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  1. I appreciate your response, but saying "no" would have been much simpler and saved us both time. Guess I'll be doing it the old fashioned way. Are there any plans to offer functionality similar to this?
  2. XPize is definitely a nice project and I can certainly appreciate the amount of work that went into it, especially on the art side. I am currently working on a my own custom distro of XP and when I heard that XPize lets one reload all files with new art I was happy to hear it: It made finding all those sily pictures much simpler. Now I've come across a slight problem, though, that threatens my project. I want to XPize my CD with my OWN art and just leave it at that. Can this be done? PS: where exactly is the option to xpize a CD? I can't seem to find it after the initial install... EDIT: Additionally, how does XPize handle errors where the file it's attempting to patch no longer exists?
  3. I build my isos in increments and test each successive version. Well, for some reason in this, my third revision, the patches section disabled itself for whatever reason. Can someone guide me on manually disabling SFC for my iso?