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  1. IP Sig

    I suggest contacting your hosting company and asking if the htaccess files is parsing correctly or if they have it block... My signature went down a few weeks ago for no reason, and after some less then pleasent emails back and forth with the hosting company when they explained that they disabled many of the htaccess features on the settings they decided were security risk without any notification... After some emails asking them to list exactly and all inclusive of the features that were blocked as I felt the claims of "full featured" hosting that I was paying for was a stretch when they are blocking basic htaccess stuff... Magically my signature started to work again without explantion... I suspect that people that are having issues with the parsing of a jpg as a php contact the hosting company and ask what's up... And to touch on the people that have expressed concern over the use of signatures like this... I will let you know that this image is no different then any other attached image in a post or website... I can simply attach a dedicated 1x1 pixel dot to a post and harvest server logs all day long, with the same info, if that is what you want to, using php to echo the information back is no more spyware or security breach then anything else on the Internet...
  2. IP Sig

    This snippent of code will rotate (random) backgrounds Of course you need to change it around a bit to match your script (image type and names) maybe, notice the first variable in the array is left blank "", I did this just to make the image numbers match the array number without using 0 as an image number. You also need to change your "createfrom" line to include the new random variable. The only problem with this is that the browser doesn't refresh all the time because the linked image name remains the same, depending on your browser settings of course. // random background $random_image = array("", "bg1.png", "bg2.png", "bg3.png", "bg4.png"); srand ((double) microtime() * 1000000); $rnd = rand(1,4); // create the image $image = imagecreatefrompng($random_image[$rnd]);
  3. IP Sig

    You know someone else pointed that out to me today I have no idea why the author of the code left out Me but it should be a simple fix Add these two like line one each just under the 98 entries the resemble Just under "Win98|Windows 98", insert this "WinME|Windows ME", Just under "Windows 98|Windows 98", insert this "Windows ME|Windows ME", Report back if this works as I have never had a ME machine and the other person had yet to report back if the patch worked.
  4. IP Sig

    Ok here is the code with a bug catcher to catch non-resolved IPs as un4given1 pointed out. $ip = The IP $isp = The domain you need to prefix it with "www." $endos = The OS // get IP and resolve IP $ip = $REMOTE_ADDR; $resolved = gethostbyaddr ($REMOTE_ADDR); // check for non resolve of IP and rip domain if resolved if ($resolved == $ip) { $isp = ".. Can't Resolve IP"; } else { $str = preg_split("/\./", $resolved); $i = count($str); $x = $i - 1; $n = $i - 2; $isp = $str[$n] . "." . $str[$x]; } // Simple OS Detection $os = $HTTP_USER_AGENT; $oslist = Array ( // Windows "Win|Windows", "Win16|Windows", "Win95|Windows 95", "Win98|Windows 98", "WinME|Windows ME", "Win32|Windows", "WinNT|Windows NT", "Windows 3.1|Windows 3.1", "Windows 95|Windows 95", "Windows CE|Windows CE", "Windows 98|Windows 98", "Windows ME|Windows ME", "Windows NT|Windows NT", "Windows NT 5.0|Windows 2000", "Windows NT 5.1|Windows XP", // Macintosh "Mac_68000|MacOS m68K", "Mac_68K|MacOS m68K", "Mac_PowerPC|MacOS PPC", "Mac_PPC|MacOS PPC", "Macintosh|MacOS", // Unices "X11|UNIX", "BSD|BSD", "SunOS|SunOS", "IRIX|IRIX", "HP-UX|HP-UX", "AIX|AIX", "QNX|QNX", "SCO_SV|SCO UNIX", "FreeBSD|FreeBSD", "NetBSD|NetBSD", // Linux "Linux|Linux", "Debian|Debian GNU/Linux", // Other "BeOS|BeOS", "OS/2|OS/2", "AmigaOS|AmigaOS", ); foreach ($oslist as $osnow) { $osnow = explode ("|", $osnow); if (eregi ($osnow[0], $os)) { $endos = $osnow[1]; $check = "No"; } elseif ($check != "No") { $endos = "Unknown"; } }
  5. IP Sig

    I guess then your IP isn't resolving and it's just ripping the last part of your IP
  6. IP Sig

    Well since this site was invaluable to me in figuring out how that signature image worked, here you go for OS and browser detection. This isn't my code but snips I located on the web in several places so I don't know who the original author is. It might not be perfect, but it's a really good start. Code removed due to a bug, new code with bugcatcher is a few post down