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  1. Have a look here > http://support.microsoft.com/kb/312108/en-us There is a problem with NDIS with CPU speeds of 2.2gHz or faster. MS USED to publish a patch, which I downloaded and subsequently lost (as my CPU is only 500 MHz it probably got dumped in the 6 monthly clearout) but MS now claim that there is no fix, probably they lost it as well.
  2. Newer PC

    Thanks, I will let you know how it all pans out, I have this terrible fear I may have to install Windows 2000 (the PC has XP it at the moment).
  3. Newer PC

    I have been promised a surplus PC, little known about it at present except that it has an AMD 1.8Ghz processor in an Antec Sonata case. Knowing the previous owner I expect the rest of the spec to be good. I am hoping to run 98SE with all the patches & tweaks from this Forum. This will depend on whether I can get 98 SE Drivers for the hardware, I suspect that the PC is just old enough to include these on the Driver CDs. My question is, this seems to have been asked several times on this Forum, and never answered, I want to use 98Lite with the lastest versions of Autopatcher, 98>ME but not the Revolutions Pack. 1. Is this possible? 2. 98Lite first or last? Logic says a clean install of a 98Lited 98SE then apply the patches; I could well be wrong. If I don't install IE will I break anything during the patching process. (I use K-Meleon and Opera only) Thanks for any help.