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  1. Why do you want to run Windows 98 SE on a machine with that spec ? Does windows 98 se run on a machine with a 3 ghx cpu on it bearing in mind it was released during the Intel Pentium and Pentum II cpu's with a max of about 200 mhz cpu's.
  2. Although I've never personally use it, Ghost was highly eccommended by some of my m8's who frequently used to reinstall windows. I have nothing on my main hard drive other then windows and app's that are installed. In the event of needing a format and reinstall, the most i'll ever lose will be e-mails. I keep everything I need on the 2nd of 5 hard drives in my machine.
  3. I should imagine that your graphics card drivers have not been installed ? Does it allow you to chang ethe resolution as well or not ?
  4. Hello, Found this site via the peugeot 306 owners forum so thought I'd register Sorry, forgot to mention that i'm a bit of a geek with computers. Current system stands in at AMD Athlon Xp 3200+ 64 bit CPU running at 2.2 ghx 3 gig kingston ram 256 meg geforce 6800gs graphcs card 5 x hard disk drives, 2 x 120 gig, 2 x 160 gig, and 1 x 80 <soon to have another one in there> Pioneer slot loading dvd rom drive, and pioneer 109 dvd burner Some pic's for you