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  1. let me know when. I am looking at reducing tech install mistakes with something like WPI Troll
  2. OK, here's a thought.....I manage several thousand machines of which around ten percent are laptops that hardly ever get on the wire. Is it possible to run WPI under seperate credntials so I could send a cd to a user who would not have install rights? Thought two....Is it possible to redirect WPI to a unc location based on the IP address at runtime? I got other thoughts but decided to send in these two. In case your wondering I am getting ready to deploy with WPI because it reduces Technician headaches. First install docs, then put pictures in them because not all techs can read, Now i'm trying to get around "I lost wher I was so I stopped doing anything!" comments. My boss won't allow lobotomies so I'm going to try WPI and see if they can remember to click on begin install TIA Carroll Iverson
  3. svcpack.log should be in system32 directory