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  1. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Little did I realise that having an nvRaid setup would cause so many problems I'm trying to create a custom nLite CD built from WinXP Corp SP2. After 2 days of endless burning and file juggling, I googled for "NVRAID NLITE BSOD" and was rather shocked to find how other people also encountered the exact same problems. Anyway.... my setup: ASUS A8N-Premium (Bios 1011) NVIDIA RAID BIOS 4.84 Athlon X2-3800 2GB OCZ PC4000 Memory 2 x 250GB SATA Samsung Spinpoints (Raid0) I tried to follow as much as I can from this thread, and I'm hitting the brink of giving up and dumb-founding my PC as non-nLite CD compatible. I've tried integrating separately SATARAID and LEGACY folders from versions 5.10, 6.53, 6.85 and Vista Beta2 nForce4 drivers into nLite 1.0 (Final) (one folder of drivers per CD burn) and I keep hitting the same bsod wall over and over again on the 2nd reboot after installation completes. What really confuses me tho, is what the heck you do with the SATARAID and LEGACY folders? The first post was really confusing. Could someone offer a complete n00bs step-by-step guide? (e.g. Copy X to X folder, rename X in X folder, integrate ???.INF as text-mode from X folder etc.) I've been tearing my hair out for 4 days over this problem, including an all-nighter, and I'm going nuts