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  1. The solution is that don't use the remove components in NLite. This is working for me. Am not getting the popup anymore.
  2. but will also have to disable SFC.
  3. Am also getting the same problem. And am using Nlite 1.2 RC. From what ive read this is a bug. I didnt found a good way to get pass this problem. I also have undestand that the problem is with unattended mode with Nlite. Disabling WFP is a way to get rid of that problem, but this is not the solution. I've tried another way. I've integrated all my addons with Nlite, then also removed components like security center, ... and also used the tweak in nlite. Then i used the windows deployment tool to make my CD unattended. After that i used Nlite to make my ISO. The Cd was good everything working but still the same problem when installing drivers. Ive used nlite before and didnt get this problem but i dont remember which version it was. Any help will be much apreciated.