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  1. Yes yes, good advice, thanks, I'll post elsewhere. Cheers
  2. No no no Fernando Obviously you can't read I never said I installed an OS on the RAID0 array *sigh* The 400GB RAID0 array has no OS, is full of data only, a seperate PATA hard drive has the OS. This is the third time I've mentioned that fact right there! I know the risks with RAID0, however I believe there is software out there that could fix my problem. Has anyone used R-Studio to deal with a RAID0 array?
  3. If you can get acces to your datas, you should burn a CD or a DVD with all your important files. I can't access the data ! That's the problem ! XP just bluescreens when I connect the drives Have you even read my posts? ah whats the use .
  4. OK, now I'm convinced it's a problem with me hard drives On another NF4 machine (Albatron K8SLI) runing RAID BIOS 4.81 it bluescreens on WinXP bootup & restarts This PC's OS runs off another RAID0 array If I connect the problematic RAID0 array while Windows is running, it also crashes Does anyone have any ideas as to how I might be able to save the data that's on these drives ?? Cheers Vinny
  5. OK, I'm not sure wot you mean here. How does DOS read a RAID0 array?? Maybe you're talking about running a diagnostic tool to check the drives?? My understanding is that any low-level tests aren't going to bring back the data & the only way is to get something to diagnose the file system and I don't know any other way to do this other than to load the appropriate drivers. XP won't boot at all, Safe Mode or not, if the RAID drives in question are connected Last night I tried booting with another RAID0 set and it was fine THANKS AGAIN FERNANDO much appreciated
  6. Hi Fernando, thanks heaps for your reply. I wanted to run Windows setup & install the RAID drivers via F6 so I could do a chkdsk on the RAID0 array in question. The C: drive is a non-RAID IDE drive (PATA) and works fine by itself. The RAID0 drives are simply a large storage area (that I can't lose ) I tried to create your integrated driver CD simply to see if I could run chkdsk on the RAID0 array When XP is installed and the drivers installed via Setup in Windows, the computer does the Bluscreen/restart thing Many thanks Vinny
  7. Hi all Thanks Fernando for this hell-thread My mobo is MSI K8N Platinum with nvidia RAID BIOS version 4.84 ACPI set in nLite to auto I'm getting a Blue screen when running Windows Setup ***STOP: 0x00000024 (0x00A902FE, 0xF7CAA6DC, 0xF7CAA3D8, 0xF7440F81) *** ntfs.sys - address F7440F81 base at F73F1000, Datestamp 41107eea I'm pretty sure this is the exact same error I was getting before creating the slipstream CD. Before, when I booted with the Windows XP CD (no service packs) and did the F6 thing, Windows Setup would load to the point where the menu would come up. If I pressed 'R' for repair it would then crash with this blue screen. The RAID0 array is quite old and has worked ok in the past. But I've been asked to reinstall WinXP. Fortunately the OS is on a seperate PATA drive. I'm starting to think maybe my problem is different and it's the data on the hard drives thats causing the crashes, or maybe when I initially set up this PC the drivers I used from the included CD's were older nForce drivers that worked.... it doesn't bluescreen when I leave the 2 SATA drives unplugged HELP!