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  1. Yeah, I guess its just one of those things. Oh well. I certainly wont argue with Nuhi.
  2. I've just finished installing windows after creating a new UAI CD and all went well accept file protection is still enabled. I set the option in nlte to "enable" thinking that would enable the patch, but my guess now is that was leaving WFP enabled. Is there anyway we can get the wording changed on that feature? I think it should say something like "Enabling this option leaves WFP on, Disabling this option turns WFP off." I realize that makes sense already but this isn't the first time I've had this problem. I think last time I just disabled it though for whatever reason. Anyway, Now I'm having a REALLY hard time finding a way to disable WFP, so if anyone has a fix for that, please let me know. Thanks a bunch! (keep in mind, SP3)
  3. My corp key works fine w/ sp3 thus far... I did have to hit "validate again" on windows update, but all went fine after that
  4. how on earth did you find that? i've been looking everywhere... thanks a bunch. *edit* nm... thats not RC2 *edit2* Ok i'm offically confused... the KB in the file name links to what looks like RC1... but it is in fact 3311... which i thought was RC2. *shrugs*
  5. Muchas gracias.
  6. I searched a bit for a thread that i found a long time ago saying which you did first in order to make sure it would work, I found this out by trial and error myself a while back but was not able to find the thread or figure it out from my previous cd's created. So i'm wondering if anyone knows if you should do nLite then the packs, or the packs then nlite... thanks in advance and sorry if this was an easy to find thread, i wasnt able to find it.
  7. I just mounted my 2003 server ISO and formated the drive and then restarted with the longhorn iso mounted. In VMware 5 i mean.
  8. 346 works with sp2, got the msi, but didnt try to unattend it, i just know it installs normal. you probably have something else weird going on. no clue as to what though.
  9. wow, yeah that is a slick program, i just wish it was freeware. oh well.
  10. The only reason i wouldnt do it that way is because...
  11. It will be on Microsoft's Download servers tomorrow, wait till then A certain someone was kind enough to send it to me
  12. Where are you guys able to get SP2 from? i'm searching all over and no luck, only the beta site, but i have no access to that.
  13. I am just curious, where can i read about hacking these files? I dont understand "at (xxxx) offset change blah to blah" I dont mean to ask stupid questions but i'm not really sure where to even begin, much like another topic i have yet to figure out, regaurding setting the registry to point to a new dll (msgina.dll for example) so that when that file is updated via windows update, your hack (the ctrl-alt-del edited window) is still working. So where can i read up on "offsets" and the like?
  14. Are there other dll's you guys do this with? i've never heard about doing that, and if so, is there a section on that I missed thats about that?
  15. Where is the "GinaDLL registry key" located? i dont think i dont think i know about that.