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  1. Hi, can i boot BCDW from a USB-Stick? What i need to boot (bootfile)? I will boot my Acronis Products over BCDW of my USB-Stick
  2. Hi! I have integrated the new vista hotfixes. After that, the OEM folder are ignored! What´s that? The new hotfixes are: KB933579 KB936021 KB936782 KB937143 KB938123 KB938127 Ignored folders: ROOT\sources\$OEM$\$$\ ROOT\sources\$OEM$\$1\ ROOT\sources\$OEM$\$Docs
  3. I need a plugin to unpack files are compressed with thinstall. Regards
  4. Freedos @ Bootdisk with BCDW? i have unpack the new Freedos v1.0 Image to the root of my CD with bcdw bootmenue. \Freedos\ My entrie in the bcdw.ini is "\FREEDOS\isolinux\isolinux.bin ; FreeDOS v1.0 ; /FREEDOS/isolinux/data/memdisk append initrd=/FREEDOS/isolinux/data/FDBOOT.IMG floppy=0" Feedos boot, but i can´t install it on my Harddisk. Please help!
  5. Hi! Can somebody upload me the folder "Pro" of Windows XP & 2000 with SP2 english? I have only the german PRO Folder. Boot from CD with BCDW: WindowsXP German WindowsXP English Windows2000 German Windows2000 English BCDW boot Prod.bin -PROD- (windowsXP) & Pro1.bin -PRO1- (windows2k) look like this:
  6. I have test it! - I choose @ PC start the minint - Error: hal.dll (corrupt) - no boot of pe!
  7. Hi, nice Tool! I hope you implement in the next version: Nullsoft NSIS v2.18 to extract Archive, Wihu & kgb archiver.
  8. Hi, i will download a file with wget. I will rename the file in my autoit script. I can´t! Please help! Download the newest file bla32*.exe Rename the file bla32.*date*.exe to bla32.exe Run the file bla32.exe AutoIt Code RunWait(@ComSpec & " /c " & 'wget.exe -P %snapshotpath% ftp://ftp......../bla32*.exe', "",) Run(@ComSpec & " /c" & '%snapshotpath%bla32.exe',"", @SW_HIDE) DOS Code wget.exe ftp://ftp......../bla32*.exe ren bla32*.exe bla32.exe start bla32.exe