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  1. It is now working fine for me too. Looks like the source was copied bad, and nLite thought it was of a different language.
  2. Looked at my source, and it was a bit odd. Txtsetp.sif was the right size but messed up. Had problems with Ryanvm integrator too. Gonna try another source. Thanks Update......all is working great with a re-copy of the source directory. Mamma Mia this version rocks for me now!!
  3. I keep getting "Mamma Mia" popups when running nlite 1.0.1. Is this necessary, or an error?
  4. My source is a service pack 2 source directly integrated by Mickeysoft. I can add update packs by others, just not the Ryan one.
  5. I can read just fine, and it doesn't work for me either. The filesizes and hashes are as posted on Ryans page. nlite 1.01 will recognize and put in the list only the Ryan addon pack. I can click on the Update Pack, or MP10 addon, and it will return me to Hotfix/Update pack page without error, and without listing the files in the list. Seems to me too many people are having this problem, and that the problem does not lie between the keyboard and the chair. Thanks for reading. Puravida