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  1. nobody knows an answer to this?
  2. since in the post i created nobody answered, maybe someone here knows an answer to this: is it possible to integrate a server 2003 r2 version into a multiboot environment (2003 enterprise, standard, sp1, volume-license etc.) do you have to apply a method similar to the 2003 SP! hack?
  3. i dont really know, but what is important to me is that the actual r2 disc is implemented on my multiboot dvd (out of one knockout criteria: volumelicense serial!) is there any other method known?
  4. Is it in any way possible to add Server 2003 R2? On my 2003 multiboot dvd all the 2003 SP1 versions (en/de, volumelicense/oem) work fine. I tried adding R2, by applying the hack method from server 2003 sp1 to setupldr.bin, with no success. it always gives an error. (i believe it was the "couldnt find netldr" error). appreciate any help