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  1. Hello all, new here. This is the exact problem I think I am having with my Win2k install. It is seeing my HD as 131,070MB. My HD is a 250gig WD. I am thinking of slipstreaming the 5.1 release from this site to my Windows cd and do a fresh install. Is this 48-bit LBA thing not included in the 5.1 package? (i.e. I need to replace the file the OP of this thread attached?) I am having problems with installing Win2k with the HD issue above. When using the XP cd, the HD is reported as the correct size. When using a 2003 server CD, the HD is reported the correct size. The problem must lie in the Win2k installation, or maybe in my bios. I am stuck. Please help. I am doing a dual boot config. I already know about the ntdlr and ntdetect swapping, but I cannot get that far. Win2k setup reports the HD size incorrectly and says both partitions are "Unformatted or Damaged". When I choose install to D:\ drive, it says it must also format C:\ since it is "Unformatted or Damaged". I have slipstreamed SP4 and tried with that, no go. I read somewhere that this 5.1 SP from this site would fix the problem. I am downloading it now. TIA Dell 8400 Win XP on drive C:\ 225gb Want 2k on drive D:\ 25gb Western Digital 250gig HD. Thanks again.