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    TL;DR, there's now an easy way to enable MP4 (H.264 + AAC) HTML5 video support in Firefox on Windows XP using the Primetime Content Decryption Module plugin by Adobe (distributed by Mozilla). Meaning, you could get rid of Flash (with some caveats). The irony of course being that you'd have to use another thing by Adobe , but at least it's something not as prone to security problems. IMPORTANT: If you're here because MP4 video has stopped working after you upgraded to Firefox 52.0, see this post. If you still have problems, make sure you have all of the required preferences listed below and their values are set correctly. (EDIT March 6, 2017) If you're here because MP4 video has stopped working after you upgraded to Firefox 49.0 or higher, that happens because 49.0 introduces a new pair of preferences. You now need to set media.gmp-eme-adobe.visible and media.gmp-eme-adobe.forceSupported to true; media.gmp-eme-adobe.forcevisible is no longer used. Toggle the Primetime plugin to Never Activate and back or restart Firefox for the pref change to take effect. (EDIT September 7, 2016) NEWS July 26, 2016: Unfortunately, but maybe not all that surprisingly: Primetime CDM will not be getting official support on Windows XP after all. Says a Mozilla developer: Not to worry though, this does not appear to have any near/medium-term (at least <=FF51) effect on forcing the plugin to work with the same workarounds we've been using all this time. However, just in case Adobe compiles some XP-incompatible Windows APIs into future plugin updates, you may want to save a copy of the gmp-eme-adobe folder from your FF profile or download the v.17 distribution package. ( @sdfox7has kindly archived a copy.) Technically, this plugin has been added to FF for DRMed HTML5 video, but it can be used to play non-DRM as well. It's not officially supported on XP, but hey, neither is XP itself, right? I've been trying it out with FF 46 (later also confirmed with 45, 52 ESR and 47-52) on XP Pro SP3 x86 (with POSReady updates, though I doubt that matters any) for about a week now, and the experience has been pretty encouraging. The vast majority of HTML5 videos have worked without a hitch; ~5% have had 1-2 temporary freezes (the video stops, the audio continues with some crackle), which can be easily worked around by moving the video position slider back a bit and then forward again to where the freeze happened. I've seen only one (1) case of a show-stopper error message about "corruption or unsupported features in video" (quote not verbatim) that couldn't be worked around by jiggling the slider (not a crash, just an error message and the video stopped). You may not necessarily be as lucky, though, as the reason the plugin is not included by default by Mozilla is its reported crashing on some high profile sites. (If you're interested in getting this to work on Windows 2000, be sure to read @blackwingcat's post below in addition to this one, and why not his blog posts (1, 2) as well (in Japanese, but with screen shot images).) The way to force the installation and operation of Primetime CDM is to add/set the following preferences in about:config : media.gmp-eme-adobe.enabled (boolean, true) media.gmp-eme-adobe.forceSupported (boolean, true; FF 49.0+) media.gmp-eme-adobe.forcevisible (boolean, true; FF 45-48, no longer used in 49.0+) media.gmp-eme-adobe.visible (boolean, true; FF 49.0+) media.gmp.decoder.enabled (boolean, true) media.eme.enabled (boolean, true; defaults to false if you downloaded a DRM-free version of FF; thanks @heinoganda for pointing this out) 45.x.x ESR users: also change media.gmp-manager.url or the Primetime plugin won't get downloaded for you. The default value is "https://aus5.mozilla.org/update/3/GMP/%VERSION%/%BUILD_ID%/%BUILD_TARGET%/%LOCALE%/%CHANNEL%/%OS_VERSION%/%DISTRIBUTION%/%DISTRIBUTION_VERSION%/update.xml", change only the bolded portion as follows: "https://aus5.mozilla.org/update/3/GMP/46.0/%BUILD_ID%/%BUILD_TARGET%/%LOCALE%/%CHANNEL%/%OS_VERSION%/%DISTRIBUTION%/%DISTRIBUTION_VERSION%/update.xml". The host in your default may be something other than aus5.mozilla.org, you only need to change the %VERSION% part. 52.x.x ESR users starting with a clean profile (or any other profile without an already installed Primetime plugin) should do the same, only replace %VERSION% with 51.0 instead. After this, when you check your Plugins list, you should see a notice about the Primetime plugin getting downloaded shortly. If you don't want to wait, check for updates manually (from the gear button dropdown menu). The plugin files will be placed in the gmp-eme-adobe subfolder under your FF profile. Once it has downloadedd, set the Primetime plugin to Always Activate, Flash to Never Activate (not strictly necessary, but better for testing), and go to Youtube HTML5 video player check page. Both H.264 and MSE & H.264 should have blue checkmarks. You may want to try this test page (kindly suggested by @dencorso) or some Twitter videos to quickly make sure H.264 really is working (with Youtube you can get fooled by WebM getting played instead). In theory, you could uninstall Flash at this point, but realistically it's probably wiser for now to leave it installed and disabled in the browser. Personally, I installed the FlashDisable extension to quickly toggle Flash on some of the sites I frequent that don't support HTML5 video. Some of those insistently serve Flash video to desktop FF without even checking if it can do HTML5 video or not. That can be worked around by faking a different user agent string, but for now I've found it more convenient to just temporarily toggle Flash back on for them. FlashDisable supports the Ask to Activate setting, so you don't have to worry about other sites if you forget to turn Flash off again. Based on what Mozilla devs have been saying on Bugzilla (Unhide Adobe GMP on Windows XP, Hide Adobe GMP on Windows XP in Firefox 46 and 47, Make Adobe GMP available to Windows XP users in Firefox 45 and later) it seems quite possible that this plugin could soon (FF 48+) be made available without having to use any tricks (or pre-release versions), but I suppose it's also possible that the current situation will continue indefinitely (or even that the plugin will eventually be made more difficult to access under XP). Still, why not make use of it while we can, right? Note that HLS streaming is not natively supported with this plugin. It does work on sites coded to use some JS library or player to work with HLS, but not for directly playing .m3u8 video sources. You may want to keep an eye on developments with hls.js in general and firefox-hls in particular if a favorite site of yours falls into the latter category.
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    Introduction: Since there's a list like this for Windows 98 and 2000 already, I felt it would be appropriate to create one for Windows Vista as well as extended support has now ended, and many popular programs continue to drop support for it. This list will be updated as often as possible as more applications drop support. If you use a piece of software that either continues to support Vista or stopped supporting Vista at a specific version and it isn't listed here, feel free to comment your application(s) and it will be added to the appropriate section in the list as soon as possible. IMPORTANT: DO NOT provide links to pirated software, or software that is not hosted by the software vendor (without permission from the vendor), as that will not be tolerated by MSFN per rules 1a, 1b, 1c, and 1d. If an application has dropped support for Vista and it is still in the ongoing support section, please notify me of this (along with the last working version, if possible) as soon as possible, and it will be placed into the appropriate section on the list. I will try my best to make these situations rare, but they may still pop up from time to time if I either miss something or am unable to update the list for a period of time. Despite continuing to receive security updates for 3 additional years compared to Vista, general software compatibility for Windows Server 2008 (ORIGINAL RELEASE ONLY, NOT R2) is nearly identical to Vista, since the OS itself is essentially the same as Vista, so most of the information listed here (in regards to software compatibility) is also applicable to Windows Server 2008. In the rare event that Server 2008 is supported and not Vista, or vice versa, this will be specified next to the software entry itself. The information listed here is subject to change at any time, so while something might be supporting Vista when you view the list, it could very well stop supporting it the day after, so bookmarking the list and checking back every so often is encouraged if you make use of this list, whether you're a Windows Vista/Server 2008 system admin or enthusiast. Support information and quick links: Windows Vista SP2 end of life date: April 11, 2017 | Windows Server 2008 SP2 end of life date: January 14, 2020 Download Service Pack 1 update: Vista 32 bit Vista 64 bit Download Service Pack 2 update: Vista/2008 32 bit Vista/2008 64 bit Download Platform Update: Vista 32 bit Vista 64 bit Server 2008 32 bit Server 2008 64 bit To fix Windows Update's slow 'check for updates' speed in Vista, click here for a list of updates to install to fix the issue. *If your system has no service packs installed, SP1 must be installed before installing SP2, as SP2 is not cumulative, meaning that it only includes updates released since SP1, not before SP1. If you're running Windows Server 2008, SP1 is not needed as Server 2008 was released in conjunction with SP1, so Microsoft already included the update in all Server 2008 installation media sold since release. List: Key: $$$= Paid software | FREE= Non-paid software | CS= Closed Source | OS= Open Source | UNS=Not officially supported on Vista, but still installs/works Web Browsers: Trident based: Windows Internet Explorer 9 (FREE, CS) [Mar. 2011] Requires SP2 & Platform Update. To download, click here. Chromium based: Opera 36.x (FREE, OS) [Apr. 2016] Based on Chromium 49. Supposedly continues to receive security updates, however hasn't been updated since August 2016 (at the time of writing). To download the latest version, click on this link and then click on the most recent entry in the list. Opera 37.0.2178.54 (FREE, OS, UNS) [May 2016] Requires modification to the application executable to run; view this post for more details. Google Chrome 49.0.2623.112m (FREE, OS) [Apr. 2016] To download, visit the Chrome download page, and you'll be automatically delivered an XP/Vista compatible installer, however this could change at any time. If this doesn't work, click here to download instead (link provided by Slimjet.com). Google Chrome 50.0.2661.87m (FREE, OS, UNS) [Apr. 2016] Requires modification to the application executable to run; view this post for more details. Vivaldi 1.0 stable (FREE, OS) [Apr. 2016] Based on Chromium 49, and no longer receives security updates. To download, click here (link provided by Vivaldi.com) Slimjet 10.x (FREE, OS) [Apr. 2016] Based on Chromium 50. Continues to receive security updates. Recommended option for Chrome/Chromium users. This branch is reserved for XP and Vista. To download, click here. Slimjet 11.0.8 (FREE, OS) [July 2016] Based on Chromium 51; no longer updated. Using Slimjet 10 instead is advised. Functionality wise, the browser has no reported issues with Vista. Download here. Slimjet (FREE, OS, UNS) [Oct. 2016] Based on Chromium 53; no longer updated. Has some minor font spacing issues with certain pages. Using Slimjet 10 instead is advised. Download here. Comodo Dragon (FREE, OS) [Jan. 2016] Based on Chromium 46.x. Download here. Firefox based: Firefox 52.x ESR (FREE, OS) [Mar. 2017] This release is set to receive security updates until at least September 2017, but according to a developer, this date may be extended if the number of users still on XP and Vista justify it. Download here (choose your language/country from the listing, and you should then be directed to a page to download the appropriate installer). Firefox 53.0.3 (FREE, OS, UNS) [May 2017] Requires modification to application executable to run; view this post for more details. NOTE: Codec support is broken under Windows Vista, so using Firefox 52 ESR instead is advised. SeaMonkey 2.49 (FREE, OS) Upcoming; when this version will be released is not yet known. It is confirmed here that this will be the final release for Vista/2008. QupZilla 1.8.9 (FREE, OS) [Nov. 2015] Download here. The installer for 2.0.1 gives an NSIS error, and 2.0.2 will run but crashes the OS when trying to load pages. Later versions simply don't work. Waterfox 53.0.3 (FREE, OS) [May 2017] 64-bit only. Download not yet available. According to the head developer, creating a separate release for older systems (presumably Vista/XP) is being considered. Security software: Avira 2013, all paid editions ($$$, CS) No longer supports Windows Vista as of April 10, 2013. Windows Server operating systems aren't supported. Avira Antivirus Free v15.0.9.504 (FREE, CS) Bitdefender Internet Security 2015 ($$$, CS) Emsisoft version 10 ($$$, CS) No longer receives database updates as of April 2016. FortiClient 5.2.4 ($$$, CS) G Data Home Security Suite (Antivirus/Internet Security/Total Security, $$$, CS) Last official versions of these pieces of software to support Vista is uncertain, but are estimated to have stopped supporting Vista sometime in 2016. G-Data Business solution products still support Vista SP1+. McAfee 2015 product suite ($$$, CS) Requires at least SP1 to be installed. SP2 recommended. Microsoft Security Essentials (FREE, CS) No longer supports or functions on Windows Vista as of April 11, 2017. Server 2008 is still currently supported, where the software works fine as of April 2017. Spybot version 2.4 Free Edition (FREE, CS) Download here. Windows Defender 1.1.1600.0 (FREE, CS) Not reputable for providing quality protection, however still receives definition updates as of April 2017. This could change at any time, though. Click here and scroll down to the OS chart to download the most recent definitions. Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool 5.47 - April 2017 (FREE, CS) Last version for Vista. Later versions continue to support Windows Server 2008. Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit 5.52 (FREE, CS) Requires SP2. To download, click here. EMET will reach end of life on July 31, 2018. Trend Micro Maximum Security 2017 ($$$, CS) Requires SP2+IE9. Support for Vista ends on June 30, 2017. Trend Micro Internet Security 2017 ($$$, CS) Requires SP2+IE9. Support for Vista ends on June 30, 2017. Trend Micro Antivirus+ 2017 ($$$, CS) Requires SP2+IE9. Support for Vista ends on June 30, 2017. Multimedia: Winamp 5.6 (FREE, CS) No longer updated on any version of Windows as of late 2013. Download here. Kodi 17.3 (FREE, OS) PDF viewers: Adobe Acrobat Reader X v10.1.16 (FREE, CS) No longer updated/supported by Adobe as of November 15, 2015. Adobe Acrobat Reader XI (FREE, CS, UNS) Officially supports Windows Server 2008, however Vista is not officially supported. Despite this, the software still works in Vista, with the exception of auto-updating. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC version 2015.10.20060 (FREE, CS, UNS) To learn how to install the software in Vista, view this YouTube tutorial, created by myself. Office Suites (all $$$, CS): Microsoft Office XP SP3 (Extended support ended on July 12, 2011.) Microsoft Office 2003 SP3 (Extended support ended on April 8, 2014.) Microsoft Office 2007 SP3 (Extended support will end on October 10, 2017.) Microsoft Office 2010 SP2 (Extended support will end on October 13, 2020.) Virtualization Software: VMware Workstation 10.0.7 ($$$, CS) VMware Player 6.0.7 (FREE, CS) Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 SP1 (FREE, CS) UNS on Starter/Home versions of XP and Vista. Apple software/hardware support (all software is FREE, CS): iTunes Download: Vista 32-bit Vista 64-bit. Limitations/issues: On 64-bit versions of Vista/2008, you must use the "older video cards" installer linked above. The normal release doesn't work. Starting with iTunes 11.2, you'll get Data Execution Prevention errors when closing the program. iTunes 12.1.3.x only supports devices released up to the iOS 9-era. If your older device runs iOS 10.0-10.1.1, you may backup and sync your device; upgrading/restoring doesn't work. iOS 10.2 or later will not work with iTunes 12.1.3. iCloud Control Panel 2.1.3 Safari 5.1.7 : No longer updated on any version of Windows as of May 9, 2012. Download here. Apple QuickTime 7.7.9: Quicktime for Windows is no longer updated. This release is the last version for Windows Vista and later. Visit this page to download. Final Apple Mac computers to support Vista under Boot Camp: Macbook and Macbook Pro; all Mid-2010 models Macbook Air; all Mid-2009 models (32-bit only) iMac; all Late-2009 models Mac Mini; Mid-2010 (This is the only Mac Mini to support Windows Vista 64-bit; earlier models are 32-bit only.) Mac Pro; Mid-2010 Music & video streaming software: Spotify (FREE, CS) Paid services are available. Adobe editing software (All CS6 apps are $$$, CS, UNS. For official support, use the CS5.5 suite instead.): Adobe Photoshop CS6 Adobe After Effects CS6 Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Adobe Audition CS6 Dreamweaver CS6 Extendscript Toolkit CC Fireworks CS6 Flash Professional CS6 Illustrator CS6 InCopy CS6 InDesign CS6 Lightroom 4 ($$$, CS) Adobe Photoshop Elements 12.0 ($$$, CS) Requires SP2. Multimedia editing software: Sony Vegas Pro 12 ($$$, CS) Paint.NET 3.5.11 (FREE, CS) Camtasia Studio 8.6.0 ($$$, CS) Picasa 3.9 Build 141.259 (FREE, CS) ACDSee 17 ($$$, CS) ACDSee Pro 7 ($$$, CS) ACDSee Video Studio v1.x ($$$, CS) ACDSee Video Converter 4 ($$$, CS) Corel PaintShop Pro X7 ($$$, CS) Image Composite Editor 2.0.3 (FREE, CS) Requires SP2. To download, click here. Sony Sound Forge 11.0.272 ($$$, CS) Avid Pro Tools 10 ($$$, CS, UNS) While v9 is the last to support Vista, editing the MSI installer with Orca allows v10 to install. Later versions have not yet been tested. Click here for more details. *Avid Virtual Instruments 10 doesn't work. 2D/3D Modeling Software (All $$$, CS): AutoCAD 2012 AutoCAD 2013 (UNS) Must run in Windows XP compatibility mode for the software to work. AutoCAD 2014 (UNS) Must run in Windows XP compatibility mode for the software to work. Sketchup 2014 Sketchup 2015 (UNS) Modifying of MSI installer is required. See this post for more details. Sketchup 2016 (UNS) Modifying of MSI installer is required. See this post for more details. Sketchup 2017 and later do not work. Autodesk 3dsmax 2012 Autodesk 3dsmax design 2012 Autodesk Maya 2012 Autodesk Mudbox 2012 Game distribution: Origin 2015 (FREE, CS) *Reduced functionality as of August 2016. For a list of what you can still do, click here. AMD Graphics: AMD Catalyst version 13.12 (later versions up to 15.6 Beta for Windows 7 can be modified to work on Vista. See this thread for more details. AMD GPUs released after June 2015 will not work with Vista, since 15.6 Beta does not include support for newer cards.) Intel chipset and graphics: The Intel Sandy Bridge platform is the last to fully support Vista. Ivy Bridge includes chipset and VGA drivers for Windows Vista, however USB 3.0 drivers are unavailable. You can download the VGA drivers here, and chipset drivers are available here (Vista isn't listed as an applicable OS on the page, but the utility does support Windows Vista). Limited Haswell support is available, as Intel updated their chipset drivers to support XP and Vista, however it is not recommended to attempt to use Vista or Server 2008 on Haswell due to a known bug that causes Windows and some of its services to not start up correctly. This bug renders Windows Vista on Haswell quite unstable, and using it in a productive or business environment is strongly discouraged. In addition to this, Intel HD graphics 4200 and later drivers, as well as USB 3.0 drivers are not available for Haswell machines running Vista, so upgrading to Windows 7 on Haswell systems is encouraged to receive proper support. More information about the aforementioned bug can be found here: http://www.vistax64.com/general-discussion/304098-logon-process-initialization-failure-vista-ultimate-x64.html NVIDIA Graphics: NVIDIA driver version 365.19 (Vista 3D vision support was dropped around driver version 310.00). GOOD NEWS: a driver has been discovered that has been proven to work on Vista, while also adding support for the GTX 1080, 1070 and 1060 for Vista users. Download here: http://drivers.softpedia.com/get/GRAPHICS-BOARD/NVIDIA/NVIDIA-GeForce-Graphics-Driver-37270-64-bit.shtml Window management software: AquaSnap 1.17.1 (FREE & $$$ versions available, CS) To download, click one of the following: MSI File Portable Installation Aerosnap 0.61 Beta (FREE, CS) Somewhat buggy. To download, click here. Taskbar Shuffle v2.5 (FREE, CS) To download, click here. Ultramon 3.3.0 ($$$, CS) To download trial version, click here. Built in system components (Bundled with SP2+Platform Update, all FREE, CS): Windows Installer 4.5 Windows Search 4.0 DirectX 11.0 Windows Media Player 11.0.6002.18005 Additional Microsoft software/utilities: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.0 (FREE, CS) Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 (FREE, CS, UNS) Windows Powershell 2.0 (FREE, CS) Download: Vista 32 bit Vista 64 bit Server 2008 32 bit Server 2008 64 bit Windows Powershell 3.0 (FREE, CS) Supports Windows Server 2008 SP2 ONLY. Windows Vista is not supported. To download, click here. Microsoft Mathematics 4.0 (FREE, CS) Requires SP2. To download, click here. Microsoft Windows Live Essentials 2011 (FREE, CS) To download, click here. Some components no longer work, such as Messenger and Mail. Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 (FREE, CS) Exchange Server 2010 ($$$, CS) Office 2010 Filter Packs (FREE, CS) Requires at least SP1 to be installed (SP2 recommended). To download, click here. PowerPoint Viewer 2010 (FREE, CS) Requires at least SP1 to be installed (SP2 recommended). To download, click here. SharePoint 2010 ($$$, CS) Visio Viewer 2010 (FREE, CS) Requires SP2. To download, click here. Word Viewer 2010 (FREE, CS) Download here. Word Viewer 2010 will no longer be available for download and will no longer receive security updates by November, 2017. Remote Desktop Connection 7.0 (FREE, CS) *For Windows Vista only, Server 2008 is not supported.* Requires at least Vista SP1 to be installed (SP2 recommended). Download links: Vista x86 Vista x64 XML Paper Specification Essentials Pack 1.2 (FREE, CS) Does not work on Server 2008. Click here to download. Lync 2010 ($$$, CS) Download links: x86 (trial) x64 (trial) IntelliPoint 8.2 (FREE, CS) Download links: 32 bit 64 bit IntelliType Pro 8.2 (FREE, CS) Download links: 32 bit 64 bit Search Commands Add-In for Office 2007 and Office 2010 (FREE, CS) No longer being maintained, UNS on Server 2008. Download here. Search Server 2010 ($$$, CS) Requires Windows Server 2008 SP2. Windows Vista is not supported. A free version with reduced functionality is available for download here. SQL Server 2012 ($$$, CS) Requires SP2 for Vista/2008. A free version with reduced functionality is available for download here. Speech Platform Runtime Languages 11 (FREE, CS) To download, click here. Calendar Printing Assistant for Outlook (FREE, CS) Requires SP2. To download, click here. Junk Mail Reporting Add-in for Microsoft Outlook (FREE, CS) Download links: Office 2003 x86, Office 2007+ x86, Office 2007+ x64 Office File Validation Add-in for Microsoft Office 2003 SP3 and Microsoft Office 2007 SP2 (FREE, CS) Requires Office 2003 SP3 or Office 2007 SP2. For client Windows versions only (Server 2008 isn't supported). Download here. Outlook 2007/2003/2002 Add-in: Personal Folders Backup (FREE, CS) Requires Office XP, 2003, or 2007. Server 2008 is not supported. Download here. Software/Game Development: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 SP1 ($$$, CS) CryEngine V ($$$, OS) Requires SP2. Instant messaging: Yahoo! Messenger (FREE, CS) However, this release will no longer connect to the Yahoo servers. You can use the web version to communicate via Yahoo Messenger, though. Misc. System utilities: WSUS Offline Update 10.9.2 (FREE, OS) Classic Shell 3.6.8 (FREE, CS) Fences 2 ($$$, CS) Folder portals and pages functionality require Windows 7 or later. ObjectDock 2 ($$$, CS) Samsung Magician v4.9.7 (FREE, CS) Works with (supported) Samsung SSDs only. Windows Vista and Server 2008 do NOT support TRIM without third party software. Windows NT Backup - Restore Utility (FREE, CS) Download: (x86) (x64) Windows USB/DVD Download Tool (FREE, CS) To download, click here. Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel (FREE, CS) To download, click here. Network Monitor 3.4 (FREE, CS) Requires at least SP1 to be installed (SP2 recommended). To download, click here. Logitech Gaming Software 8.81 (FREE, CS) This is the last official version to support Windows Vista. The latest version unofficially works on Vista, but this could change at any time. HxD Hex Editor (FREE, CS) Hasn't been updated since 2009. Support ongoing (ONG section) (Valid as of May 2017): Antivirus/security software: Avast Free Antivirus (FREE, CS) E-mail registration required after 30 days. Avast Pro Antivirus ($$$, CS) Trial available. AVG Antivirus Free (FREE, CS) AVG Internet Security ($$$, CS) 30 day trial available. Bullguard Antivirus ($$$, CS) 30 day trial available. Bullguard Internet Security ($$$, CS) 30 day trial available. Comodo Free Antivirus (FREE, CS) Clamwin (FREE, CS) eScan, all editions ($$$, CS) ESET NOD32 Antivirus ($$$, CS) 30 day trial available. ESET Internet Security ($$$, CS) 30 day trial available. ESET Smart Security ($$$, CS) 30 day trial available. ESET File Security for Windows Server ($$$, CS) 30 day trial available; supports Windows Server 2008. Windows Vista isn't supported. G-Data Business Solutions ($$$, CS) Requires at least SP1, SP2 recommended. The Mobile Administrator component requires Windows 7 or later. Kaspersky Antivirus ($$$, CS) Kaspersky Internet Security ($$$, CS) Kaspersky Total Security ($$$, CS) Malwarebytes Free (FREE, CS) Requires at least SP1 to be installed. SP2 recommended. Malwarebytes Premium ($$$, CS) Requires at least SP1 to be installed. SP2 recommended. *The anti-ransomware protection component is only available on Windows 7/2008 R2 or higher. Norton Security ($$$, CS) Requires at least SP1 to be installed. SP2 recommended. Panda Antivirus ($$$, CS) Sandboxie (FREE, CS) Support apparently ongoing; however, site lists both Windows XP and Windows Vista as "legacy operating systems," thus support may be terminated at any time. Sophos Endpoint Antivirus ($$$, CS) Sophos Server protection ($$$, CS) Spyware Blaster (FREE, CS) SuperAntiSpyware ($$$ & FREE, CS) Free version is for personal use only. Paid version requires an annual subscription. Webroot, all editions ($$$, CS) Requires at least SP1 to be installed. SP2 recommended. Zonealarm Free firewall (FREE, CS) Web browsers: Pale Moon (FREE, OS) Requires SP2 with the Platform Update Supplement for Windows Vista. The 64-bit version will not play videos properly in Windows Vista. To fix this, visit Options -> Content -> Video and make sure all 3 options under "Video" are checked. Comodo IceDragon (FREE, OS, Firefox based) The future of Vista support is not yet known. K-Meleon (FREE, OS) Uses Gecko layout engine. Web browser plugins: Adobe Flash Player (FREE, CS) For Internet Explorer, IE8 is required. IE9 is recommended, since IE8 no longer receives security updates on Vista or Server 2008. Java (FREE, CS) For Internet Explorer, IE9 is required. Support may end soon, based on decisions made when Java stopped supporting Windows XP. Multimedia: Media Player Classic (FREE, OS) Media Player Classic Black Edition (FREE, OS) VLC Media Player (FREE, OS) Foobar2000 (FREE, CS) Screen Recording & Capture software: Screen Recording: CamStudio (FREE, OS) Last updated in 2013, uncertain if or when a new update will be released and whether or not it will support Vista/2008. Fraps ($$$, CS) Last updated in 2013, uncertain if or when a new update will be released and whether or not it will support Vista/2008. Free version with reduced functionality is available. Bandicam ($$$, CS) Free version with reduced functionality is available. Open Broadcaster Software (FREE, OS) Requires SP2. Screen Capture: ScreenToGif (FREE, OS) Gyazo (FREE, CS) Lightshot (FREE, CS) Video/photo editing software: GIMP (FREE, OS) IrfanView (FREE for non commercial use, CS) VSDC Free Video Converter (FREE, CS) VSDC Free Video Editor (FREE, CS) Lightworks ($$$ & FREE versions available, CS) VideoPad Video Editor ($$$, CS) Audio editing software: Audacity (FREE, OS) Acoustica Mixcraft ($$$, CS) 30 day trial available. Office suites: LibreOffice (FREE, OS) Apache OpenOffice (FREE, OS) Ability Office & Ability Office Professional ($$$, CS) Corel Office ($$$, CS) PDF viewers: Foxit PDF Reader (FREE, CS, UNS) Vista isn't listed in the system requirements, but the latest version still works under Vista as of January 2017. This could change at any time, though. Foxit PhantomPDF ($$$, CS, UNS, free trial available) Vista isn't listed in the system requirements, but the latest version still works under Vista as of January 2017. This could change at any time, though. Sumatra PDF (FREE, OS) Corel PDF Fusion ($$$, CS) Nitro PDF Reader (FREE, CS) Requires at least SP1 to be installed. SP2 recommended. Nitro PDF Pro ($$$, CS) Requires at least SP1 to be installed. SP2 recommended. Cloud storage clients: Onedrive (FREE, CS) Requires SP2 and the Platform Update for Windows Vista/2008. Now that Vista is no longer supported by Microsoft, Onedrive could stop supporting Vista at any time. Dropbox (FREE, CS) Remote desktop access: Team Viewer (FREE, CS) Free for personal use; business use requires purchase of license. Game distribution: Steam (FREE, CS) Disc burning or mounting software: Alcohol 120% ($$$, CS) IMGBurn (FREE, CS) MagicDisc (FREE, CS) MagicISO ($$$, CS) Roxio Creator NXT 3 ($$$, CS) WinCDEmu (FREE, CS) Google Software: Google Earth (FREE, CS) 2D/3D Modeling software: Blender (FREE, OS) FTP clients: FileZilla (FREE, OS) WinSCP (FREE, OS) CyberDuck (FREE, OS) Total Commander (FREE, CS) CuteFTP (FREE, CS) FTP Voyager (FREE, CS) SmartFTP ($$$, CS) VPN Clients: Tunngle (FREE, CS) Instant messaging/internet communication: Trillian (FREE, CS) Skype (FREE, CS) Telegram Desktop (FREE, OS) If you want to use Discord, you must use the web version. Desktop application doesn't work. Blogging: Open Live Writer (FREE, OS) File management: 7zip (FREE, OS) Universal Extractor (FREE, OS) WinRAR ($$$, CS- Trial available) WinZip ($$$, CS) WinZip Command Line (FREE, CS) WinZip Courier ($$$, CS) WinZip Self-Extractor ($$$, CS) Virtual machines: Oracle VM VirtualBox (FREE, OS) Requires at least SP1 to be installed. SP2 recommended. Hardware identification and temperature management: CPU-Z (FREE, CS) HWMonitor (FREE, CS) Piriform Speccy (FREE, CS) SpeedFan (FREE, CS) Benchmarking and system stress-testing software: AIDA64, all editions ($$$, CS) Prime95 (FREE, CS) System management, cleanup, and analysis: Piriform CCleaner (FREE, CS) Comodo Cleaning Essentials (FREE, CS) Belarc Advisor (FREE, CS) Microsoft software: Microsoft Visual c++ Redistributable for Visual Studio (FREE, CS) Microsoft Silverlight (FREE, CS) System File Editors/viewers: Resource Hacker (FREE, CS) Notepad++ (FREE, OS) Post-EOL updates for Windows Vista: Despite extended support coming to an end for Windows Vista on April 11, 2017, Vista users should most likely be able to continue receiving new updates for their OS until January 14, 2020, thanks to Vista's server counterpart, Windows Server 2008, continuing to receive updates until this date. An update repository containing all (compatible) Server 2008 updates for Vista can be viewed/downloaded here (courtesy of MSFN user greenhillmaniac). In light of the recent WannaCrypt attacks, Microsoft included Windows XP and Vista in the June 2017 patch Tuesday updates. Click here for an article containing links to download these updates. The Windows Server 2008 versions of these updates can also be installed in Windows Vista too, if desired (the updates are no different, so there's no benefit over using the Vista-intended versions).
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    I have no problems with the Windows 10 computer when it's powered off.
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    Hello everyone, in the last past few months I have been working on a windows nt 4.0 api wrapper which can run softwares designed for new windows's version. I'm writing the functions in inline assembly (I'm using ida) and C. (There is also some code from reactos and wine). There are some issues with certain softwares, some don't load at all and some crash, so I can't release nothing for now. What are some software you use and you want to run on it? List me and I will try to get them work. Unfortunately firefox (the 3.5 version and newer), opera 12.18 and utorrent don't load even if I added the missing functions... They don't throw me any error, they simply don't load at all... Maybe I have to do something. I will investigate. Here, there are some software that load. Filezilla 3.8.1 (last version crashes, but I think I will be able to get it work) vlc 2.2.0 last version of 7-zip last version of Sumatra (it's a little buggy but it reads pdf).
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    Maybe in the US. Not necessarily elsewhere. 7 McRib sandwiches won't last very long. My Patch still works ten years later.
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    Tsk tsk tsk .... that's not an educated opinion. Out of the box, perhaps. But Windows 8 can be molded in to a VERY VERY productive environment. Better than Windows 7 - hands down! )
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    I happen to agree with you, xpclient, but there will almost certainly come a time when Win 10 sports something new that becomes "must-have" - either that or Microsoft will just end. It won't be a new App, and probably won't be something new in the App arena at all, but something like an ability to support new hardware or an ability to do something we geeks love (e.g., an ability to set up a boot volume with ReFS). Their supreme, utter, obvious marketing failure is that they've failed to win the hearts and minds of technical leaders (e.g., those here on this forum). It's now less stable than any 2 year old operating system in history, it's not got anything new or exciting technically (where it counts), and it's ugly as f***. Uglier. Doing better at ANY ONE of those things could have led to a wider adoption by we geeks. A lot of people listen to what we say. If we were to start saying things like "Gee, it's not too cool out of the box but it can be turned into something nice, and so I've adopted it for my own hardware systems" then others would follow. Those of us in the know just aren't saying that. Windows 7 is still at what, almost 50% share? That's just because the fact that Windows 8.1 can be tweaked into something nice isn't well-known. Pre-Windows 10 systems still account for the MAJORITY of the world's Windows usage. Think about that. I've personally had more trouble with my Win 10 test system (on a VM) lately with the Creator's Update than I've had with any prior Win 10 release. So much so that I've reinstalled it several times, the most recent time being a complete CLEAN install. I've only JUST BARELY been able to make it to where it will successfully get through a Windows Update, and that's only by leaving almost all the cloud-integration crap enabled. As a result, it's banging up against my firewall with such URLs as those used by "delivery optimization" (peer to peer Windows Update file sharing), attempting to login via login.live.com, trying to sync settings via settings-win.data.microsoft.com - NONE of which I want it to do. The tweaks to shut that s*** down leave the system unwilling to complete a Windows Update. Please give me any reason why a knowledgeable technical expert would want this turkey. Microsoft stepped over the line a long time ago, and they just keep going! I'd be willing to pay good money (as I always have in the past) for a decent serious version, but no tech expert I know is even saying that the Enterprise editions are controllable/manageable. Sorry my frustration is showing. -Noel
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    Don't download this crap, if you want a working areo glass version that you can trust that will work better then this version use Aero Glass 8+ 1.4.5, it doesn't have any issues aside from some artefacts if you use blur, keep the blur radius at 0 or 1 any higher and the artefacts become more noticeable. If you are not able to find the official 1.4.5 then you can grab my custom installer for it from my site here http://virtualcustoms.net/attachment.php?attachmentid=77903&d=1496113501 Sorry to BM if this is not acceptable, I have only posted it as I don't think people should be touching this version from Edivan Baptista, I think all these posts should be removed by the mods and just wait for your official supported version.
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    https://github.com/RiskSense-Ops/MS17-010 Here is MS17-010 PoC. How about your Windows 2000 ? My Windows 2000 blocked it STATUS_INVALID_SMB and STATUS_SMB_BAD_TID. (it from Policy on Extendede Kernel DVD creation Kit )
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    We have successfully moved to the new server and new company due to often hardware failures with old company. We have lost few posts while transferring and we apologise for any inconvenience. Some of our visitors have had their DNS servers already updated, so if you're reading this you're already on our new server, bringing you a much better browsing experience here at MSFN! We hope you continue to enjoy visiting MSFN. The MSFN Team
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    Project Name : ExtendedXP(Extended Kernel for XP) Current Version : 2017/05/22 Production Stage :: Public beta KernelEx or ExtendedKernel was invented long ago by loyal MSFN Member Xeno86 to run XP/2000 application on 9x .Further reflected by rloew in his unicow wrapper project for windows 98 second edition .The idea was carried after long time by BlackWingCat of Windows 2000 community and WildBill of windows 2000 community . This my attempt for coming up with similar kernel extension for windows xp in time so that when in future most programs will stop working on XP that time we can use it . Updated System Components :- Functions added to advapi32.dll:- Function added to kernel32.dll:- Added function to ntdll.dll:- Added function to shell32.dll Note: Most of the functions are stub so i have future plans to remove them Added functions to User32.dll :- KnownIssues :- *VLC media-player always crash (Though Skinned mode work) *Resource hacker setup crashes always .(inno setup ) ( Bug found with CryptoLibrary )(thanks to heinoganda) *Avast free 2017 & esed does not work (Something wrong with Shell32 )(thanks to heinoganda) LINKS ARE REMOVED DUE TO NEW RELEASE OF HOT FIXES WITH KERNEL32.DLL & NTDLL.DLL This Post is my request to knowledgeable persons to help me to fix the known issues . Thanks in advance THIS VERSION IS ONLY FOR TESTING PLEASE KINDLY USE ANY VIRTUAL MACHINE OR ANY PC THAT NOT IMPORTANT . THANKS FOR UNDERSTANDING. !!Windows XP Forever!!
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    firefox 53.0 works on vista you could add it but it needs a bit of modifications,install it on a win7+ pc use pemaker to change sys and subsys o/s from 6.1 to 6.0,it works flawlessly Google Chrome 50 works on vista,install on a windows 7+ pc and launch in vista(Chrome 51 launches perfectly but nothing works) Opera 37 works aswell instructions are same as google chrome Setup wont launch so Win7+ is needed,unless some other means of extraction is used. http://imgur.com/a/cuncn http://imgur.com/a/myq9X http://imgur.com/a/LERsT According to me these are probably the final versions unofficially working/supported , also note that these browser versions aren't supported anymore even though they are pretty recent.
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    After 10 months of Win10 on my AMD FX machine, I went back to Win7. It was really annoying having tons of useless notifications that it needed new information about my Microsoft account, which was working just fine. Then, the permanent communication to the Internet: I didn't care about how much bandwidth it was using, but WHY it was using it! After the last major update, RAM usage went from 1,2 GB to 2,2 GB, all used by new svchost.exe processes, which only two of them were AMD related services! Now, with Win7, no more useless and unknown CPU and RAM used by a huge OS. Note: I disabled WinUpdate because it used to fulfill RAM (10GB) and CPU (8 cores at 4.2GHz). I had Win10 even on my 13-inches MacBook Pro from 2010, but after Creators Update, BootCamp drivers went all bad: I couldn't use built-in keyboard or trackpad and it kept going Blue Screen every time I turned on the laptop. Now, with WinXP (yep, the one which uses 70MB at the first startup, not 700MB!) I have no problem at all, it works like a charm. IMO, Win10 is being crappier every time I turn it on!
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    Adobe Flash Player was withdrawn. New release today ( http://fpdownload.adobe.com/get/flashplayer/pdc/ http://fpdownload.adobe.com/get/flashplayer/pdc/ http://fpdownload.adobe.com/get/flashplayer/pdc/
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    I just updated my Vista x86 machine: Security Update for Windows Vista (KB4021903) http://download.windowsupdate.com/c/msdownload/update/software/secu/2017/05/windows6.0-kb4021903-x86_e242c183d5161a316b402855f03c57150ef59cf4.msu Security Update for Windows Vista (KB4024402) http://download.windowsupdate.com/c/msdownload/update/software/secu/2017/06/windows6.0-kb4024402-x86-custom_fd416b75f530305df455c1ea9098eccd48acb103.msu Security Update for Windows Server 2008 (KB4018106) http://download.windowsupdate.com/c/msdownload/update/software/secu/2017/04/windows6.0-kb4018106-x86_6b74e9bcf693d6fe8457db2acd3262bbc78c7c90.msu Security Update for Windows Server 2008 (KB4021923) http://download.windowsupdate.com/c/msdownload/update/software/secu/2017/05/windows6.0-kb4021923-x86_2a74e45391c97103fa54a5a79738fe7ef7461b53.msu Security Update for Windows Server 2008 (KB4022008) http://download.windowsupdate.com/c/msdownload/update/software/secu/2017/05/windows6.0-kb4022008-x86_bb263734192b135958e8aec3a0ce0ca36e37969f.msu Security Update for Windows Server 2008 (KB4022010) http://download.windowsupdate.com/c/msdownload/update/software/secu/2017/05/windows6.0-kb4022010-x86_5bb6f159de617015165280492594cdef5f3d1a16.msu Security Update for Windows Server 2008 (KB4022013) http://download.windowsupdate.com/d/msdownload/update/software/secu/2017/05/mpsyschk_321be5375697fda774d9c922a561e181d4ea4976.exe http://download.windowsupdate.com/d/msdownload/update/software/secu/2017/05/windows6.0-kb4022013-x86_802dfdcfc6290ce8ccb662e04de5275bd2943710.msu Security Update for Windows Server 2008 (KB4022883) http://download.windowsupdate.com/c/msdownload/update/software/secu/2017/05/windows6.0-kb4022883-x86_a5042b1731e3cff88c52d28ce483dabaf54ca544.msu Security Update for Windows Server 2008 (KB4022884) http://download.windowsupdate.com/c/msdownload/update/software/secu/2017/05/windows6.0-kb4022884-x86_c66156727c64c25e791e6e935a5ddbfc3337c34c.msu Security Update for Windows Server 2008 (KB4022887) http://download.windowsupdate.com/c/msdownload/update/software/secu/2017/05/windows6.0-kb4022887-x86_1ba7910a6310b188e82bf044fd9872f2f80caf8f.msu Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 9 for Windows Server 2008 (KB4021558) http://download.windowsupdate.com/c/msdownload/update/software/secu/2017/05/ie9-windows6.0-kb4021558-x86_1c15ec88a80e66e717c652dfac0a75fc275e5d8b.msu
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    Win 8.1 also seems a bit more efficient/interactive at some desktop windowing things, w/regard to multitasking. Echoing the comments above, I've judged my well-tweaked Win 8.1 to be overall better than the best tweaked Win 7 I ever had (I use my workstation every day all day). Even though Win 8 had already started down the road to ruin with the Metro/Modern side, you can still entirely avoid that stuff and it's fine as a desktop system. NOT like the latest Win 10 v1703, which is starting to become dangerously tied to its UWP side. And the best part? A permanently activated, stable Win 8 is not likely to be changed for the worse by Microsoft. While it hasn't been necessary so far, you could always avoid further updates if it comes down to it. You're still in control. While I surely would have liked to see Microsoft remain on the straight and narrow with Win 10, at least I can live with 8.1 for a fair bit longer. -Noel
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    Windows 7 x64 is far inferior to a super tweaked 8/8.1.... i donot know why people judge a book by its cover , metro ui is really hell but 8/8.1 kernel is far more stable where see 7 x64 is many reason unstable still people prefer it due its UI and that silly Aero(I am happy to drop FPS in your game my name is Aero). hands down man !! Windows 7 32bit is fine but for true 64bit experience 8/8.1 is real deal until and unless win32k.sys bugs are fixed by MS that make the os eats up too much RAM and CPU . Even in benchmarks 7 x64 perform worse than vista x64 Even 10 is just a crap still no os can beat its Directx 11 performance
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    Right, I forgot about that. He has Aero 7 theme loaded, that's where skinned UI controls come from (see the appearance of elements inside Aero Glass GUI tool). But he overrode theme atlas image with this own. You still can't switch to unsigned theme with Settings app though unless you manually inject UxTSB.dll in SystemSettings.exe with Process Hacker. Or use old personalization dialog: explorer.exe ::{26EE0668-A00A-44D7-9371-BEB064C98683}\0\::{ED834ED6-4B5A-4BFE-8F11-A626DCB6A921} The bug with TextGlowMode set to 3 not functioning according to documentation is still present and it renders a bit odd unless caption is centered, look at the left side: It looks as if it there's no space for part of the glow on the left side so it begins abruptly. The functional issue with UWP apps in fullscreen mode with standard frame buttons being inaccessible has been resolved, but there's an issue with left side of window frames, where there's back button in Settings app, functionality is intact. I also believe a nice addition for Edge users would be unifying title bar and tab bar. PS: 99% of this thread is off-topic!
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    Tweaking Win 10 into tameness is a losing game. It's much better to keep on any previous version till MS wakes up, and gets real...
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    NEWS: I was able to load windows media player 10.... It's a little buggy because there are some missing functions I have not added yet, but now it loads
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    Good news. In these days I worked on how to display characters correctly and finally I was able to display them correctly I had to updated some existing functions on gdi32.dll
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    I don't like malware so I am happy with Windows 8.1. Windows 10 is malware.
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    You need a mouse with at least 4 buttons for this to work. Mouse buttons 4 and 5 usually function as back/forward buttons. Navigate to any folder, start renaming a file/folder, right click on the text box to open the context menu, then press mouse button 4 (back). If there is a previous folder to go to, Explorer will crash. Any application that uses its standard open/save dialog can be crashed this way as well. That's right, you can crash one of the core Windows components by simply "pressing the wrong buttons". And the bug isn't present in Vista! And somehow, nobody noticed at MS or maybe even worse, thought it wasn't worth the hassle to fix.
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    Actually, it's not true. You have to install only four updates (five, if you have got IE9), to speed up the process: KB3205638; KB4012583; KB4015195; KB4015380; KB4014661 (IE9) If you have the Office 2007 or 2010 you have to install another four updates: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_vista-update/why-has-vista-stopped-automatic-updates/42c98c78-157b-44b7-858a-3ba92933cb90?msgId=9366cc04-59d6-4b37-bee9-dffcdc7c602a
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    SUMMARY OF CHANGES TO THE LIST FOR JUNE 27, 2017: Added a new ONG subsection (VPN clients) Added Tunngle to (ONG) VPN Clients subsection Added Google Chrome 50, Opera 37, and Firefox 53 as (UNS) browsers for Windows Vista. Referred users to @burd and @VistaLover's solution for getting the browsers to install and run in Vista. Added a new ONG subsection (Audio editing software) Added Audacity and Acoustica Mixcraft to (ONG) Audio editing software subsection Updated information about Pale Moon under Vista (64-bit version of the browser requires an option to be enabled for proper video playback; both versions of the browser now require users to install SP2, Platform Update, and Platform Update Supplement for Windows Vista). Removed HxD Hex Editor from the ONG section, as it has not been updated since 2009 and as such, is likely abandoned. Moved to Misc. System utilities section. Added VideoPad Video Editor to (ONG) Video/photo editing software subsection Separated screen capture software from screen recording software in (ONG) "Screen Recording & Capture software" subsection.
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    I've just installed Windows 95 on my AMD K6-2 machine and I was surprised to see the "Windows protection error" message. Thanks to your package, the problem is solved! Thank you for your great work! I really appreciate it!
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    My list (copy paste from my blog): Java version 8, also see http://soft-library.com/java-update-free PHP version 5.4.45 http://windows.php.net/downloads/releases/php-5.4.45-Win32-VC9-x86.zip GrepWin version 1.6.3 https://sourceforge.net/projects/grepwin/files/Archive/ Note that the last version that grep binary file and show the result is 1.5.9 PaleMoon version 24.7.2 available at their ftp archive, alternatively unofficial "atom" 26.5 is the last for XP: https://www.palemoon.org/palemoon-atom.shtml Adobe Reader (previously known as Acrobat Reader) version 11, in security updates mode since 11.0.15 see ftp://ftp.adobe.com/pub/adobe/reader/win/11.x/ note: some security update have broken component (not running on XP) Adobe DNG Converter version 8.3 http://download.adobe.com/pub/adobe/dng/win/DNGConverter_8_3.exe Autodesk TrueView version 2014 http://download.autodesk.com/esd/dwgtrueview/2014/SetupDWGTrueView2014_ENU_32bit.sfx.exe Autodesk DesignReview version 2013 http://download.autodesk.com/esd/designreview/2013/ADR/enu/SetupDesignReview2013.msi.zip Apple QuickTime version 7.7.6 https://secure-appldnld.apple.com/QuickTime/031-08466.20141022.Xwlnm/QuickTimeInstaller.exe Apple iTunes version, however Apple seems randomly release update for XP when they want. https://secure-appldnld.apple.com/itunes12/031-34002-20150916-98D32A92-5C11-11E5-80AC-C25A6DA99CB1/iTunesSetup.exe Apple Safari version, as well as the last for all Windows. You can use slightly updated Webkit engine from Quicktime 7.7.6's AppleApplicationSupport (ASU). Sketch Up version 8.0.16846 of Trimble http://dl.trimble.com/sketchup/gsu8/FW-3-0-16846-EN.exe Sketch Up Make 2014 is the last to run on XP with Ruby 2.0 API but it is Non-Commercial-Freeware, last Ruby 1.8 API was Sketch Up Make 2013 also Non-Commercial, all Sketch Up Viewer including the latest "could run" on XP. The last Sketch Up that allow DWG import is 7.1.6860. If you want OpenStudio integration, you can use OpenStudio 1.4.0v2 or legacy OpenStudio 1.0.11 with EPlus 8.1.0009 and Radiance 4.2.2. Apophysis 7x version http://iweb.dl.sourceforge.net/project/apophysis7x/Old%20versions/Apophysis.7X15D.x86_amd64.zip NMap/ZenMap version 6.47, with some efforts new version can be backported https://nmap.org/dist/nmap-6.47-setup.exe Wireshark version 1.12.13 (the last 1.12.x). XP also where WinPCAP support dial up capture. Visual Studio Express version 2010 SP1 (its VC only target 32bit). You can get multi-target VC 2010 SP1 from WSDK 7.1 + KB2519277 (the last SDK for XP) then you can get multi-target VC 2008, ATL 8 and MFC 4.2 from WDK 7.1 (the last DDK for XP). You may also want vsyasm 1.3, masm 11, Nunit and LLVM 3.7.x (the last for XP). VS Shell Integrated still available at http://download.microsoft.com/download/D/7/0/D70CD265-3E18-41B0-AFC6-075AFA2DA631/VSIntShell.exe which you can install PTVS 2.0 and F# 2.0 CTP on it. Other Visual C++ Compilers Beside the VS Express 2005-2010, other compiler version can be obtained from: .NET 1.0a SDK contain VC++ 7.0 but without STL support .NET 1.1 SDK contain VC++ 7.1 but without STL support VC++ 2003 Toolkit ( VC++ 7.1) support STL but only have static libraries 2003 SP2 DDK contain updated VC++ 7.1 with more feature but linked to OS msvcrt.dll Vista SDK (WSDK 6) contain VC++ 8.0 standard edition (with cross-compilers) WSDK 7.0 contain VC++ 9.0 standard edition WDK 7.1 contain updated VC++ 9.0 with ATL/MFC but linked to OS msvcrt.dll WSDK 7.1 contain VC++ 10.0 standard edition Note: on 1.0a SDK, this installer incompatible with TabletPC because it bundle .NET 1.0, you'll need to edit the msi to remove the redist feature and assign new productcode to avoid being flagged. Python version 3.4.4, and entered security fixes mode. Ruby version 1.9.x due to compiler issue version 2.x can't run on XP MS Security Essential version 4.4.304. note: with PosReady disguise Virus Signatures still active probably till 2019, just make sure MSE don't upgrade to version 5 which can't run on XP. You can download virus signatures from http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=121721&arch=x86 Mono .NET version 3.2.3. This is the available build http://download.mono-project.com/archive/3.2.3/windows-installer/mono-3.2.3-gtksharp-2.12.11-win32-0.exe (partial .NET 4.5 compatible). Building Mono 4.x with MinGW and few patches may enable it to run on XP. MS .NET framework version 4.0.3. There many misconception of "the other .NET 4.x also supported" which is wrong. So if there are apps claim to be XP compatible but require .NET 4.5 then it won't run. In XP it's possible to install version 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 (3.5) and 4.0 side by side. Paint dot net version 3.5.11 MS E.M.E.T version 5.2 https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/confirmation.aspx?id=46366 Nuget version 2.8.5 The one from codeplex (2.8.60318.667) https://nuget.codeplex.com/downloads/get/1441483 Blender version 2.76b. version 2.77 switch to python 3.5 which break XP MySQL version 5.5.47 http://cdn.mysql.com//Downloads/MySQL-5.5/mysql-5.5.47-win32.zip Windows Live Essential version 14.0.8117.416. Microsoft has taken down the download but still available at archive.org. Size is 141399376. Opera version 12.18 for classic and 36.x for chrome-based Opera. Security updates may expected in the future. Vivaldi version 1.0.x (1.0.435.46), chrome-based Opera-like browser. Like Opera classic security updates may expected. XBMC (now Kodi) version 12.3 SALOME (CAD/CAE Freeware) version 7.7.1 is the last 32-bit version binaries http://files.salome-platform.org/Salome/Salome7.7.1/SALOME-7.7.1-WIN32.exe MATLAB Compiler Runtime version 2015aSP1 (8.5.1) http://www.mathworks.com/supportfiles/downloads/R2015a/deployment_files/R2015aSP1/installers/win32/MCR_R2015aSP1_win32_installer.exe R-Studio (R frontend) version 0.98.1103 listed as the last XP compatible but up to 0.99.441 seems works too. The core R itself remain compatible with XP. http://download1.rstudio.org/RStudio-0.98.1103.exe Bitcoin (core) version 0.12.x Node.JS version 5.12 PostgreSQL version 9.3.x, more of because the use of MSVC 2013 than technical issue in newer version. MongoDB version 2.0.x, later version may "run" but with reliability issue. DB2 (Client) version 10.1 Oracle (InstantClient) version 11.2 Neo4J version 2.3.8 the last that work with JDK 7 Elastic Search version 2.4.x for Elastic Search and Logstash, 1.3.x for *beat and kibana 4.6, MariaDB version 10.1.13 Erlang OTP version 17.5 PellesC version 8.x
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    Got a tweaked Win 10 v1703 build 15063.413 down to 66 processes and 1.3 GB of RAM to host an empty desktop. It's now utterly silent online unless I do something that initiates communications. That took heroics; when I started it was at over 100 processes. I updated a tweaked Win 7 VM earlier today and glanced at Process Hacker while I was in there. 38 processes. That took a lot less effort than wrangling Win 10. Win 8.1: 42 processes. More effort than Win 7, but not nearly as much as 10. In Win 10 v1703 now almost all the svchost.exe wrappers are now hosting just one service. I can't measure or sense an improvement in performance because of this - and I've tried. They claim it'll make a system that has crashing services more stable. I haven't had services crash in a very long time. Justification? "Most computers have more than enough RAM now". Yeah, THAT's a good reason to make something more wasteful for no practical benefit. NOT! Maybe we have more RAM because we need to do more work with our computers. I keep trying and trying to find a way to want to adopt the latest Windows for my workstation and they keep working and working to ensure I just can't love it - or even like it. -Noel
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    A single app running in the background that doesn't identify that it is there but is using system resources might be a T-word. I'd like to see more of the good T-word, Truth.
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    Unfortunately that doesn't sound like "works well" really... Where did you get 15063.413? Is it already being delivered by Windows Update? I'm still trying to figure out whether my tweaked system will actually take the next update. If it won't via normal Windows Update I guess I'll try going through the catalog if the update shows up there. I'll add my 2 cents on Aero Glass if and when I get it updated. If updates are going to break and re-break Aero Glass for Win 8+, that says to me: It's a constant uphill battle to fight Microsoft's wishes. I suspect Big Muscle has been considering whether it's worth trying to fight that battle. I know *I'm* getting tired of the constant flux. If I can't make Win 10 look the way I want (and it's already true that some things just refuse to behave), I really am not going to delay adopting it as long as humanly possible. "You have to have it our way or else" leaves me with a deep resentment of Microsoft. -Noel
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    Also, for some reason, the patches aren't showing up in Windows Update on Vista for me... So, to get June 2017's patches for Windows Vista, I'd suggest checking out Microsoft Knowledge Base article 4025687 for a chart containing links to the patches: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4025687/microsoft-security-advisory-4025685-guidance-for-older-platforms
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    The Crap series: "Tale of Two Updates" Apple MacBook with SSD updated to 16215 in a little over an hour and everything tested is running correctly. Dell laptop with HDD ran the update for over 12 hours and arrived at 16199 where it started. The good part was that the WIFI was not lost and a restore to the previous release was not needed. Am wondering if an SSD is needed for a straight line update of 16199 to 16215 as compared to the HDD that did the circle update of 16199 to 16199? In either case the update procedure was not to be stopped short of a shutdown. It appears to be a good decision to not put either computer into a production environment, well maybe the Apple. Perhaps the Dell needs an SSD to compete. The HDD does just spin in a circle. ***** Second try of Dell laptop to update Win 10 to 16215: Update completed but WIFI connection was lost. When the PC is powered up, even without a login, the update starts. Well, now the plan is to bring the WIFI back without touching the driver for the Network Adapter. *** Disabled all network adapters in Device Manager. Changed no drivers. Restarted PC. Restart crashed. Restarted PC after crash log completed. WIFI was back. Enabled one network adapter. Connected to normally used network. Does that seem like a lot of crap?
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    Obvious misunderstanding on jaclaz's part. Thanks for the chuckles. But neither of those two would be worth it anyhow though I did see XP kernel for 98SE. XP 32-bit just needs Intel USB 3.0 xHCI and extra memory support. Windows 7 64-bit just needs 2TB max memory and DX12 support and it will kill Windows 10. Don't stress yourself Dibya. XP doesn't need to run Windows 7 programs compatibility. Also no need to make every browser work on it. Firefox still works on XP and doesn't need Vista/W7 code. Waste of time and might create XP software compatibility problems later doing too much. It will be a nightmare trying to make it run W7 software on XP completely or always needing to patch each program to work and waste your energy. XP is good for all older XP software, just add Intel xHCI USB 3.0 and maybe the extra memory patch is all you need. I checked and I think XP can handle probably 262GB max. 192GB user memory / 70GB Ramdrive. Maybe it can go higher somehow on Win2K3 Server kernel.
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    I worry that one day there will be some killer application for Windows 10, that requires me to install it. I hope it will work in Wine by that point ...lol. I can't see myself changing my stance on windows 10.
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    Win + R regsvr32 C:\AeroGlass\DWMGlass.dll To remove: regsvr32 /U C:\AeroGlass\DWMGlass.dll
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    No new Insider W10 crap updates released in more than 3 weeks. Wonder what that means? Does someone think that the product is crap not worth releasing? No, that can't be it. Wonder if they tried to use the product? Sure, they use it every day because it's such a good product. Yup, works great here when the PC is powered off. Not a bit of trouble.
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    No kidding! (Data obtained from www.netmarketshare.com, FTW. Lines calculated by Theil–Sen Method).
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    Well, we've had discussions about Aero Glass being a nagware when this project first came out several years ago, it was much harsher then because a lot of people were mad about this software being advertised as donationware (full functionaly, optional donations). Over time, we've got accustomed to the licensing model. @bigmuscle sure did a great job on maintaining this project and fixing even the smallest issues but @gitit20 is right when they say that over time the maintainment and excitement of this project has gradually decreased. Now on the horizon there's Windows NEON bringing rumors and hope of Window 7's Aero Glass return in advanced form. Nevertheless, there are still fans of @bigmuscle's work here and they're eager for a new version! Before future development of Windows reaches us there's today, and today we've nothing better than this project. It's so depressing to have to deal with such a flat design Microsoft offers in their modern operating system.
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    Great, that will be fun BTW in NT4 MsgWaitForMultipleObjectsEx() API doesn't accept MWMO_INPUTAVAILABLE flag, which may cause problems with Qt4 programs. I patched Qt4 with some changes in order to made it work in NT4: diff -u5rwB --exclude=Makefile --exclude='Makefile.*' --exclude='*.prl' qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.8.5/src/corelib/kernel/qeventdispatcher_win.cpp QtWeb/src/qt/src/corelib/kernel/qeventdispatcher_win.cpp --- qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.8.5/src/corelib/kernel/qeventdispatcher_win.cpp 2013-06-07 08:16:52.000000000 +0800 +++ QtWeb/src/qt/src/corelib/kernel/qeventdispatcher_win.cpp 2013-06-26 20:58:22.064500000 +0800 @@ -810,11 +810,11 @@ if (!filterEvent(&msg)) { TranslateMessage(&msg); DispatchMessage(&msg); } - } else if (waitRet < WAIT_OBJECT_0 + nCount) { + } else if (waitRet >= WAIT_OBJECT_0 && waitRet < WAIT_OBJECT_0 + nCount) { d->activateEventNotifier(d->winEventNotifierList.at(waitRet - WAIT_OBJECT_0)); } else { // nothing todo so break break; } @@ -830,13 +830,13 @@ Q_ASSERT(nCount < MAXIMUM_WAIT_OBJECTS - 1); for (int i=0; i<(int)nCount; i++) pHandles[i] = d->winEventNotifierList.at(i)->handle(); emit aboutToBlock(); - waitRet = MsgWaitForMultipleObjectsEx(nCount, pHandles, INFINITE, QS_ALLINPUT, MWMO_ALERTABLE | MWMO_INPUTAVAILABLE); + waitRet = MsgWaitForMultipleObjectsEx(nCount, pHandles, INFINITE, QS_ALLINPUT, MWMO_ALERTABLE); emit awake(); - if (waitRet < WAIT_OBJECT_0 + nCount) { + if (waitRet >= WAIT_OBJECT_0 && waitRet < WAIT_OBJECT_0 + nCount) { d->activateEventNotifier(d->winEventNotifierList.at(waitRet - WAIT_OBJECT_0)); retVal = true; } } } while (canWait);
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    Thanks, for example qupzilla 1.6.6 requires only a missing function in gdi32 (GetCharABCWidthI) and for now I have redirected it to GetCharABCWidthW. I'm going to write the function and see if it will change something. BTW yes I have a plan to do something even for windows NT 3.51 in the future, but for now I will focus on windows NT 4.0
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    Fantastic topic, never seen something more exhaustive on Vista before. Thank you for the nice workaround on Acrobat DC! I feel that i come back often on first page
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    Thanks for the additions, all. Sorry it took so long to add them, I've been quite busy with other things lately so I just got around to adding them.
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    Welcome! You've come to the right place, IMO.
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    Well ... I see that we just had a visit from guenter from the K-Meleon forum in the post above. He's also one of the many people along with rodocop helping Dorian with his KM project. If you spend time at the KM forum ... you will see his many posts of help with answers to various questions. He has a good memory of the early history of K-Meleon. If you have any K-Meleon questions over at the forum ... chances are he or JohnHell, Siria, JamesD ... or others will provide you with an answer or help. ...
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    Digital audio workstations: Avid Pro Tools 10 ($$$, CS, UNS) - despite dropping support of XP/Vista from 9 onwards, both 9 and 10 versions can be installed - 9 as far as I remember without problems, but PT10 requires editing MSI file in Orca. Just find the Avid Pro Tools.msi in the installation folder (it's hidden maybe, I don't remember) and fire it up in Orca. Search the LaunchCondition section and delete something like "VersionNT >601...". You can also delete the RAM limitation memory check, it starts something like "PhysicalMemory>=1024" or 2048. Pro Tools notifies itself about less than 2GB of RAM at launch, but that trick allow you to install it on lower amount of memory. Probably newer versions doesn't work, since they have an audio engine rewritten and 64-bit only. I've got Vista 32 so I'm not able to check. WARNING! Avid Virtual Instruments 10 doesn't work on Vista and lower. Probably it's due to the newer version of Windows Installer. Removing entries from LaunchCondition changes nothing. Audio editing software: Sony Sound Forge 11.0.272 ($$$, CS, UNS) - it's the last version of the Sound Forge working on Vista officially. However, I haven't tried newer builds, maybe there is a way to install it. Multimedia: Winamp (FREE, CS, UNS) - it hasn't been updated since few years, but there is a unofficially patched latest official version fixing some bugs. You can obtain it from the Winamp forums: http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?t=374929 Most likely the last one. ;( More software will be added later.
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    The way I see it (and I know people are going to disagree with me on this, feel free to), Windows 8.1 is currently the all-around best Windows version you can use today. It's faster than Windows 7/Vista, has a much wider range of compatibility with modern software and drivers compared to Vista and below (or Linux), and will be supported for another 7-8 years, vs Windows 7 which will end in roughly 4 years, or Vista which will end in less than a year. Windows 8.1 is also exempt from most of Windows 10's annoyances, such as the lack of update control, ugly UI, etc., and if you dislike the default UI, @NoelC has a guide that makes Windows 8.1 nice to use. Here are links to his guide and a screenshot of it working on my system: http://prnt.sc/cen6d2 However, as in @JodyT's case, there are some instances where your processor lacks the support for some instructions which Windows 8.1 requires. If this is the case, I suppose Windows 7 would have to be your OS of choice, or if you don't mind having to manually install updates, Windows 8.0 might work and you'll probably find it to be faster than Windows 7. Visit the "Server 2012 updates on Windows 8" thread for more info:
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    Here you go: http://www.mediafire.com/download/4eb3fn6h43iktbn/Windows+2000+Splash+Screen+Bitmaps.rar