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  1. I had a bluescreen using NLITE today too, (0x0000007b 0xbacc3524). All windows setup was passed, but just before entering Windows it gave me the BSOD. Anyway, I read most of the posts here for integrating NForce SATARAID drivers and found that my problem was lying with the NForce SATARAID drivers. (I have a new system MSI K9N NEO (Nforce 550 chipset), AMD AM2 - 4600+, Asus 7900GT. I changed my drivers from the ones on the MSI site to the ones on my CDROM I got with the NForce chipset. What I did was kept the SCSI/RAID drivers in windows (Deleted all other standard drivers, except SCSI/RAID). And used the shipped drivers (found under folder \nVidia\System\MCP55). Slipstreamed again using WXPPRO (int SP2), unattended, made iso with CDIMAGE, booted and no problems anymore. Hope this helps for some of you