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  1. Hi m8 got a question when i run the programm, it say there can be 28 drivers upgraded with newer ones but none of the drivers in the packs are newer Tanks for all the work btw
  2. Rammstein - Liebe ist für alle da Die Puhdys - Wut Will Nicht Sterben
  3. Stefan, Great tool got a few little thingies from time to time i get mount errors when i close program then and start it again it runs ok log included It also would be nice when adding drivers, You could select a folder or when you wanna check them boxxes you could choose more then one at a time (keeping shift pressed) WinIntegrator.2009_11_25T19_29_56.rar
  4. Wouw Running it now for a test built , sure looks nice with all them options Tanks a lot for al ur work Stefan ** EDIT** using Version Beta gettin a Dism Exitcode50 error m8 WinIntegrator.2009_11_25T08_13_10.rar
  5. yah i noticed so i guess its gunna be DISM /image:C:\VISTAWORK\MOUNT\ /Remove-Package /PackageName:Package_for_KB970789~31bf3856ad364e35~x86~~ /PackageName:Package_for_KB970789~31bf3856ad364e35~x86~~ and don't put it in saves me a lot of agony
  6. Oops i already did the Dism /image:C:\VISTAWORK\MOUNT\ /Add-Package /PackagePath:"C:\VISTAWORK\UPDATES\Win7RC\" and it looks like its all fine **EDIT** but it isn't
  7. Hi cave
  8. try Start /wait %systemdrive%\UPDATES\office2003-KB907417-FullFile-NLD.exe /q Start /wait %systemdrive%\UPDATES\office2003-KB921598-FullFile-NLD.exe /q Start /wait %systemdrive%\UPDATES\office2003-KB943452-FullFile-NLD.exe /q Start /wait %systemdrive%\UPDATES\office2003-KB943649-FullFile-NLD.exe /q Start /wait %systemdrive%\UPDATES\office2003-KB943973-FullFile-NLD.exe /q Start /wait %systemdrive%\UPDATES\office2003-KB945185-FullFile-NLD.exe /q Start /wait %systemdrive%\UPDATES\office2003-KB945432-FullFile-NLD.exe /q Start /wait %systemdrive%\UPDATES\office2003-KB948988-FullFile-NLD.exe /q Start /wait %systemdrive%\UPDATES\office2003-KB950213-FullFile-NLD.exe /q Start /wait %systemdrive%\UPDATES\office2003-KB951535-FullFile-NLD.exe /q Start /wait %systemdrive%\UPDATES\office2003-KB953404-FullFile-NLD.exe /q Start /wait %systemdrive%\UPDATES\office2003-KB953432-FullFile-NLD.exe /q Start /wait %systemdrive%\UPDATES\office2003-KB954478-FullFile-NLD.exe /q Start /wait %systemdrive%\UPDATES\office2003-KB955439-FullFile-NLD.exe /q Start /wait %systemdrive%\UPDATES\office2003-KB956357-FullFile-NLD.exe /q Start /wait %systemdrive%\UPDATES\office2003-KB958436-FullFile-NLD.exe /q Start /wait %systemdrive%\UPDATES\office2003-KB958620-FullFile-NLD.exe /q Start /wait %systemdrive%\UPDATES\office2003-KB959140-FullFile-NLD.exe /q
  9. I guess the Man is Busy
  10. C:\Windows\System32\diskmgmt.msc
  11. saw this on the net takeown /f %WinDir%\System32\shsvcs.dll icacls %WinDir%\System32\shsvcs.dll /grant "%username%":f copy %WinDir%\System32\shsvcs.dll %WinDir%\System32\shsvcs.dll.original copy shsvcs.dll %WinDir%\System32\shsvcs.dll takeown /f %WinDir%\System32\themeui.dll icacls %WinDir%\System32\themeui.dll /grant "%username%":f copy %WinDir%\System32\themeui.dll %WinDir%\System32\themeui.dll.original copy themeui.dll %WinDir%\System32\themeui.dll takeown /f %WinDir%\System32\uxtheme.dll icacls %WinDir%\System32\uxtheme.dll /grant "%username%":f copy %WinDir%\System32\uxtheme.dll %WinDir%\System32\uxtheme.dll.original copy uxtheme.dll %WinDir%\System32\uxtheme.dll
  12. tanks a lot wurked like a charm
  13. Can't in XP ? Took me 3,5 hours though to integrate NL Windows6.0-KB905866-v19-x86.msu Windows6.0-KB936330-X86-wave1.exe windows6.0-kb937286-x86-en-us.msu Windows6.0-KB938371-v2-x86.msu Windows6.0-KB941693-x86.msu Windows6.0-KB943729-x86.msu Windows6.0-KB947864-x86.msu Windows6.0-KB948590-x86.msu Windows6.0-KB948881-x86.msu on HP7600 XP SP2 with 1 G mem. but it can
  14. I must say it wurks great for me Used a English and a Dutch got no probs I ad Windows6.0-KB948881-x86.msu Windows6.0-KB948590-x86.msu Windows6.0-KB947864-x86.msu Windows6.0-KB943729-x86.msu Windows6.0-KB941693-x86.msu Windows6.0-KB938371-v2-x86.msu windows6.0-kb937286-x86-en-us.msu Windows6.0-KB905866-v19-x86.msu Windows6.0-KB936330-X86-wave1.exe Tanks alot Albert
  15. actually they integrate fine but not everything gets translated. i have tested this. No problem here with nl So i got me a dutch V-sp1