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  2. Is it next month already? https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=posready
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  4. I know, but just imagine having it on both sides.
  5. In my case I have not got glass installed on the computer within the RDP connection (Server 2016). Its not just visual artifacts its gamebreaking stuff like text not updating when scrolling, the display not updating when cutting text (it shows the text still there) etc
  6. Yesterday
  7. Batch conversion HTML to DOCX

    Cheers. I ended up using Foxit PhantomPDF.
  8. Based on my experience, only three of the listed updates really cause long search: KB4052978 Cumulative security update (2017-12) KB4011265 Security update for Word (2017-11) - it is replaced by KB4011607 for now KB4011605 Security update for Excel (2018-01) KB3213641, KB3213644, and KB4011201 are "harmless" and may be found normally. I never test the KB4018271 for pure XP SP3 (without POSReady hack), but i think it should be "harmless" too.
  9. Latest Version of Software Running on XP

    Try the offline installer at https://java.com/en/download/manual.jsp UPDATE: Tried that and it's not working. After some quick debugging it seems that there is an access violation exception related to C runtime implementation.
  10. Updated list for 2018: service pack 2 (Convenience rollup update) Windows6.1-KB3185330-x64 windows6.1-kb3197867-x64 Windows6.1-KB3192391 windows6.1-kb3172605 Windows6.1-KB3177467 Windows6.1-KB3102810 Windows6.1-KB3138612 Windows6.1-KB3064209 windows6.1-kb4048957 windows6.1-kb4034664 Windows6.1-KB2533552 Windows6.1-KB3031432 windows6.1-kb2698365 Windows6.1-KB3059317 Windows6.1-KB2706045 Windows6.1-KB2862330 windows6.1-kb2667402 Windows6.1-KB3046269 Windows6.1-KB2813347-x64 Windows6.1-KB2912390-x64 Windows6.1-KB2984972-x64 Windows6.1-KB3035126-x64 Windows6.1-KB3035132-x64 Windows6.1-KB3078601-x64 Windows6.1-KB3110329-x64 windows6.1-kb3156016-x64 Windows6.1-KB3156019-x64
  11. Drivers pack for Windows 7?

  12. Good point about Remote Desktop. Check this out: Looks familiar?
  13. They must have just updated it. 0.0.6591.3 is out now. It still works the same and I didn't have any of the errors it was supposed to correct.
  14. - http://www.network-drivers.com/drivers/1241/1241700.htm Or use the built-in NIC or USB to connect an external wifi modem/router
  15. Runouce Virus in Windows 7

    "Most antivirus programs identify runouce.exe as malware—e.g. Microsoft identifies it as Virus:Win32/Chir.B@mm, and TrendMicro identifies it as PE_Chir. B-O or PE_CHIRUX.B." - https://www.file.net/process/runouce.exe.html Once removed, try creating a read-only folder in "C:\Windows\system32" named "runouce.exe" to prevent it from coming back.
  16. Ive had to uninstall the latest version. I use Remote Desktop a lot and when glass is installed it becomes practically unusable. The rdp hosts are multiple onsite servers (no internet latency) and the RDP quality settings are maxed out. When editing a powershell script for example just selecting a block of text causes the middle of the selection to appear as if it is not selected. When I then click to deselect the text it remains highlighted for 10+ seconds until the display finally refreshes. I'm on build 1709
  17. Installing either 98SE or ME on Compaq Mini CQ10-101SA

    ugh. looks like there are no drivers support for wifi ar9285/ar5b95, and I'm unable to buy a new wifi card or so, meaning... ugh.
  18. Interesting, I went really quick through those options and must have overlooked this one. It's unchecked on my end. For some reason, it doesn't change anything with (certain) custom themes. I tried loading default theme from the previous Windows build and it's ineffective with it as well. This could explain why you noticed the change without changing anything on your own, besides upgrading Windows and Aero Glass. You also don't get this grey menu background color on Windows 8.1, it always has the same appearance as the title bar.
  19. Newest Adobe Flash and Shockwave, and Java, too!

    Has anyone managed to get Java 8 Update 161 to install from the installers on XP? I've never had any problems before, but now the offline and online installers just run and then close, without apparently doing anything. There's no error messages, and nothing in the system logs about it. Has XP finally been blocked or is this perhaps to do with the latest MS Windows Updates (I hope not!)?
  20. Installing either 98SE or ME on Compaq Mini CQ10-101SA

    got it installed and running, but USBs don't get detected... Ah, got that working as well as display drivers, now i need wifi drivers (ar9285 or ar5b95)
  21. Runouce Virus in Windows 7

    Here is a scan log. DDS (Ver_2012-11-20.01) - NTFS_x86 Internet Explorer: 8.0.7600.16385 Run by Raheem at 19:16:14 on 2018-01-14 . ============== Running Processes ================ . C:\Windows\system32\wininit.exe C:\Windows\system32\lsm.exe C:\Windows\System32\spoolsv.exe C:\Windows\system32\taskeng.exe C:\Windows\system32\taskhost.exe C:\Windows\system32\Dwm.exe C:\Windows\Explorer.EXE C:\Program Files\Smadav\SmadavProtect32.exe C:\Windows\system32\SearchIndexer.exe C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\mscorsvw.exe C:\Windows\system32\wbem\wmiprvse.exe C:\Windows\system32\runouce.exe \\?\C:\Windows\system32\wbem\WMIADAP.EXE C:\Windows\system32\WUDFHost.exe C:\Windows\system32\SearchProtocolHost.exe C:\Windows\system32\SearchFilterHost.exe C:\Windows\system32\DllHost.exe C:\Windows\system32\DllHost.exe C:\Windows\system32\conhost.exe C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k RPCSS C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalService C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k NetworkService C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNoNetwork C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceAndNoImpersonation C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k secsvcs C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k WerSvcGroup . ============== Pseudo HJT Report =============== . mRun: [Runonce] c:\windows\system32\runouce.exe uPolicies-Explorer: DisallowRun = dword:1 uPolicies-DisallowRun: 1 = Mshta.exe uPolicies-DisallowRun: 2 = powershell.exe uPolicies-DisallowRun: 3 = bitsadmin.exe mPolicies-System: ConsentPromptBehaviorAdmin = dword:5 mPolicies-System: ConsentPromptBehaviorUser = dword:3 mPolicies-System: EnableUIADesktopToggle = dword:0 TCP: NameServer = SSODL: WebCheck - <orphaned> . ============= SERVICES / DRIVERS =============== . R? b57nd60x;Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet - NDIS 6.0 R? StorSvc;Storage Service . =============== Created Last 30 ================ . 2018-01-15 02:44:00 -------- d-----w- c:\users\raheem\appdata\local\Desktopicon 2018-01-14 05:00:52 -------- d-----w- c:\users\raheem\appdata\roaming\PE Explorer 2018-01-13 22:08:27 -------- d-----w- c:\users\raheem\appdata\local\Apps 2018-01-13 22:08:26 -------- d-----w- c:\users\raheem\appdata\local\Deployment 2018-01-13 21:55:55 -------- d-----w- c:\users\raheem\appdata\roaming\Zbshareware Lab 2018-01-13 21:55:55 -------- d-----w- c:\programdata\Zbshareware Lab 2018-01-13 21:54:46 -------- d-sh--w- C:\[Smad-Cage] 2018-01-13 21:54:46 -------- d-----w- c:\users\raheem\appdata\roaming\Smadav 2018-01-13 21:54:43 -------- d-----w- c:\program files\SMADAV 2018-01-13 21:54:37 -------- d-----w- c:\users\raheem\appdata\local\Programs 2018-01-13 21:54:03 10748 --sha-r- c:\windows\system32\runouce.exe 2018-01-13 21:51:37 -------- d-----w- c:\windows\system32\wbem\Performance 2018-01-13 21:45:13 -------- d-sh--w- C:\Recovery 2018-01-13 21:38:14 -------- d-----w- c:\windows\Panther 2018-01-13 21:37:59 -------- d-sh--w- C:\Boot . ==================== Find3M ==================== . . ============= FINISH: 19:16:25.15 ===============
  22. Nothing came back for UnsignedThemes but I did get something for uxstyle so deleted that. After rebooting and trying the various theme patching options themes are still not working. I've tried a few different themes but non of them solve my issue with Firefox. However this is where I look like a complete id*** as i've found a setting in Classic Theme Restorer that gives me the appearance I want. Thanks again for all your help.
  23. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    Very well put! I will help people with W10 so that they can do emails or use browsers but no way will I trust my home computer to be running OS s***. My home Windows PCs are Win 7 Pro if the need arises. However, I wonder if the Insider Updates are running differently? Over the past 7 updates, I've not lost the multiple users or browser functionality with an extension like Ghostery on the W10 test Dell laptop. Something appears to be working intrusively destructive with the released W10 updates? It seems that other vendors are not providing updated or compatible drivers or software to keep up with new W10 releases. Compatible apps seem to be problematic as well. Thanks Bookie32 to keep us focused on the issue. You are the "score keeper."
  24. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    At the point of the update/upgrade where it asks or tells it is ready to "Restart", by not doing the restart then, an ISO can be made from a file. That ISO can be used to do the "normal offline install." I don't know the file name, but the procedure is out there on the internet someplace.
  25. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-5279587/A-potentially-hazardous-asteroid-flying-past-Earth.html ‘Potentially hazardous’ asteroid the size of the Burj Khalifa is heading towards Earth at 67,000mph The 2002 AJ129 asteroid has been classed a 'potentially hazardous' by Nasa It will fly past on 4th February at speeds of 67,000mph (107,826kmh) This makes it nearly 15 times faster than the world's quickest manned aircraft By Phoebe Weston For Mailonline Published: 17 January 2018 A gigantic asteroid which is larger than the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, will hurtle past our planet in around two weeks time. The 2002 AJ129 asteroid has been classed a 'potentially hazardous' by Nasa and will fly past at speeds of 67,000mph (107,826kmh). This makes it nearly 15 times faster than the world's quickest manned aircraft - the hypersonic North American X-15, which travelled at 4,520mph (7,300kmh). The asteroid is around 0.7 miles (1.1km) wide - making it longer than the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which stands at 0.5 miles high (0.8km). It is set to pass by our planet on the 4th February at a distance of around 2,615,128 miles (4,208,641km) away - which is relatively close in space terms. For reference, the distance between the Earth and the moon is 238,855 miles (384,400 km). Nasa describes asteroids as 'hazardous' if they come within 4,600,000 miles (7,403,00km) of our planet. It is the largest space rock to brush past our planet this year and previous research has found a rock of this size could plunge Earth into a mini-ice age if it hit. The impact would cause average temperatures around the world to fall by as much as 8°C, according to a 2016 study on the effects of a collision with a 0.6-mile-wide (1km) asteroid. Scientists warned the 'very severe global impact' would last several years, causing the world to become a much darker, colder and drier place. 'These would not be pleasant times,' Charles Bardeen, of the National Center for Atmospheric Research said during a presentation at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) at the time. 'As of December 24, there are 17,495 known Near-Earth Objects (NEOs) around our planet; 17,389 are asteroids', a Nasa spokesperson told the Express last month. 'This year, we discovered 1,985 new near Earth asteroids. There were 1888 such objects discovered in 2016 and 1,571 in 2015'. Nasa is currently moving forward with a refrigerator-sized spacecraft capable of preventing asteroids from colliding with Earth. A test with a small, nonthreatening asteroid is planned for 2024. This is the first-ever mission to demonstrate an asteroid deflection technique for planetary defence. The Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) would use what is known as a kinetic impactor technique—striking the asteroid to shift its orbit. The impact would change the speed of a threatening asteroid by a small fraction of its total velocity, but by doing so well before the predicted impact, this small nudge will add up over time to a big shift of the asteroid's path away from Earth. ...
  26. DISM needed (x64)

    I wish I had known about it ahead of time. I "found" this bug while on a production server. Also to note, running multiple DISM like this isn't supported. As even the ADK will not allow you to install it onto a computer that has a previous version installed. Say if you have ADK for 8.1 installed, you have to remove it before you can install ADK10. The only instance where this isn't the case is if you have the WAIK for Windows 7 installed, as the ADK installer does not check for that being installed. It doesn't check for Vista or 7 OPKs, or Embedded Kits either.
  27. Runouce Virus in Windows 7

    What is the name of the virus being reported to you? The name usually starts with W32.
  28. Hello!

    Your signature image is too large.
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