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  2. Microsoft security essentials and Windows XP

    Try going TWO posts above your original. Had you read those two posts, you'd have all the information and software you need, and wouldn't need to ask other people to distill it for you.
  3. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    Very well said. There are many, many more issues but you covered most of them. If I get started, I'll run out of time to criticize this Windows 10 monstrosity. I can't believe how much this degenerate system has devolved from my beloved Windows XP Professional. It is out of control !!
  4. Searching for a few utilities

    Topic is not about upgrading, it's about finding utilities for 9x!
  5. Searching for a few utilities

    My IBM ThinkPad T40 is similar to the D600, it runs nLited XP SP3 rather well, just need to find the right browser that will be the fastest for JS and 240p YouTube. Firefox ESR is OK, but can get slow.
  6. Searching for a few utilities

    My system is a Dell Latitude D600- even slow on an XP installation. My only other viable option is W2k (without bwc's kernelex).
  7. Today
  8. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    Yes it is ridiculous, especially when using the other modes, it's very uncomfortable even on screens running 1366x768.
  9. BSOD x00000007b during install

    Can you clarify: Which mass storage was included initially? Which mass storage did you add? Does another OS list this disk? Which disks list the BIOS? Can change the boot order? Can you boot a Windows 10 DVD or relating USB key? Press shift F10, diskpart.exe, list disk Wich disks are listed? PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_22A3&CC_0106 is SATA AHCI mode, not legacy mode.
  10. No MSFN forums with Opera Presto engine

    I never really had a problem with it other than the fact the local mod system is bad. The extensibility is quite good too.
  11. Install Aero Glass Theme without Installer

    How i kill Aero Glass? When i kill dwm.exe it opens again automatically. EDIT: Downlaoded the GUI from glass8.eu, now let's see if it works
  12. Firefox Quantum

    I will be first to blame the video card on that computer. It does not support Aero Glass in Win7, so if the new browser is using some different rendering option then it would be my first guess.
  13. No MSFN forums with Opera Presto engine

    SMF is a fine forum for a site just starting out. It is too-bareboned on its own and it is kind of a pain to deal with on the admin/mod side.
  14. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    Its funny, I went into a co-workers office one day he has Windows 10 on his workstation with multiple monitors. He had calculator opened on one of them and it was comically large! It took like 3/4 of the screen! Even on the MS Store page, you can see how large it is in the example screenshots. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/windows-calculator/9wzdncrfhvn5 Now imagine how it looks, by default, on a 22" monitor!
  15. Greetings

  16. Greetings

    Hello! Welcome To MSFN!
  17. Searching for a few utilities

    Best option is to dual boot either with Linux or XP / 2k with kernel ex. If system works on 7/8/10 you can go for them.
  18. Searching for a few utilities

    Anything compiled for never Visual C++/Visual Studio will not work. Don't get your hopes high.
  19. Microsoft security essentials and Windows XP

    Thanks for the support. I already know how to turn off notifications for Security Centre, and I don't really care if there is an issue. Does it auto-update okay or does it require manual intervention in order to update the virus definitions? I didn't see it mentioned in any of the posts I managed to read last night.
  20. Install Aero Glass Theme without Installer

    Firstly the reason you couldn't replace the file is because you have to kill AeroGlass via Task Scheduler first.. as for the theme, you need AeroGlassGUI for that.
  21. Microsoft security essentials and Windows XP

    Official versions of MSE after 4.4.304 don't work under XP. There exist a modded version of MSE based on v.4.8.204 that works under XP. The only limitation is that Widows Security Center don't recognize that it is working and issue warning. The warning may be disabled easily but then you don't receive any further MSC warnings if something vents wrong with your MSE. I use v.4.8 on one of my PCs without any issues, but i don't know which benefits it has comparing to v.4.4. If you interested in the modded version, try to contact its author, http://www.msfn.org/board/profile/402904-heinoganda/
  22. Aero Glass for Win8.1+ 1.5.3

    Debug version from here.
  23. Already posted. And my portable launcher is just the same as running ' start "" palemoon.exe -no-remote -profile .\profile ' batch file, but works without the help of cmd.exe.
  24. Install Aero Glass Theme without Installer

    Well, you don't - those files are used by Glass8 itself. I personally use the GUI to set Glass8 to use the right files. As I do not currently have Glass8 installed (waiting for Bigmuscle to finish the Fall Creators' Update version) I am not sure if the GUI works at the moment.
  25. Disabling JS on this site really helps its usability on slower PCs. Surprised ISP4 even has fallbacks.

  26. Even if you don't use IE it's still worth keeping it up to date because of security reasons, just saying. That said, I quite liked IE 11 when I used it back when I was still running Windows 7. It worked for most sites I tried it on and Edge is a step back in my opinion. In total there should be around 190 updates for Windows 7 after a clean install of SP1.
  27. Does the non-Electron GitHub Desktop application still work? I remember trying last year GH Desktop on Vista when I still had real hardware that ran it, and it worked fine, despite the fact it said Vista wasn't a supported OS.
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