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  1. Virus!!! Virus!!! Virus!!! Virus!!! Eset Smart Security found this: C:\...\ » ZIP » $OEM$/$$/System32/cmdow.exe - Win32/CMDOW.143 application - was a part of the deleted object
  2. Thanx for the point, Dottore.
  3. The same thing here... I also installed the latest Firefox, and I must say IE7 is way better and feature-fulled than Ff. Except that annoying reopened tabs, which is more cool on Ff, even that I installed IE7Pro. Back to the basic problem - anyone knows a solution for this "Protected Mode: OFF"-thing?
  4. Awsome... thanx for the links, appreciated!
  5. I've found several topics about this problem, I've read them all, but can't find what I'm doing wrong. The problem is no hard disk at install process. Tried with TXT method under Integrate Drivers menu in nLite, no luck. Tried with latest VIA V-RAID Driver Version - 5.30c.
  6. I already did it with NT5, but no luck: tried with PNP and TXT methods. Can't find the hard drive... How did you manage it, Ice Rich? edit: I tried the latest 5.30C drivers