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  1. I'm not so sure about that. If you take a look at this post you can see that he really uses that value... That's weird. I don't think I will tests to use that value and sit in front of the PC and watch what happens. I'm just curious, as always. You can never learn too much.
  2. Thanks, it helped a little bit... I still wonder why so many uses the value 99 (have seen this in this forum and other forums)? Do they really want to autologon 99 times? I just wonder why...
  3. Hi I have a couple of questions: What values can you use in Autologoncount? I have tried to find what 99 does but I haven't found any answer or is it so simple that it autologon 99 times? What happen if you set Autologon=Yes and have Autologoncount=0? I have googled, searched this site but haven't found an answer... Any help is appreciated. /Rulle