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  1. Microsoft is selling Office 2002, aka XP for $149 to anyone who has a student using their PC. Check around. This is a GREAT deal. Office XP is far superior to Of97.
  2. SystemWorks is for the PC user who really doesn't understand their system. If you know your PC, you can accomplish almost all of what it can do. The only decent part is AntiVirus and that's available otherwise.
  3. The next version of Windows (blackcomb or longhorn) is supposed to be called Windows MAX. That would make Office...Office MAX! WAIT! That name is taken! DO I hear lawsuit?
  4. Here's how you'd get the value from 'Input Sheet' Order No. to 'Order Ack' order no. as an example. = 'Input Sheet'!D3:E3 The easiest way to do this is go to the cell you want to populate, hit =, then select the cell where you want to get the data. Do you have MS Access? That would be even easier in the long run for this type of application. You would enter the data into a single sheet and could manipulate it anyway you wanted.Hope this helps.
  5. If anyone uses MS Office XP, see if you have the Interactive Training installed (came on my Dell). This software takes up 260MB! At best, it shoes you how to do what most people already know. If you need it jot down a few notes as you go through it, or copy to a Word doc then delete it. Also, check your system using Search for .AVI files. It's amazing how many you may find! I also has Image Pro trisal on my pC from Dell which had several of these files at a couple o' Meg each. If you upgraded form something like ME or Win98, there may be a folder for uninstalling XP and going back to a previous version. By using the disk cleanup, you can find this folder. Mine was over 500Meg! Good Bye! Here's another good one. I have a teenage daughter. I was checking for disk space and found that she has downloaded 726 Meg of MP3s! Yikes! SO I showed her how to burn them to a CD and away they went!