or RAM, and Windows 7 can run just fine on even 3-5 year old hardware. My benchmark for requirements are games, so I do not know the requirements for other types of things such as engineering applications, etc.
  11. Server 2012 Updates on Windows 8

    At present I think treating it as FUD is the best option. Two of the variants require direct access to the machine to compromise it. The other one is more serious: while Windows (any NT 5.x+ AFAIK) is immune to it, browsers and JavaScript inside them (and maybe Java, too) may not be. So: using safe browsers and up-to-date Java (or no Java), should keep common people safe enough. Big corporations are surely at risk, though, it's a question of cost/benefit ratio, obviously. BTW, I doubt there'll ever be a BIOS update for my IvyBridges... if I had to bet, I'd bet on Intel leting owners of older processors out in the rain. Their rep is tarnished already, you know... Give the attachment below careful consideration, and see whether you agree with me or not.
  12. Server 2012 Updates on Windows 8

    Yikes! Should I be worried about this, or treat it like FUD (which is a mindset I usually don't like to subscribe to) Still awaiting a bios update, but it appears HP is taking its sweet time. since it's an old machine, that may not come to pass.
  13. Server 2012 Updates on Windows 8

    Yes. And no patches to any x86 Windows yet (or forevermore?).
  14. Server 2008 Updates on Windows Vista

    I posted this over at Windows 8. Do we know if the latest patches prevent being affected by Spectre and Meltdown? https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4072698/windows-server-guidance-to-protect-against-the-speculative-execution
  15. Server 2012 Updates on Windows 8

    Am I getting this right: that the recent patches for Windows Server 2012 and 2008 do not mitigate the effects of Spectre and Meltdown? https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4072698/windows-server-guidance-to-protect-against-the-speculative-execution
  16. Installing either 98SE or ME on Compaq Mini CQ10-101SA

    Thanks for the information. I'll look into doing this soon. Should I also add entries for the AR5B95 and AR92785? Also, i need the IDT HD audio codec driver, does this exist for ME?
  17. There are at least two reasons why you can't install the driver. First reason is the inf file is too big. It's about 150 KB. It must be shortened to less than 64 KB! On my systems the files should not bigger than 53 KB. Not needed sections can be deleted. The second is inside the inf there is a reference to a "athwx.sys" file (Installs athwx.sys (NDIS 5 driver) on 9x platforms). This file has apparently been removed. There is only the athw.sys file for NT systems. The most suitable inf file entry is: ATHER.DeviceDesc.3091 = "Atheros AR928x Wireless Network Adapter"
  18. Hi Jumper, a few posts up I reported issues on my system with v17. Have you been able to reproduce these or is is just my setup (again) ??
  19. I don't get any glitches with Aero Glass 1.5.7 on Windows 10 version 1703.
  20. @glnz POSReady 7 (=Windows 7 obviously) has nothing to do with POSReady 2009 P.S. Proper link for You to avoid confusion: http://catalog.update.microsoft.com/v7/site/Search.aspx?q=POSReady+2009
  21. This is really a shame. I wish @bigmuscle could help here with so many of us suffering from these artifact/glitches! I have gotten so sick of these AeroGlass artifacts that, for this first time ever, I decided to downgrade my Windows 10 to version 1703 (RS2) and use the (reliable) AeroGlass v1.5.6. I really hope BigMuscle can work with us to create a new reliable/patched version, Otherwise, I'm just going to sit on the sidelines and wait for the next windows version (Redstone 4). -JT
  22. hi, i was just wondering if there is anyone out there who might want to install windows 7 on a cannonlake system or 10nm architecture ( ice lake for example ) on either a laptop or desktop based system and whether or not it's possible, being that it's a little early to say, i still wanted to talk about it generally, i already researched what ssd i would want to use and how you would have to install it on windows 7, apparently the intel optane ssd 900p which is one of the fastest ssd's in the world with very fast random read 4k qd1 speeds is supported on windows 7 and intel has step by steps on how to install it on windows 7, though im not sure if this will be affected by newer hardware, i dont see why it would. i suppose it might be easier on a desktop, so far its a hypothetical thing for me and i dont know if il do so for either or no, but im still interesting in knowing what obstacles there would be in doing so, apparently there is some unofficial update that bypasses the blocked microsoft thing so that you can still receive updates till 2020 or whenever they stop updating windows 7. there is also the usb 3.0 / 3.1 drivers you have to get and nvme support, one program i downloaded does this but it doesn't mention the optane 900p ssd, i suppose you can just add the hardware id in the inf file? also the program was designed for a certain brand / models i think, though i think it might be universal?
  23. Installing either 98SE or ME on Compaq Mini CQ10-101SA

    @jumper I tried that download and it says something about unable to find drivers, then manual INF choice says 'Cannot find for hardware info' or something... :/ What is the vender/etc info for the AR5B95/AR9285? Maybe modding the driver INF would work but I have no clue on doing this... vendor info for AR5B95: PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_002B&SUBSYS_E016105B also will need the AR9285's vendor ID
  24. Planning to get this PC for a particular build

    i agree generally on what is being said here, my main reason for opting for pentium 4's in w95 osr 2.5 - 98SE builds instead of pentium iii is many reasons, but mostly it's because i have the intention or at least wan't others to have the ability to browse the web better and have websites load properly from the added instructions (SSE2 VS SSE), the difference doesn't seem to be much but i do remember some sites not loading properly with SSE only capable processors where as SSE2 processors had more compatibility, also hardware for SSE2 compatible is more readily available / cheaper and CAN offer just as much, if not more support than pentium iii or older hardware in terms of combining legacy and modern functioning in one computer / operating system. sure, SSE2 still might limit web browsing, but some boards can accept also SSE3 processors which i think most websites or sites work properly with, i think it is SSE2 and lower that may not load every site out there properly, but don't quote me on this, im just guessing this based off some random experimenting with some SSE2 based systems in the past, however SSE only is limited to very basic sites and web browsing such as wikipedia. btw lonecrusader, thanks for the info on the motherboard version and bios stuff, it's nice to know this when assembling or picking out a pc build, especially if you want to maximize legacy and modern in one package.
  25. Latest DivX codec for Windows 95C

    sorry if im just skimping here but why not just use vlc player? i guess i was wondering what the biggest differences would be from running for example an mp4 file on vlc player vs media player 6.4 on windows 95C. part of the reason i use vlc player now for the default of watching video ( mp4 ) mostly that is on 95C is that mp 6.4 wouldn't load mp4 and i use winamp 2.95 for mp3. there are a lot of different build options / software mentioned here so i was wondering if someone can sort of give me a conclusive answer to me. i basically want to know what would be the best software or softwares ( if more than one is needed ) to play mp4 and mp3 in highest quality possible. i noticed vlc player isn't bad for mp4, however the picture / video quality is limited a little and so i was wondering if anyone knows why, in 98SE, the quality seems to be the same as well, the sample file i use was a downloaded file off youtube that looks very nice in actual youtube playing at 1080p, however with vlc, it's limited somehow.
  26. Is it next month already? https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=posready
  27. I know, but just imagine having it on both sides.
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