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  1. sunday... let's go back to sleep...

  2. Hibrenating is not the options actualy becouse my laptop slow's below any imaginable line. I found on MSFN guides some tip's and tricks and delay is now about one minute (wich is much better if we compare it with 2-3 minutes before). But i remember that when i reinstall windows last time that delay was much lower
  3. Hello, I'm having problem with my laptop when I logon to my PC and I'm not connected to my NT domain. Client PC is WINXP and when i'm at home or on some other network where my domain controler is not reachable and i choose to logon on to my domain profile on laptop I have 60 seconds of waiting AFTER typing my domain username and password. If I choose to logon to local account on my laptop there is no problem. I really hate to wait 60 seconds after typing my username and password and if somebody know's how to speed it up I will be very grateful. Thank you.