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  1. What if I’m outside the United States and need to activate my installation over the telephone? Microsoft has regional and, in some locations, local customer service centers to process activation requests. Telephone access numbers to these customer service centers are toll-free where available. Some countries can only be serviced with local toll numbers due to their telephony infrastructure or other issues. For very few countries, users will need to contact Microsoft by calling collect.
  2. Take a look at this page for an altenative cooling method Active links are ok @ MSFN....-Drew
  3. Just follow the thread Xp processors That should make your mind up:D
  4. I have owned an Intel ever since the days of the P60. I have owned P1,P2 AND P3 computers and for a change decided to risk all on an Athlon processor.To say I was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement.I am not an expert on processors,but they say a picture says a thousand words
  5. I've just built an AthlonXp1900 with the Abit Kr7a raid board I would never buy another Intel:assshake
  6. A good program for identifying motherboards is called ctbios You should be able to get a copy at h**p://
  7. Do NOT install the 23.12 drivers unless you want the problems to start again. Asus has removed them from their site,because they cause the infinite loop error that you have already encountered. Use the 21.83 drivers,fast,stable and no lock ups
  8. Take a look here They have a few drivers listed for XP
  9. They have server problems,will hopefully be back in a couple of days
  10. There is a new version of Nero out This works perfectly with XP
  11. Do you mean that it does not load the programs,or is XP just hiding the icons?
  12. The core voltage should be 1.75v The multiplyer is 10 x120 for 200fsb or 9 x133 for 266 fsb
  13. Don't waste your money A few themes,screensavers and addons for media player They should have given this away
  14. You can take all the updates you need from the windows catalogue
  15. Third time lucky. I went back to the Microsoft page and redownloaded the file This time it was a different size,and included the isoburner and shell player. Thanks for all your help:spin