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  1. And in Danish: WindowsXP-KB905474-x86.exe --Ivan
  2. I'm using a Danish XP sp2, so perhaps that is why the "Show Desktop" icon is not showing on my Quick Launch toolbar. Running 70220a and v.31 with same result.
  3. In all the new Hfslip versions where IE7 is being slipstreamed, the "Show Desktop" Icon in the Quicklanch Bar is not showing anymore. Everything else is btw working great. Thank you for your great work with Hfslip Greetings from Ivan in Copenhagen.
  4. @Tomcat76 I've just installed an unattended Microsoft Office Professional Enterprise Edition 2003 (Danish version) with slipstreamed SP2, it contains: Access, Excel, InfoPath, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher & Word. 13 available Hotfixes according to MS Update (2006-Dec-11): Office 2003 (KB919029) Outlook 2003 'spamfilter' (KB921587) Word 2003 (KB923094) Office 2003 (KB923097) PowerPoint 2003 (KB923091) Office 2003 (KB924424) Excel 2003 (KB923088) Office 2003 (KB923272) Publisher 2003 (KB894542) InfoPath 2003 (KB920103) Office 2003 (KB914455) Outlook 2003 (KB913807) Office 2003 (KB907417) Greetings, Ivan Merry Xmas
  5. HI. Any news about the Office Patcher? Grettings from ivans2605 / Copenhagen Denmark