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  2. I am also thinking to buy the donation version i am from india how to do that where to create the account the only option i see it to donate and then it redirects me to paypal
  3. WinNTSetup v3.8.7.4

    Yes, it should be supported, but will require the command line ref option. There is no way to tell that these esd are not standalone ones. I did try it yesterday and today. I choose the fully unattended option. But maybe the problem is my poor Internet speed. Well it took some hours to download these 5 GB.
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  5. Simple XP 32BIT 64Gb RAM (true Pae) Guide

    Any replies?
  6. So Windows XP will be a updated OS until 2020?
  7. WinNTSetup v3.8.7.4

    So that's not a flat-out "no" to the idea? What did you use to download the UUPs? The tools are in constant development at the moment... Did you use a fully automatic solution, or did you start the download from a list of URL's (they sometimes time-out after a few minutes already!)
  8. We are getting almost same vulnerability as of Server2008/Vista since XP sp3 is XP sp2 with lots of vista codes .... It seems it will not be to tough to make patches till after EOL of posready2009 until Server2008 in 2020!! We are all set until 2020
  9. Seaching for Intel 218V XP 32bit driver

    I on other location so i have to use other MB with same Intel 218-V controller, device ID is now: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_15A1&SUBSYS_78851462&REV_05 With this board its not working. When i point Device manager to folder with driver, driver is installing, but device name is work, i press install anyway (not signed driver) and after installation there is error, that searched line was not found in the inf file.
  10. Windows NT 4.0 api wrapper

    I don't know. BTW the project is still alive, I haven't done much this summer but now I have came back from holiday, I will work on it again
  11. Windows NT 4.0 api wrapper

    Any one has all updates released for nt4 after sp6a?
  12. WinNTSetup v3.8.7.4

    Hmm, wasn't able to download these UPP dumps without errors. Currently the -ref: cmd parameter is ignored in this case, but will be fixed in next version.
  13. KernelEx for Win2000

    I debugged it . It is caused by videoport.sys it seems like a buffer overflow to me but it may not . I am a noob regarding kernel mode calls of win2k so do not ask me . In XP all calls are in VA but 2k calls in RVA(Not proper even some mixed coding ) . It seems like modding 2k is extremely tough.. Please replace videoport.sys with original one and see what happens .
  14. driver problem in canon

    Thank you so much for your Answer
  15. Adobe to Pull Plug on Flash

    Right and now flash is also dead for youtube.
  16. KernelEx for Win2000

    I haven't tried other versions. Right now I'm just using whatever was put into tomasz86's unofficial rollup from 2013. I can probably test a few of the other ones but after translating his site, it looks as though he made a few changes to a few video files in version 16a, the one I was using. I just don't really understand exactly what the changes meant so maybe he can provide us some insight.
  17. Extended Kernel for XP (ExtendedXP)

    I fixed it . By adding following line Section .txt in asm file Thanks jumper
  18. Btw. before I forget to ask: Yeah we are in the Opera 12 section so I must post also something regarding the issue here. Silly is yesterday I was able to go here with the Opera mobile browser 12.10 (on Android ofcourse not Win9x) but also on that system some functions where missing. The quote feature didnt work for example. Opera Mobile 12.10 uses presto, just like the desktop version for Windows. Its also slow like the version for Windows 98 when loading the board(but ofcourse also other sites). However the Windows 98 (Kernelex) version Opera 12.02 didnt even allow login. Could be just a random incident, still it would be interesting to check how Windows 2000 users are doing with Opera to see if this is Opera 12.02 <= specific or just has to do maybe with the operating system (what I rather dont think). I think its about the certificates since I had such problems with outlook page too sometimes, and when I for example cleaned the cache it would work. So now to why Im quoting. What exactly are the Apple libraries? Are they part of the QuickTime SDK or just another must-have for webkit on Windows?!
  19. I always run the build of Windows with the biggest number. If Aeroglass works, it works. Right now I get no transparency which is fine, but I get nice little boxes around my border titles as they should be instead of the sharp ugly rectangular ones. All is good.
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  21. Extended Kernel for XP (ExtendedXP)

    Remove all references to MYFUNCTION from the source. None in EXKERNEL.ASM. If you repost ExtendedKernel.7z, I'll take a look.
  22. KernelEx for Win2000

    All versions of Extended Core, just this version, or starting at which version? The next step will be identifying the individual file responsible.
  23. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    Yes, you've identified an interesting dilemma. Living in a community that is an age restricted 55 and older area adjacent to Phoenix, AZ. Sun City is an area around 3 miles by 7 miles in size and is not incorporated as a city by preference. Many of the residents are very sharp mentally and use computers easily. However, Windows 10 installed on a PC has many turning to the local Apple Store to buy compatible products. I have been able to get some of the Windows 10 users oriented to be able to use their Win 10 PC. Also, suggested that their Win 10 PC can be turned into a Friendly Windows 7 Pro computer. My Dell Latitude E5410 is only allowed to run Win 7 Pro and it is "Senior" friendly, thank you. The 64 bit Win 10 test computer is a dual boot with Win 7 Pro. Otherwise, Linux Mint has been very friendly as well although a bit more challenging than Apple OS X. Yes, in full agreement, "Bit of a dilemma....;)". Saved up for 2 years to get the iPhone 7 Plus which is fully compatible with the big iMac. Life is good and it was cool enough to sit outside to read this morning.
  24. Windows XP - Deepest Impressions

    A lot has been said here. For me at least, XP is still a stable and worthy work environment, and probably has had the widest hardware and software compatibility of any modern Microsoft operating system. While I would argue that XP SP3 is much different than XP SP0 / RTM, at its core it is still NT 5.x. There aren't too many operating systems that can still be used on a daily basis after 16 years, and many third-party software and hardware manufacturers are still supporting XP, as long as it is SP3. Some examples are HP (any printer you pick up will support XP SP3), Norton/Symantec antivirus/security products, Linksys and Netgear wireless devices, Logitech keyboard/mouse products, etc. There are many other manufacturers continuing support but I have made my point. In my opinion, if the system still does what it was designed to do, it is not obsolete, and continuing operation is not an issue.
  25. My new ThinkPad T40 98SE laptop is eagerly waiting for a new browser, good luck to you, rn10950! I'm tired of Opera too!
  26. Firefox 53 on XP

    I wish I could find a link but there is someone somewhere who allegedly got (a browser based on) Firefox 53 to work on XP. It's not a normal version, it uses some linux-like stuff and you can't just install it like a normal Windows application and therefore I couldn't get it to run. But anyway, has anyone heard anything about that?
  27. MSFN is $78 away from reaching its goal to continue keeping the site online!

    Keep it up! :D

  28. Disable your adblocking for MSFN

    Already done that and the ads aren't showing.
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