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  • Recent Status Updates

    • Tommy

      Time for my next complaint! Even Google can't seem to answer this one.
      This is another one that follows the mobile trend. I'm very much aware this "word", or abbreviation, has existed way before mobile technology really even became a thing. But for the love of God, why do people absolutely LOVE saying the word "app" so much?
      This is a word I feel like people get ultimate pleasure in saying, particularly out loud. Listen to just about anything anymore, "blah blah blah......and DOWNLOAD OUR APP!!!"
      Okay, I get it, you want people to download your free program because it makes your content better for them or something. But do you have to say it constantly, over and over again? I'm sorry, but the word isn't cool anymore. I never thought it was anyway, but now it's the most overused and abused word in technology. I think it's just one of those words though that people who know next to nothing about technology or how it works to sound hip. It's kind of like 4G LTE. I hear that all the time, even out of the mouths of regular people. Exactly how many people even know what LTE means or stands for? Probably nobody.
      But to get back to what I was originally talking about. Until smartphones became a thing, I almost never heard people call something an app. When referencing something on the computer, it was either an application, a program, or web browser, a word processor, well you get the idea. Things used to differ from each other. Games used to be games. Now everything is all consolidated into one term, app. Even Microsoft wasn't happy until they cashed in on that word. Programs was used for many, many years in Windows. But what happens once it moves into the mobile era? "That no longer works.....All Apps...yep, sounds good."
      So the too long, don't read version. I'm tired of that word, no it doesn't sound hip, and no, it doesn't make you sound like a tech professional. No wonder new technology is so boring now.
      Now I feel better!
      · 0 replies
    • Dibya

      Microsoft released new Insider build of Windows 10.... I have tested it , more craps are added with more bloatware.. When Microsoft will listen to its customer ?
      here their major improvements but where is performance improvements ... I am wondering how many days these things will go on.  When Microsoft will wake up?
      We fixed an issue resulting in the Facebook Messenger app failing to accept the enter key when sending messaging in recent flights.
      We fixed an issue where the “New” text displayed under the names of newly installed apps in Start wouldn’t go away after launching the app.
      We fixed an issue where using the letters in Start to jump to different locations in the alphabet wasn’t consistently working in the last few flights.
      We fixed an issue where local app search in Cortana failed to return the expected app if the user profile directory contained non-ASCII characters.
      We fixed an issue where pressing WIN + X would sometimes not show the accelerator key underlines.
      We fixed an issue where when the People button was present in taskbar, and toast-only banners (for example from ******* 2016) were sent, the Action Center badge counter would become inaccurate.
      We fixed a bug from recent flights where upon unlock you’d be bombarded with any notifications that occurred while your PC was locked. If you’d like to review notifications received while your PC was locked, they can be found in the Action Center
      · 6 replies
    • AnX

      When will Microsoft actually start listening to the people? Guess never, at this rate. Windows 10 is designed to be a dumbed down, cash cow for folks who just want the latest stuff and trust MS to keep things in check. Good luck with that!
      · 1 reply
    • Tommy

      One thing I could never understand: Why do some websites INSIST on letting you know someone posted with a mobile device? They don't make a special note letting people know you posted via PC, so why is mobile so special? Facebook used to be really bad with this but as the years went on, they dropped it. But to be honest, I couldn't care less that you posted something with your precious phone. To me, all I see in "Posted via mobile" means, "Look at me, I'm cool! I have a phone! "
      · 2 replies
    • ppgrainbow

      MSFN is $78 away from reaching its goal to continue keeping the site online!
      Keep it up!
      · 0 replies
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