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  1. @Zedox: I have added Xpize darkside now on my Addon Page, you can find it here. I have unlimited traffic. Could you say me the right url to the xpize darkside page?
  2. is there nLite support now?
  3. Hope you will make it soon. Until now i used always Xpize for nLite intigration, but black (and red) is my favorite color. Xpize Darkside looks better than normal Xpize for me, so plz hurry with nLite intigration. Perhaps you could make also patching extras possible
  4. Will there be in future support for nLite intigration? Why doesn't Darkside patche extras if a patch an XP folder?
  5. I have tried this too, /LANG=Germany but it doesnt work
  6. Hallo guys, could someone of you help me??? i Know nLite addon maker firts since 3 days, but i have made some nice packs for me. but i have two problems: 1. i cant create packs of .msi installer, what i make worng? i make the same things like with nsis installers. i select the installer and than i write name.msi /qn an it doesnt work. During windows insattling there comes only a window which says me the installer version. 2. I want to integreat nlite addon maker, but after installing this pack the tool starts and i must choose languag. i dont want that. how can i make that correct? Sorry for my bad englisch