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    New Build! 32bit https://o.rthost.cf/palemoon/palemoon-27.7.0a2.win32-git-20171121-e15e1197a-xpmod.7z 64bit https://o.rthost.cf/palemoon/palemoon-27.7.0a2.win64-git-20171121-e15e1197a-xpmod.7z Official repo changes since my last build: - [minor fix] Build - warnings (a49558e42) - DevTools - gcli - screenshot - the vertical mode (2b66fccbe) - Merge pull request #1465 from janekptacijarabaci/build_warnings_1 (917c86ca6) - Merge pull request #1467 from janekptacijarabaci/devtools_gcli_screenshot_1 (1ce42d280) - DevTools - network - Copy as cURL (POST) (cbc57c6c5) - Potential fix for missing locate_t on Mac OSX. (468257cac) - Fix Linux loading throbber to be properly encoded. (2b5597ff5) - Make sure the PNG set-option function is available. (abd5fc481) - Force a larger zlib inflate window. (623d24cdb) - Merge pull request #1473 from MoonchildProductions/osx-fix-1 (56b2a7318) - Change nsIDocumentLoaderFactory and nsIURIContentListener to take MIME types as an XPCOM string, not a char* (5952adeef) - Refactor nsContentDLF (83098db20) - Add text/json and text/vtt as text MIME types (2b145a4ed) - Merge pull request #1478 from JustOff/PR_char_nsACString (10f08b259) - Profiles - the refresh - migrate (7a6b077e4) - Merge pull request #1479 from JustOff/PR_add_text_json_vtt (d875128c0) - Merge pull request #1472 from janekptacijarabaci/devtools_network_curl_2 (aa9d16c92) - Profiles - the refresh - migrate (passwords) (c40ee8c60) - Remove the "ask every time" policy for acceptance of cookies. (b243a16d7) - Profiles - the refresh - migrate - improvements (a6f83d31d) - Merge pull request #1481 from janekptacijarabaci/profile_refresh_migrate_1 (db9f8a174) - Implement X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff. (2f965ebf1) - Handle custom URLs and add "My home page" for the New Tab URL. (aff0e2bf9) - Merge pull request #1484 from MoonchildProductions/newtaburl-enh1 (ea66708b4) - Merge pull request #1483 from JustOff/PR_XCTO_nosniff (fae3ec362) - Define Ci before using it. (ccbd72d00) - Implement "cookie-averse document objects". (1ccbaeb2c) - Expose cookieBehavior and cookieLifetimePolicy preference variants from nsICookieService. (e15e1197a)
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    A remote code execution vulnerability was patched this month in Equation Editor, an Office component (CVE-2017-11882 | Microsoft Office Memory Corruption Vulnerability, Description of the security update for 2007 Microsoft Office Suite: November 14, 2017). Official patches are available only for Office 2007 and higher, but since it's a standalone component that hasn't changed since the year 2000, and Microsoft has simply applied a binary patch to the executable and resigned it, you can also use this patch with Office 2000, XP and 2003. If you don't use Equation Editor, instead of updating it, you might want to remove it from your computer altogether. (Even if you don't have it installed right now, since it defaults to Installed on First Use, it's a good idea to explicitly deselect it in the Office installer.) Go to Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs, locate your Office 2000/XP/2003 installer and choose the Change option, then pick Add or Remove Features when the installer launces. Find Equation Editor in the component tree. The exact location may differ depending on your Office version, in my case (Office XP) it was under Office Tools. To disable its installation, or remove it from your computer if already installed, mark it as Not Available and complete the update. You should no longer have an Equation folder under C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared (or the same path under wherever your Office lives). If you do use Equation Editor, you'll have to update it manually. (Trying to run the installer, it'll just tell you that you don't have an applicable product installed.) To do this, you'll be needing 7-zip (or a similarly versatile unpacker). Get the patch either as a CAB file from WU/Catalog (English/Chinese) or an EXE installer from the Download Center (English/Chinese). (EDIT: for whatever reason, this update seems to have been removed from the Download Center; the MS Catalog links work for now.) Right-click on the downloaded file and choose to open it with 7-zip. (EXE only: Select [0], right-click, Open Inside.) Select eqnedt32-en-us.msp, right-click, Open Inside. Select PATCH_CAB, right-click, Open Inside. Extract EQNEDT32.EXE_1033 to a location of your choice and remove the _1033 part from the file name, leaving you with EQNEDT32.EXE. Copy this file to your Equation Editor folder at C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Equation (or the same path under wherever your Office lives), replacing the old EQNEDT32.EXE in there. (If you like, you can make a copy of the old version, but you can always restore it later by re-running the Office installer.) To make sure everything is kosher now, check EQNEDT32.EXE properties. The version should show 2017.8.14.0. (Note that if you use the Office installer in the future to change installed components or repair your installation, it may put back the old EQNEDT32.EXE and you'll have to manually replace it again.)
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    basilisk/moebius new build for XP! Test binary: Win32 http://o.rthost.cf/gpc/files1.rt/basilisk-55.0.0a1.win32-git-20171121-2c7948df3-xpmod.7z Win64 http://o.rthost.cf/gpc/files1.rt/basilisk-55.0.0a1.win64-git-20171121-2c7948df3-xpmod.7z diff: http://o.rthost.cf/gpc/files1.rt/moebius_restoreXP_20171113.7z source patch of ffvpx H264/HEVC/AAC/MP3 Addition: http://o.rthost.cf/gpc/files1.rt/moebius-ffvpx-h264-aac-hevc-mp3-addition.7z Official repo changes since my last build: - DevTools - gcli - screenshot - the vertical mode (822529aa6) - Merge pull request #166 from janekptacijarabaci/devtools_gcli_screenshot_1 (5810a403b) - DevTools - network - Copy as cURL (POST) (9036828c0) - CSP 3 - support for "worker-src" (973cea24f) - Don't enforce the arbitrary cipher suite profile. (a7b697388) - Fix freetype glyph metrics. (d092a1fe8) - Merge pull request #167 from janekptacijarabaci/devtools_network_curl_2 (12f836eaa) - The profile - resetting (doesn't work) (44386a127) - The profile - resetting - follow up (6b1e15959) - Ensure we process FIN flags on all-padding final frames. (42a21e0d4) - DOM - nsIContentPolicy - context (document) (3aae057a9) - Merge pull request #187 from janekptacijarabaci/dom_nsContentPolicy_context_1 (b642577f6) - Merge pull request #184 from janekptacijarabaci/profile_refresh_migrate_1 (37c004cb9) - Merge pull request #186 from JustOff/PR_Http2Session_FIN (8e4a08278) - Merge pull request #169 from janekptacijarabaci/csp_worker-src_1 (f4dc53287) - HTML - table - editor (contenteditable) (30ebac5c2) - Add more NS_BUILD_REFCNT_LOGGING in AtomicRefCountedWithFinalize. (a80fdd244) - DOM - PointerEvent - improvements (1755f4f75) - DOM - PointerEvent - improvements (tests / marionette) (2e70a3c51) - Implement "cookie-averse document objects". (da172983f) - Merge pull request #195 from janekptacijarabaci/dom_PointerEvent_improvements_1 (30b1721f3) - Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/MoonchildProductions/moebius (1ea04c544) - Merge pull request #191 from janekptacijarabaci/html_table_editor_contenteditable_1 (599676a6a) - Hard-code the version number for Mozilla's version checker for add-ons. (bd9692aeb) - Hard-code the version number for Mozilla's GMP service. (2d4d09315) - Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/MoonchildProductions/moebius (2c7948df3)
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    At present I do recommend just 3 other true hotfixes, the ones marked as hotfix in this post, and the exFAT upgrade (KB955704), which version for XPSP3 has been already pulled by MS, but can still be found here. Moreover, MDGx's (yes he's alive!) enthusiastic page about exFAT is a good read (although I do still prefer either FAT32 or NTFS, a closed proprietary fs like exFAT dos not thrill me at all, as you may imagine). I haven't identified any other which is a true must, besides those. YMMV, of course!
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    Worst general UI design since Windows 3.11 (I rather use Windows 95 than Windows 10 UI-wise) The built-in spyware telemetrics The fact that games and programs are being installed without explicit permission of the user: (Like candy crush on a Windows 10 Professional OS) The apps in general. Who needs X-box on a business PC? I will most likely be using Windows Seven long after the extended support ended. It's going to be a sad time fighting security issues in the long run.
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    With all the hype about "improving" the Windows Update process... I had my Win 10 v1709 test VM at 16299.19 with 100% perfect system integrity. It's a clean, well setup system I use for testing. Then I ran Windows Update. It found the Malicious Software Removal Tool, a Flash update, and other stuff typically delivered with Windows Update. But it did NOT find KB4048955 nor bring the system up to 16299.64. But here's the kicker: It did NOT emit any kind of error message! Only running the .msu directly from the catalog brought the system up to 16299.64, so my conclusion is that Windows Update is no longer trustworthy (not that anything about Microsoft is trustworthy any more). It's just a small step from "Something Happened" to emitting no message at all, I suppose, but... Good software doesn't work this way. Good systems don't expect that you have to reinstall or buy a new one every year. -Noel
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    Hi there, thanks to all for all this gathered information! I'm using FireFox 52.5.0 ESR on Windows XP x64 Edition SP2 and having an odd issue which I didn't see others having while scanning through the thread. I can install the plugin by modifying the about:config as specified and dropping the plugin in the profile folder, going to youtube.com/html5 reveals that it's working, but then when I close and re-open FireFox, the plugin is removed! I'll close FireFox, re-open it, and as FireFox opens the 17 folder is deleted from within the gmp-eme-adobe folder, and many of the flags set in about:config are completely gone. I'm wondering if this has anything to do with being signed in to my FireFox account, so I'll probably wipe FireFox clean and try again without signing in and let you know how it goes. Thanks for reading! I found out what was causing my issue. For Windows XP Pro x64, the media.gmp-eme-adobe.abi string must be set to x86-msvc-x64 as opposed to x86-msvc-x86, otherwise the plugin is removed when FireFox is relaunched and the version, abi, and lastUpdate lines are all removed from the config. If another human being exists in the world that uses Windows XP x64, hopefully that's useful
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    I have said this before and repeat it now.... Trying to get over this information about why one shouldn't buy Windows 10 is not the easiest task.. I explain to my customers that this OS is crap, it has been basically designed to spy on us and for each release Microsoft are boasting about improvements but things just do not work... It is almost impossible to explain that if you have upgraded your computer from Windows 7, 8.0 and 8.1 the chances are your manufacturer doesn't support Windows 10 and that they would not want to pay the cost of me trying to fix things in Windows 10 when all manufacturers categorically say if you experience problems...reset your computer.... We are all aware of the fact that even purpose built computers for Windows 10 are experiencing problems with the crappy updates..."Crator's Edition" my arse! The couldn't create a p***** in a brewery.... The other thing is even though they say that Windows 10 is here to stay...Windows 10 isn't today what Windows 10 was when it was released and even that is creating enormous problems for manufacturers... I still have Windows 7 with updates turned off and check the new updates from time to time to see if anything can be installed.... There is no way we will ever get these tossers to except that what they are producing is crap until the general public and huge companies say enough is enough... Just had a customer tell me that here email provider is going over to Office 365 exchange because it is better and more reliable...what a load of horse manure...!!!! bookie32
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    Good suggestion! I agree that one is a useful addition to my shortlist of must-have HotFixes above. And here's some good info on it (beyond MS's KB922120), at Linksys: KB922120 @FranceBB and @Vistaboy: @heinoganda's trick also applies to ITA HotFixes! Do try: https://support.microsoft.com/it-it/hotfix/kbhotfix?kbnum=922120&kbln=it-IT
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    @Dave-H: That's a classic one! If your machine has a winlogon.exe which version is less than 5.1.2600.6443, I strongly recommend you to install this hotfix: KB2878379-v2. I've never again got a "c000021a" error after installing it.
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    I too find it offputting the board software hardly works on anything not modern. Seriously, IPS4 is ridiculously bloated, it hardly works using XP with 1 GB RAM on an Intel Atom... just tons of fancy JS and AJAX everywhere causes the site to severely lag. SMF would be a much more suitable forum software for this specific use case of a forum, 2.x will work with IE6 just fine lmao.
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    Off Topic: For getting idea how Firefox 57 is incompatible with older Windows, I tried to compile it from source. There is a list of Missing APIs in XP (* in front of DLL = missing DLL) In MOZGLUE.DLL: KERNEL32.DLL InitializeConditionVariable WakeConditionVariable WakeAllConditionVariable SleepConditionVariableCS InitializeCriticalSectionEx GetTickCount64 In XUL.DLL: KERNEL32.DLL SleepConditionVariableSRW WakeConditionVariable InitializeConditionVariable SleepConditionVariableCS WakeAllConditionVariable K32QueryWorkingSet K32GetProcessMemoryInfo GetCurrencyFormatEx GetNumberFormatEx ResolveLocaleName GetDateFormatEx GetTimeFormatEx GetUserDefaultLocaleName LocaleNameToLCID GetLocaleInfoEx GetUserPreferredUILanguages LCIDToLocaleName InitializeCriticalSectionEx AcquireSRWLockShared AcquireSRWLockExclusive ReleaseSRWLockShared ReleaseSRWLockExclusive InitializeSRWLock TryAcquireSRWLockExclusive K32EnumProcessModules K32GetModuleFileNameExW K32GetProcessImageFileNameW GetFinalPathNameByHandleW InitOnceExecuteOnce GetProcessIdOfThread QueryFullProcessImageNameW K32GetModuleInformation USER32.DLL GetTouchInputInfo RegisterTouchWindow GetGestureInfo CloseGestureInfoHandle SetGestureConfig UnregisterPowerSettingNotification RegisterPowerSettingNotification CloseTouchInputHandle ADVAPI32.DLL RegGetValueW SHELL32.DLL SHGetKnownFolderPath SHOpenWithDialog SHQueryUserNotificationState SHGetPropertyStoreForWindow SetCurrentProcessExplicitAppUserModelID SHCreateItemFromParsingName SHGetStockIconInfo *AVRT.DLL AvRevertMmThreadCharacteristics AvSetMmThreadCharacteristicsA OLE32.DLL CoGetApartmentType WS2_32.DLL inet_pton inet_ntop *DWMAPI.DLL DwmSetIconicThumbnail DwmSetIconicLivePreviewBitmap DwmInvalidateIconicBitmaps DwmGetCompositionTimingInfo DwmIsCompositionEnabled DwmFlush DwmSetWindowAttribute DwmDefWindowProc DwmExtendFrameIntoClientArea DwmGetWindowAttribute UXTHEME.DLL BeginPanningFeedback EndPanningFeedback UpdatePanningFeedback *API-MS-WIN-CORE-WINRT-L1-1-0.DLL RoGetActivationFactory *API-MS-WIN-CORE-WINRT-STRING-L1-1-0.DLL WindowsCreateStringReference And for example, grepping K32GetModuleInformation in source tree shows: Roy@roy-srv /d/test/firefox-57.0 $ grep -r K32GetModuleInformation * Binary file obj-i686-pc-mingw32/dist/bin/xul.dll matches Binary file obj-i686-pc-mingw32/toolkit/library/i686-pc-windows-msvc/release/deps/libkernel32-84f4ad81dbbcb414.rlib matches Binary file obj-i686-pc-mingw32/toolkit/library/release/deps/libkernel32-7fb45f562450be31.rlib matches Binary file obj-i686-pc-mingw32/toolkit/library/xul.dll matches Binary file obj-i686-pc-mingw32/toolkit/library/xul.pdb matches Binary file obj-i686-pc-mingw32/tools/profiler/generated.pdb matches Binary file obj-i686-pc-mingw32/tools/profiler/shared-libraries-win32.obj matches third_party/rust/kernel32-sys/src/lib.rs: pub fn K32GetModuleInformation( third_party/rust/kernel32-sys-0.1.4/src/lib.rs: pub fn K32GetModuleInformation( So I have no clue how to deal with it.
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    (This is a generalized version of something I put together to help out a member here. Of course after having written it I found out that @heinoganda has already mentioned most of this earlier in this thread, but at least this is prettier , so I'm still going to post it.) So, you're looking for an older version of Microsoft Security Essentials in your local language (for example version 4.4.304, the last one officially supported on XP) and find out that the web is full of English versions, but it's very difficult to find an installer for the language you want. Fortunately, you can convert an English installer into any other supported language in just a few steps, using 7-zip and a text editor. Any place you see Italian and IT-IT in this example, just replace them with your language from this list: Download the "English" 4.4.304 installer, for example from https://web.archive.org/web/20140325144125if_/http://download.microsoft.com/download/A/3/8/A38FFBF2-1122-48B4-AF60-E44F6DC28BD8/ENUS/x86/MSEInstall.exe Right-click MSEInstall.exe > 7-zip > Extract to "MSEInstall" (or wherever you like). Open the folder you extracted it to. Open setup.ini in a text editor, change Market=EN-US into Market=IT-IT. Copy the folder EN-US, paste the copy into the same folder (top folder, not EN-US), rename the copy to IT-IT. (Optional) If you also want to change the installation dialogs from English to Italian: Go into the x86 subfolder, open epp.msi in 7-zip. Right-click product.cab > Open Inside. Locate SetupResDllMui_IT_IT, extract it to the IT-IT folder you created before. Delete the existing setupres.dll.mui, rename SetupResDllMui_IT_IT to setupres.dll.mui . (If you absolutely need an Italian EULA as well, download the latest version of the Italian installer and extract EULA.RTF from its IT-IT folder into your IT-IT folder. Judging by the English EULA, the contents differ slightly between versions, but who really cares about the EULA anyway, right? ) To install MSE, execute epplauncher.exe. (If you want to re-pack your results into a single executable installer, search for sfx in 7-zip help.) Of course none of this would even be necessary if only Microsoft could be bothered to make proper unified installers that automatically launch in the OS language (or, even better, allow selecting the language at program startup). I mean, why not just do this if you have all 33 languages packed into the installer anyway?...
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    I suggest you rename it "Incubus", because it screws MS, while it dreams of getting rid of XP...
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    A tip for the unofficial updates that are no longer findable, directly paste the following link in the address bar and insert the required KB number. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/hotfix/kbhotfix?kbnum=KB NUMBER&kbln=en-US An example for KB916157: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/hotfix/kbhotfix?kbnum=916157&kbln=en-US
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    Hi Schwups. It seems that we are the only ones interested in this. Anyway, i would have found a workaround, using the opera content block. But i'm just not 100% sure if, for the board rules, i'm allowed to write it here. I ask permission to admin before. Can i report it? Thanks This is my actual layout:
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    The hotfix suggested are really worth thanks, maybe only the first one (KB948101v3) can be avoided cause it's only related to a specific MBchip (credit @Yellow Horrow). KB948101 - A USB keyboard does not work after you restart a Windows XP-based computer that has an NVIDIA 680i motherboard installed I would add this one KB922120v6 to see XP system in W7/8/10 net KB922120 - Network Map in Windows Vista does not display computers that are running Windows XP A great resource to retrieve hotfix, as support.microsoft often removes that files, is here (you can use search tab to find anything in any language)
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    They both are, because they share the search routine. The difference is that WUA don't try to search Office updates while MUA do. So installing KB4047206 is enough to avoid the bug while using WUA, but more updates are troublesome for MUA. Sorry, i don't use Office 2010 so don't know which of its updates are troublesome. If you can isolate them, we may check my "updates with 29 or more replacements list are bad" theory. UPD: i think that KB4011268 should be one of troublesome Office 2010 updates because it replace 34 of previous updates.
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    In short, XP version of Windows Update Agent is buggy, so any update that replace a big number (as far as i can see, the critical number is 29) of older updates is hard to find with it. Internet Explorer cumulative updates are an example, because they are released every month and each new cumulative update replace all its predecessors. While the bug in WUA isn't fixed (i hope that MS fix it before XP Embedded support ends), the only workaround is to download and install troublesome updates (IE cumulative and some other) or all updates suitable for your system manually. You can read more about the problem on the last pages of this topic.
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    Abbodi1406, nice to see you around... Let's not get into the image.exe timings anymore. I think the point is clear: Imagex.exe was almost "forgotten", but as Abbodi1406 found out, it can be useful for direct apply of UUP files, and fast as well, for some people (with old hardware/ disks?) even faster than the mighty WinNTSetup. If people are concerned with/ interested in this time difference, I'm sure they will try it themselves. That's it.
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    I have downloaded as well as uploaded SP3 to test the integrity of the pack which is 119 mb. No issues on my end.
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    Hi abbodi1406, The log is placed in the Windows folder of the chosen installation drive. Seems a wim index without <arch> in the xml is interpreted as x64. Will fix this.
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    Howdy @Atari800XL imagex time is the one reported as elapsed it after finish applying? for me i used echo %time% before and after imagexin a script, the difference was ~ 3:40, while imagex reported 3:00 still, manual observation of WinNTSetup applying gives ~ 4:20 BTW, where do i find WinNTSetup log? and it detects 1st index of UUP as 64bit https://i.imgur.com/yNRfOpq.png
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    A new Shockwave version was released on or around 15 November 2017. Shockwave Player ...
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    @heinoganda The link in the first post of this thread (http://www.download.windowsupdate.com/msdownload/update/v3/static/trustedr/en/rootsupd.exe) no longer works. I found the one available on XP's last official day of support, April 8, 2014: https://web.archive.org/web/20140408215209/http://www.download.windowsupdate.com/msdownload/update/v3/static/trustedr/en/rootsupd.exe
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    Yes, that might be it. I'm obviously not so good with tables. Thanks, dencorso!
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    The Intel Manual shows %PDF-1.6 in the first 8 bytes. Reader 6.0.6 reports "bad encrypt dictionary". It reads fine in Acrobat 7.
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    Fell like it's worth mentioning here that theres an add on for firefox called No Script. https://noscript.net/ And to be totally obvious about this peice of software is that It hardens Firefox attack serfice so hard that you cannot even view most web pages properly until u set up whitelists. Like if you only use firefox and no script it is impossible to get a virus browsing a web page. That means the only way your getting a virus is to download somthing and click it. That is pretty much your own stupidity at that point. For not scanning the file for virus. You could get a virus through email, but probably not webmail. And only from an attachment again you are clicking things. Addblock Plus + Noscript + HTTPs Everywhere + maybe ghostery. You are secure. Very.
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    More bugs! Read the warning on Visual Assist download page.
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    I have an old hp-lapptop I run older w10 ver on (just swap hd-drives) The other day I put in a disk with 1607 on and right away it start to update to 1709 and I let it. After (took most part of the day) it was reedy (and wu had com to peas) Firefox felt it was it's time and did an upgrade to Quantum. BUT that did not go so well; the program did start (it show itself in start list) but nothing show in desk.... + all icons to the left on ff-icon show stuff related to FF until I killed FF... then they work as they suppose to do!
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    There's a link under the word "here" in the quote above... There's another link under the words "page about exFAT" in the quote above... If you search enough, MDGx's page may even have a driver for CP/M...
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    Disable automatic updates first, restart the PC, manual installation of cumulative update of IE8 (KB4047206), Security Update for Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack Service Pack 3 (KB4011265) and Security Update for Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack Service Pack 3 (KB4011205). After these updates are installed, the search should work properly with IE8 under Microsoft Update. If there are still problems, send me a PM.
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    Updates November 2017 Windows XP IE8-WindowsXP-KB4047206-x86-XXX.exe WindowsXP-KB4047211-x86-XXX.exe WindowsXP-KB4050795-x86-XXX.exe WindowsXP-KB4048970-x86-XXX.exe WindowsXP-KB4048968-x86-XXX.exe http://download.windowsupdate.com/d/msdownload/update/software/secu/2017/11/ie8-windowsxp-kb4047206-x86-embedded-enu_1926ed6f44da602de6454a2226f4f528f20c43b7.exe http://download.windowsupdate.com/d/msdownload/update/software/secu/2017/11/windowsxp-kb4047211-x86-embedded-enu_217f80951ee111cf78ea67a854c2919ddc94dceb.exe http://download.windowsupdate.com/d/msdownload/update/software/secu/2017/11/windowsxp-kb4048970-x86-embedded-enu_aaacd2cae6ec37fb9f89e0bb8253a56da31ea53b.exe http://download.windowsupdate.com/d/msdownload/update/software/secu/2017/11/windowsxp-kb4050795-x86-embedded-enu_8954bcf9fdfc26417abf2b27725a2434f7ab038b.exe http://download.windowsupdate.com/c/msdownload/update/software/secu/2017/10/windowsxp-kb4048968-x86-embedded-enu_ab6f62f99b8c12c77669875735ee6143d3bc74b7.exe Office 2007 Security Update for Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack Service Pack 3 (KB4011265) Security Update for Microsoft Office Excel 2007 (KB4011199) Update for Microsoft Office Publisher 2007 (KB4011203) Security Update for Microsoft Office Word 2007 (KB4011266) Security Update for Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack Service Pack 3 (KB4011205) Security Update for Microsoft Office 2007 suites (KB4011276) http://download.microsoft.com/download/6/0/8/6087B3FD-E6DD-48B9-B499-EE651B776A6F/wordconv2007-kb4011265-fullfile-x86-glb.exe http://download.microsoft.com/download/2/5/7/2577673D-9843-445C-88DD-4B13A17A768A/excel2007-kb4011199-fullfile-x86-glb.exe http://download.microsoft.com/download/B/E/7/BE7A9CFD-8414-449B-9EB2-73015E6C27E6/publisher2007-kb4011203-fullfile-x86-glb.exe http://download.microsoft.com/download/E/3/A/E3A2F77D-3AE9-488D-A88A-0426A91ECF07/word2007-kb4011266-fullfile-x86-glb.exe http://download.microsoft.com/download/0/C/C/0CCED904-4726-44BF-9B67-3174774EA416/xlconv2007-kb4011205-fullfile-x86-glb.exe http://download.microsoft.com/download/9/2/A/92A5A426-2626-415D-9208-E8393C26B4DF/eqnedt322007-kb4011276-fullfile-x86-en-us.exe http://download.microsoft.com/download/9/2/A/92A5A426-2626-415D-9208-E8393C26B4DF/eqnedt322007-kb4011276-fullfile-x86-zh-cn.exe Compatibility Pack Security Update for Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack Service Pack 3 (KB4011265) Security Update for Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack Service Pack 3 (KB4011205) http://download.microsoft.com/download/6/0/8/6087B3FD-E6DD-48B9-B499-EE651B776A6F/wordconv2007-kb4011265-fullfile-x86-glb.exe http://download.microsoft.com/download/0/C/C/0CCED904-4726-44BF-9B67-3174774EA416/xlconv2007-kb4011205-fullfile-x86-glb.exe
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    Sorry! DUH! (slaps forehead) Here you go - link - But remember, I have only verified that the archive will open and the contents seem to be OK. I have not used it at all. Good luck! Cheers and Regards
  39. 1 point
    Is it possible to make a Fluent Design Acryllic blur based theme for Aero Glass on desktop apps? Like applying the noise texture on top of the gaussian aero blur. EDIT: I managed to make the theme by grabbing the tiled noise texture and exclusion blend layer from Microsoft's fluent design toolkit. Replaced the Aero Glass normal reflections with my theme and it works! Seems the Acryllic blur has more radius than the Aeroglass GUI's max.
  40. 1 point
    I think MS is going in a good direction with the Fluent Design. It looks real nice but not having anything on the titlebars makes it very inconsistent. I'm hoping that we'll finally get that with RS4 since we are already starting to see more elements show up in the start menu, etc.
  41. 1 point
    Windows without AeroGlass is like a day with no sunlight. Tried 1709 a few days and it was too ugly and disgusting to put up with without AeroGlass.
  42. 1 point
    Don't afraid. It was just an ironic note, because of users asking the same things over and over again and they still expect some answer although it has been covered milliontimes.
  43. 1 point
    Lol he is most likely trolling. Calm your farm - he wouldn't have made an experimental if he wasn't interested.
  44. 1 point
    Thanks for the reply Bigmuscle. I guess if I had to choose between the two I'd choose fluent design. I never did like what Application Frame did to Microsoft Edge anyway. -DW
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    Update for root certificates: Delete: CN = Sonera Class1 CA O = Sonera C = FI New: OU = AC RAIZ FNMT-RCM O = FNMT-RCM C = ES SN:5d 93 8d 30 67 36 c8 06 1d 1a c7 54 84 69 07 CN = GTS Root R1 O = Google Trust Services LLC C = US CN = GTS Root R2 O = Google Trust Services LLC C = US CN = Halcom Root Certificate Authority = VATSI-43353126 O = Halcom d.d. C = SI CN = Netrust Root CA 2 OU = Netrust Certificate Authority O = Netrust Pte Ltd C = SG CN = SSC GDL CA Root A OU = CA ROOT Services O = Skaitmeninio sertifikavimo centras C = LT CN = SSC GDL CA VS Root OU = VS ROOT Services O = Skaitmeninio sertifikavimo centras C = LT CN = SSL.com EV Root Certification Authority RSA R2 O = SSL Corporation L = Houston S = Texas C = US Those using heinoganda's Cert_Updater.exe should run it ASAP. Others needing a redistributable rootsupd.exe should follow his instructions for creating their own, or PM at 5eraph for an updated EXE file.
  46. 1 point
    So I just purchased http://www.ebay.com/itm/191972621801 I have a seagate stuck in the BSY mode. Now I'm attempting to do the loopback test however it isn't showing me any reply back for the RX at all. It's just blank. Would anyone have any suggestions would I'm doing wrong or missing here? I have the card stuck under the PCB just like the tutorial shows and everything but when it comes to the loopback test, it just doesn't want to co-operate.
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    Although at the moment the updating of the virus defintion from MSE on Windows XP works, I make a new improved version (V1.1) from the Microsoft Security Essentials Updater available. When downloading the virus definition in this release is only the required download. As for installing another language versions of MSE is there a trick if I, for example, an English version of the installation file have, but MSE would have installed in German. First, extract the files from the Setup file, then in the setup.ini under Market=EN-US Change in Market=DE-DE. In the next step the folder EN-US copy and rename in DE-DE. Now run epplauncher.exe, although the setup is performed in English, but MSE itself is now installed in German. Now, to avoid any risk of an unwanted update (WU, MU or Automatic Updates) of MSE, change (or add) the following entry to the Registry: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Microsoft Security Client] "DisplayVersion"="9.9.999.0"
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    Hey guys, I bought a USB to TTL converter (see pic) and I was able to get to the point where I have to power down the HDD. The problem is that when I power it up again it does not stop spinning, not even after 18 hours. My answer is, can I spin down the HDD by sending the CTRL+Z --> Z command? Because I believe it will not stop spinning not even after a week or a month. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ For other people that may buy this particular converter (0,89€+free shipping and no need for soldering), here's how I was able to establish connection: Converter HDD TXD <--> TXD RXD <--> RXD GND <--> GND And I used a second, old power supply to power the HDD with a molex to SATA power converter. To make sure I will not drop a screw on the PCB, I made a stencil (see pic) out of a piece of cardboard that has the exact dimensions as the PCB and cut holes with an exacto knife, slightly larger than the head of the screw, to pass through easily. Drivers for this particular USB to TTL converter: http://www.prolific.com.tw/US/ShowProduct.aspx?p_id=225&pcid=41 Thank you
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    This is a trimmed version of the 1st post: the table below lists only the non-superseded updates, all others were have been removed for easier reaference. Only those files related to USB that were actually updated after SP3 are mentioned here. None of these updates is known to cause any issues. ------------------948101v3-959765-2828030-2807986-2868038-2862330-2862335-2884256-3139398- -------------------HotFix--HotFix--HotFix-MS13027-MS13081-MS13081-MS13081-MS13081-MS16033- ========================================================================================== usbd.sys----------------------------------------------------6437-------------------------- usbccgp.sys-------------------------------------------------6437-------------------------- usbehci.sys-------------------------6368--------------------5778-------------------------- usbohci.sys---------5550------------------------------------------------------------------ usbuhci.sys-------------------------6368-------------------------------------------------- usbport.sys-------------------------6368--------------------6437-------------------------- usbstor.sys-------------------------------------------------------------------------7012-- usb8023.sys---------------------------------6352------------------------------------------ usb8023x.sys--------------------------------6352------------------------------------------ usbaudio.sys----------------------------------------6425---------------------------------- usbvideo.sys----------------------------------------6425---------------------------------- usbser.sys------------------------------------------------------------------6442---------- usbscan.sys---------------------------------------------------------6418------------------ rndismp.sys-----------------5716---------------------------------------------------------- rndismpx.sys----------------5716---------------------------------------------------------- hidparse.sys--------------------------------------------------------6418------------------ irbus.sys-------------------------------------------6425---------------------------------- ========================================================================================== -------------------HotFix--HotFix--HotFix-MS13027-MS13081-MS13081-MS13081-MS13081-MS16033- ------------------948101v3-959765-2828030-2807986-2868038-2862330-2862335-2884256-3139398-