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  1. i saw another website that was showing things "safe to remove" but i wanted to make sure here with you guys if it was safe to remove them. here is my last session file that i removed this things in. i can alwasy copy the windows disk again and start over if i need to. i combined my first last session.ini with my newest one. let me know if every thing looks fine Last Session.ini
  2. ok i have a serial for nero 8 that i bought but i dont need a full nero 8 i just want the micro how can i make a silent install for nero 8 micro with my serial intergreated in it? like what are all the switches i need to use?
  3. if u dotn want any error use the mass storage pack from
  4. intergrated unattended and working fine.
  5. thanks man this helped me alot.
  6. thanks man. my friend just got vista so ima get the real boot screen and stuff out of it.
  7. its not piracy if u own the software. im not going to get a new disk from microsoft or dell and pay 20 bucks for some thing i can download for free. as long as he has a legit key it will work.
  8. he would turn on his pc and it would get to the boot screen and it would restart back to the bios even in safe mod so i gave him a live xp cd and i think he fixed it
  9. yea but i sent it to a friend and it messed his pc up some how.
  10. thanks man. it looks decent for 16 colors. its better then the normal one.
  11. tryed it but it still boots to my normal screen.
  12. ok i made a boot screen but when i go to use it it will eather a load the defualt home edition one. or it will just keep restarting back to the bios. if you can make me one ill love u for ever. here is the pic, psd file anf font file i used. PSD: Font: no i do not support piracy. i just thought it looked cool and my buddy wanted it on a boot screen.
  13. i added the driver packs. ill try it later and see if it works.