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  1. Hi blackwingcat Can you update win2000 to run OneDrive win32app. Here is list of missing functions: ETWlog.dll ADVAPI32.DLL: EventProviderEnabled, EventProviderEnabled LOGGINGPLATFORM.DLL KERNEL32.DLL: WerUnregisterFile, WerRegisterFile REMOTEACCESS.DLL KERNEL32.DLL: GetThreadUILanguage SHELL32.DLL: SHCreateItemFromIDList, SHGetKnownFolderIDList FILESYNCCLIENT.DLL COMCTL32.DLL: 380 (0x17C) KERNEL32.DLL: UnregisterApplicationRestart, WerRegisterFile, CompareStringOrdinal, CreateEventExW ADVAPI32.DLL: RegDeleteKeyExW, RegDeleteTreeW, RegSetKeyValueW SHELL32.DLL: AssocCreateForClasses, SHSetKnownFolderPath SYNCENGINE.DLL KERNEL32.DLL: CompareStringOrdinal, FindFirstFileNameW, GetVolumeInformationByHandleW, CreateThreadpoolWait, SetThreadpoolWait, WaitForThreadpoolWaitCallbacks, CloseThreadpoolWait, CreateEventExW, FindNextFileNameW ADVAPI32.DLL: EnableTraceEx, RegDeleteTreeW, RegSetKeyValueW, RegDeleteKeyExW SHELL32.DLL: SHSetKnownFolderPath PDH.DLL: PdhAddEnglishCounterW FILESYNCSHELL.DLL KERNEL32.DLL: CompareStringOrdinal, UnregisterApplicationRestart, WerRegisterFile ADVAPI32.DLL: RegDeleteTreeW, RegSetKeyValueW, RegDeleteKeyExW SHELL32.DLL: SHCreateShellItemArrayFromDataObject, SHSetKnownFolderPath, AssocCreateForClasses Most of these functions are missing on XP & 2003.
  2. Hi, App: "mspaint.exe Paint", crash at startup when try create a new document/picture. When trying edit or save existing works ok. There is not enough memory or resources to complete operation. Close some programs, and then try again. Thanks.
  3. WinZip 20 crash after run when try to use a menu. Setup doesn't work after fix with fcwin2k, now missing functions: UnInstall32.exe ADVAPI32.DLL RegDeleteKeyValueW VCCORLIB140.DLL KERNEL32.DLL CreateEventExW TryAcquireSRWLockExclusive TryAcquireSRWLockShared OLE32.DLL CoGetApartmentType
  4. Latest kernel v27 ENU/JAPANESE doesn't work. Crash on boot: STOP c00000139 (Entry point not found) The procedure entry point lstrlenW could not be located in the dynamic link library kernel32.dll . Thx.
  5. Please update in KB935839-v26 file uniproc\ntdll.dll to version 7113. With your kernel Universal Extractor 1.6 doesn't work.
  6. Hi to run AVG Free Edition 2016 on Windows 2000 please add avgmfapx.exe ntdll.dll RtlAddVectoredExceptionHandler RtlRemoveVectoredExceptionHandler avgntdumpx.exe ntdll.dll ZwResumeProcess ZwSuspendProcess libcef.dll d3d9.dll, avgsysx.fmw.1.dll, avgntdumpx.exe AVG Framework Direct3DCreate9Ex avgdumpx.exe kernel32.dll DebugSetProcessKillOnExit AVG Drivers avgdiskx.sys, avgidsdriverla.sys and other ntoskrnl.exe PsDereferenceImpersonationToken KeAcquireSpinLockRaiseToDpc KeReleaseSpinLock ExReleaseFastMutex ExAcquireFastMutex CmRegisterCallback CmUnRegisterCallback ZwOpenProcessTokenEx __C_specific_handler IoForwardIrpSynchronously
  7. Hi, I installed K-Lite Mega Codec Pack & in Media Player Classic buttons are invisible/broken.
  8. Hi blackwingcat, I found some bugs: KB935839-23H Windows doesn't work when install's comctl32 (5.2 Win2003 ver.), taskmgr crash and more. sigverif.exe When i run sigverif.exe it starts and scan files ok, but when i click button advanced program crashes
  9. Hi, The second file Windows2000-KB2393802-v17-x86-ENU_001.zip, have a wrong CRC32 checksum. I can't extract archive. Please re-upload. Thanks for updating.
  10. Helpctr crashes, when i try to run it, in UNICOWS.DLL
  11. Hi, helpctr.exe crash on Windows Me + USP3
  12. Hi, I Installed on Win98 SE EN + uSP3.19, but still are errors. When i click Right Mouse Button, at desktop on any file or folder. Windows crash with unicows.dll. KernelEx doesn't create a LOG file. Thanks. Windows ME crash, when i click on start - Right Mouse Button. WATSON21.rar
  13. Microsoft Security Essentials needs these functions: NISSRV.EXE InterlockedCompareExchange64 NISDRVWFP.SYS: ExDeleteLookasideListEx EtwRegister EtwUnregister ExInitializeLookasideListEx WmiQueryTraceInformation ZwOpenProcessTokenEx IoQueryFileDosDeviceName EtwWrite PoUnregisterPowerSettingCallback PoRegisterPowerSettingCallback WmiTraceMessage MPFILTER.SYS: VerSetConditionMask PsRemoveCreateThreadNotifyRoutine WmiQueryTraceInformation RtlVerifyVersionInfo PsRemoveLoadImageNotifyRoutine RtlHashUnicodeString CmRegisterCallback ZwOpenThreadTokenEx ZwOpenProcessTokenEx PsDereferencePrimaryToken PsIsSystemThread IoQueryFileDosDeviceName CmUnRegisterCallback MPBOOT.SYS: memcpy_s CmRegisterCallback CmUnRegisterCallback CmCallbackGetKeyObjectID
  14. If i use comctl32.dll ver(6.00.2900.6029), these programs croashes SIGVERIF.EXE starts and scan files ok, but when i click on advanced program crashes sigverif works when comctl32 is 5.81 (2k) CLICONFG.EXE When try run cliconfg.exe app doesn't start only Error log is created cliconcfg works if comctl32 is 5.81 (2k) & 5.82.**.**.6028, doesn't work with 6029
  15. Can you fix Spyware Terminator 2012, Application can't start because couldn't find user32 ->user32.dll, userenv->userenv.dll