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  2. Hi Guys; i am trying to get Midway Arcade Tresures Deluxe working on Windows 98SE, i can confirm it works flawlessy as i had it installed before doing a re-format. I tried installing the game, reset computer tried to open, it was greeted with an error message "unable to locate WMVCore.dll" i then installed Windows Media Player which comes with that Dll file. After installation i had a new error now "The MCR2_3.exe file is linked to missing export WMVCore.dll:WMCreateReader" Does anyone know what this means or how i can fix it. Thanks
  3. Seaching for Intel 218V XP 32bit driver

    Thanks, im on work trip so give me 2 days, or perhaps someone with same NIC, could test it.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Simple XP 32BIT 64Gb RAM (true Pae) Guide

    what did you expect? What part of EXACT info did you fail to understand?
  6. Simple XP 32BIT 64Gb RAM (true Pae) Guide

    Maybe this patch designed for XP Professional. I did it multiple times and still didn't work.
  7. I wonder if you can upgrade NSS for supporting TLS 1.2 first.
  8. WEEK TWO: Still trying to get the build process to respect the objdir flag. I think I may just mount the HDD from the old build machine in another PC and see what I did to get it working in the first place. HOWEVER: Once I get the thing to build, I am considering releasing another 2.x release before I get to the good stuff. There have been a few issues I've had that could be fixed quickly before I get to the long-term development of the rendering engine. (default prefs [security alerts get annoying], search issues [prevent that g*dda*n sidebar from opening everytime one searches from the addressbar], possibly some tabbed browsing fixes, etc)
  9. Simple XP 32BIT 64Gb RAM (true Pae) Guide

    Replies to what? These patches are known to work perfectly (or at least good enough) on some setups and to not work or work unreliably on some others. You posted that it doesn't work on your machine. There could be tens of reasons why the patches don't work, including among them an improper install/setup, some of these may be solvable, some may well not. Without any detail (EXACT hardware involved, EXACT patch/files used, DETAILED description of the way they were installed/setup, etc., etc.) apart: what did you expect? jaclaz
  10. Seaching for Intel 218V XP 32bit driver

    Made some edits to .inf https://ufile.io/4p5ly please try it
  11. What should I install?

    I also need help. I'm using Win2k SP4 Update Rollup 1 and simply want to use a newer Firefox than Version 12. I only want to make minimal changes to my system, so do which updates do I need to install in order to use a modern version of Firefox?
  12. One thing I could never understand: Why do some websites INSIST on letting you know someone posted with a mobile device? They don't make a special note letting people know you posted via PC, so why is mobile so special? Facebook used to be really bad with this but as the years went on, they dropped it. But to be honest, I couldn't care less that you posted something with your precious phone. To me, all I see in "Posted via mobile" means, "Look at me, I'm cool! I have a phone! :w00t:"

  13. I am also thinking to buy the donation version i am from india how to do that where to create the account the only option i see it to donate and then it redirects me to paypal
  14. WinNTSetup v3.8.7.4

    Yes, it should be supported, but will require the command line ref option. There is no way to tell that these esd are not standalone ones. I did try it yesterday and today. I choose the fully unattended option. But maybe the problem is my poor Internet speed. Well it took some hours to download these 5 GB.
  15. Simple XP 32BIT 64Gb RAM (true Pae) Guide

    Any replies?
  16. So Windows XP will be a updated OS until 2020?
  17. WinNTSetup v3.8.7.4

    So that's not a flat-out "no" to the idea? What did you use to download the UUPs? The tools are in constant development at the moment... Did you use a fully automatic solution, or did you start the download from a list of URL's (they sometimes time-out after a few minutes already!)
  18. We are getting almost same vulnerability as of Server2008/Vista since XP sp3 is XP sp2 with lots of vista codes .... It seems it will not be to tough to make patches till after EOL of posready2009 until Server2008 in 2020!! We are all set until 2020
  19. Seaching for Intel 218V XP 32bit driver

    I on other location so i have to use other MB with same Intel 218-V controller, device ID is now: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_15A1&SUBSYS_78851462&REV_05 With this board its not working. When i point Device manager to folder with driver, driver is installing, but device name is work, i press install anyway (not signed driver) and after installation there is error, that searched line was not found in the inf file.
  20. Windows NT 4.0 api wrapper

    I don't know. BTW the project is still alive, I haven't done much this summer but now I have came back from holiday, I will work on it again
  21. Windows NT 4.0 api wrapper

    Any one has all updates released for nt4 after sp6a?
  22. WinNTSetup v3.8.7.4

    Hmm, wasn't able to download these UPP dumps without errors. Currently the -ref: cmd parameter is ignored in this case, but will be fixed in next version.
  23. KernelEx for Win2000

    I debugged it . It is caused by videoport.sys it seems like a buffer overflow to me but it may not . I am a noob regarding kernel mode calls of win2k so do not ask me . In XP all calls are in VA but 2k calls in RVA(Not proper even some mixed coding ) . It seems like modding 2k is extremely tough.. Please replace videoport.sys with original one and see what happens .
  24. driver problem in canon

    Thank you so much for your Answer
  25. Adobe to Pull Plug on Flash

    Right and now flash is also dead for youtube.
  26. KernelEx for Win2000

    I haven't tried other versions. Right now I'm just using whatever was put into tomasz86's unofficial rollup from 2013. I can probably test a few of the other ones but after translating his site, it looks as though he made a few changes to a few video files in version 16a, the one I was using. I just don't really understand exactly what the changes meant so maybe he can provide us some insight.
  27. Extended Kernel for XP (ExtendedXP)

    I fixed it . By adding following line Section .txt in asm file Thanks jumper
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