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  2. Lot of people though cannot say on so-recent models, examples: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/125486-which-netbook-can-work-with-windows-98-properly/ http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/122401-asus-eee-pc-and-windows-9x/ The issues - generally speaking - are with drivers, the ICH7 and 945 chipset are still within the known to be working hardware, but with no "manufacturer drivers" see: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/107001-compatible-hardware-with-windows-9x/ the display, and a few other peripherals including USB ports may be tough to be made working fully, as well as the SATA, you will need most probably Uniata and a number of the patches by RLoew. jaclaz
  3. Just for an experiment I want to try installing Win98SE or ME, on a Compaq Mini CQ10-101SA - which runs on a Intel ICH7M/MDH and 945 chipset I believe. I'm not sure this is possible, has anyone tried installing a 9x OS on a netbook?
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  5. Thanks for the replys everyone. I forgot to mention that i'm using Firefox 56 and not Quantum, I guess i'll just have to live with it. The strange thing is i'm sure that when I first started using Aero Glass about 18 months ago I didn't have the full glass effect on Firefox then one day after a windows update and the symbols files downloading that it suddenly had the glass effect.
  6. DISM needed (x64)

    The DISM in the ADK is slightly different than the one that comes with the OS. I have never tried to use the ADK DISM in-place of the OS one, but I know the ADK DISM supports additional switches. DISM has dependencies, When I run multiple DISM versions, I put it into a folder. To save my time to determine what files are needed, I use the entire folder that contains DISM. For example: c:\program files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\Assessment and Deployment Kit\Deployment Tools\amd64\DISM and then take that DISM folder and call it something to know what it is, such as DISM10, and then you can put that folder anywhere. BUT be very careful about using DISM this way because you can screw things up! Using a DISM version like this means you need to fully qualify your paths to it and you don't want to run a different DISM by accident. For example, if you mount an image using the Win10 DISM and then unmount with the OS DISM, you will then have yourself a corrupted mount point and a memory leak. The incorrect DISM used will continuously allocate memory until there is none left, which should crash your computer. So I recommend if you are going to use multiple DISMs on one system that you build .cmds to handle them so you don't mistype and run the wrong one.
  7. What classified a Newbie ?

    The forum says you joined 01/15/2018. If you had posted on the forum before, post a link to a post so we can investigate.
  8. POSReady 2009 updates ported to Windows XP SP3 ENU

    New Test: https://www.grc.com/inspectre.htm
  9. Silent Install StartIsBack++ v2.5.2

    Hi, How do I Install Silent StartIsBack++ 2.5.2 ..?? Regards, Thank you so much..!!
  10. DirectPlay 9.0c & Intel PRO/1000 GT on 98SE

    Shall i test before you buy? How?
  11. OK, but I'm a bit confused, do you have any issues with this tool? All I read is that you saw a few people reporting other problems with their scripts so you didn't even try yours. Or if you did try, then please let me know how to confirm if that script worked or not. In my reply above is how to integrate it. Thanks.
  12. POSReady 2009 updates ported to Windows XP SP3 ENU

    NTFS is a bad choice for the media with low write cycles like USB flash sticks or SD cards, because journaling means extra writes. ExFat is better for them.
  13. It is Firefox bug that it does not accept system settings but always tries to imitate Win10 UWP appearance. You can tweak this behaviour by userChrome.css file, but the result will never be 100% correct. Example can be found here: https://github.com/Aris-t2/CustomCSSforFx
  14. Yes, I'm afraid you cannot really do anything about it. That's how my Firefox looks now, too. I am also having text rendering issues with Aero Glass enabled; not sure how to fix those - guess I should create a new thread.
  15. I have the information that NTFS is the safer file system, especially if you have heavy file I/O and big files (system backup image for example). Else You are right
  16. I don't think it's Aeroglass, I think it's the new Firefox. Firefox Quantum broker all the addons. I was using classic theme restorer and glassmyfox to make my menu/tab/etc.. bars transparent. The new firefox broke them all
  17. Taskbar bug?

    I noticed a bug in the taskbar (and in the start menu if you use StartisBack program) The 2 lines when you idle the cursor to a icon from the taskbar keeps on there even if you move the cursor to another place When I open a program (i.e Explorer) the lines dissapear but keeps appearing when I exit the program and do the aforementioned steps. Somehow I can't make a screenshot of the problem, the lines dissapear when I take a screenshot... The bug is happening in Windows 8.1 64-bits
  18. How can one Disable Indexing

    Can someone help with the following. In Windows 10 ( also in other versions ) Right Click your HDD and go to Properties. Then Un Tick ( Allow files on this drive to have contents indexed in addition to file properties ). The next step you have to agree to. Now this Takes some Time to go through and Remove the Indexing. One might Ask Why I want to do this, well Trust me it has it's Advantages. Anyway I am looking for a way to do this in the ISO. So as that When the Installation of Windows is Complete that That Item Is Already Un ticked or Not Used. That would Save a lot of Time after an Install. I normally Use Nlite for Slipstreaming my ISO's to get them Up to Date.. I can't find anything in Nlite that would Disable Indexing. I have tried Disabling Windows Search in Services, but that does not do it. Any help would be appreciated ..
  19. What classified a Newbie ?

    Hi ... I notice my Avatar has been removed and I'm classified as a newbie but yet I probably been a member longer than most . So what gives, thx
  20. AERO GLASS 1.5.7

    Yes, the artifacts exist and many of us have complained about this serious (unresolved) residual screen artifacts issue! See the other threads... http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/177288-thank-you-big-muscle-for-new-aero-glass-build-157/?page=3
  21. Yesterday
  22. Hi

    Hi, my names Raul i've been with windows since i could remember and thought i knew everything thing there was to do with computers when i learned the names of all the Hardware inside my pc, boy was i wrong. Now a days i'm running windows 10 (16299.192) i have no idea what most of the customization i've done to this point has done to my pc but i'm happy to say its stable i can turn it off and on when i want to and from forum to forum ive been picking up a little bit more of the notion "your not the only one thats had this problem, the search tool is your friend" and that's lead me here i hope i can get to learn as much as humanly possible and hope fully not become a sore in anyones eye, well anyways glad to be here and thank you in advance to anyone who replies.
  23. Extended Kernel for XP (ExtendedXP)

    Any hex editor. (My ImportPatcher probably won't work; I haven't tested it on PE32+ files.)
  24. DISM needed (x64)

    btw can i use downloaded DISM from another folder or I need to copy it over original ?
  25. You will have to download the new 7z file when a new update gets released.
  26. I notice this alot. Instead of showing the website icon, the icon will be a blank page. Is this a common problem for other people? Also another question: will NewMoon update itself or will I have to download the new 7z file when a new update is made?
  27. Explorer.exe and file sizes in Win9x

    I checked my Kernel32.dll and it shows version, that is Win98SE correct? So I can try to replace the current Kernel32.dll with the KERNEL32.DLL version 4.10.2225 from your patch and leave the KernelEx 4.5.1. in place and it might resolve the issue? Thanks, DJ
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