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  1. I'm installing it from harddrive and still get the reboot dialog ... REBOOT=ReallySuppress does not affect anything :-( I just finished a little program that does nothing but finding that window and clicking cancel ... thats how desperate I am! Hope Sun will fix this
  2. Yeah, im interested in a Mozilla solution, too ... If you try the above reg entries it starts Mozilla when you dubleclick a html file, but Mozilla asks whether it should become your default browser. I cant figure out which reg entry kills this notice.
  3. Hmm, somehow it doenst install the plugins for Mozilla ... or is there some IEXPLORE=1, MOZILLA=1 or similar switch for this msi? I would like to use this as I have some problems with the other installers: - the Yahoo-toolbar version works fine, but you have to unreg the dll and delete Programs\Yahoo in order to get rid of these "additional features" - the flash plugin connects Mozilla to a macromedia page and reports it's setup is done now, even though i use /s ... any idea to get rid of this?