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  1. IDE vs SATA

    Hey! Didn't know there was an IDE to SATA dongle. I will have to investigate. Thanks.
  2. IDE vs SATA

    WOH! Shielded & grounded SATA cables! Is that really necessary? I fly radio controlled aircraft and know that when there are very long cable runs between the servo and the receiver, the long run acts as an aerial picking up interference, then a toroidal coil (a magnetic ring where the cable is wound through about 4 times) is needed at the receiver end to deflect unwanted RFI pickup but did not think that this would be necessary within a pc case.
  3. Fantastic. Thanks Nitroshift. Do you mean outlook.ost or outlook .pst? I am checking my laptop and I can only find the .ost file. Another question though, will the .ost or .pst file have all the attachments? When I do a Save as of an attachment, I get a "Local Settings\Temposary Internet Files\OLK3E" location. When I try and view that directory, I can not find it!
  4. Cheers mate. I will give that a try. Now that I have so much free time (PC being dead), I have been given lots of Hubby chores. So it may be a while when I can get some free time to try these out. Do you by any chance know where Contacts & Calendar items live?
  5. IDE vs SATA

    Well, It looks like a bag of worms has been dug up! Lots of interesting comments. Thanks for all of your comments. I will take them on board. I am just an end user and have not seen volumes of pc's. In fact, I was a hd failure vergin. Even through friends and work, I have not seen a failure. So the first one would have to be mine! Ho Hummmmm.
  6. Hi there, This is not a poll but I would like to obtain some feedback. Over the past few months, I have bee getting repeated bugchecks in Windows XP. These now appears to be pointing to a hard disk failure. Now, the disk in question is an SATA device which is about 2 years old. I already have other IDE drives which are much older but working fine. The question for discussion is; Which drive is more reliable, IDE or SATA? I know, I could be very unlucky that the drive I have was just a one off faulty thing, but is that true..... I would appreciate your comments. Cheers, Jimbo
  7. To tell the truth, if the first reply I had just told me that I had a Hard Drive failure, I would not have believed it. The drive is the newest (only about 2 years old) that I have and is an SATA drive. I have much older drives which are IDE! This is my first SATA drive and so far, I am not impressed! Admittedly, my machine is switched on 24/7 and apart from the odd re-boot now and then, has behaved itself. Until recently! I presume that there is no real way of knowing for sure but I will replace the drive and fingers crossed, all will be fine. Now though, I am wondering if it is going to be wise to choose another SATA unit or go back to trusted old IDE. I wonder if it is worth starting a new thread on IDE vs SATA? I know which is meant to be faster etc, but which is more reliable? Food for thought. Actually, I think that I will! Jimbo
  8. Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me. I have an XP system running Office 2003. The hard disk has failed and I can no longer boot into XP. I can however, remove the SATA drive, place it in a USB caddy and try and access it via USB on my laptop. The question I have is; Can I retrieve Emails, Contact & Calendar details from this hard disk via USB without Outlook? Is there a utility that I can use to get these details? On the hard disk, I have 2 users that have email access; myself and my wife. I would like to extract the above for each of us. Many thanks.
  9. Thanks for the replies. As I can not boot the drive, is there a way that I can get the MS Outlook data off? This data would be Contacts, calendar & emails. If I can, then I will extract the data I need onto my laptop via USB and then re-format the drive. I will still probably use it as an external storage device for non-critical data. Cheers.
  10. Thanks for the 2 replies. I hope that it is not the hard drive! If it is, then I will have to try and recover some of the details from it. Is there a way of retrieving Outlook information directly from the drive? If I install the disk into a USB case, I should be able to get at the data and hive off what I need. With regards to a repair install, I will give that a try. I presume that when I go through the install process that it will ask if I wish to repair. Thanks.
  11. Hi, MEGA help required. I now have a very serious problem after just receiving bugchecks with various drivers etc. After receiving repeated bug checks pointing to ntoskrnl.exe, I followed some instructions that I got from the net to restore this file from my original Windows XP cd via the Expand option to "Windows\system32" directory. After doing this and re-booting, I got a message stating that a message stating that the ntfs.sys file was either missing or corrupt. I chose to do the same with this file by copying it from the CD to the "Windows\system32\drivers" directory. Now, I am left with a system that will not load into Windows. Every time I boot up, I get the "Safe-Mode" Selection screen. All options that I choose, gives the same results; I get the Windows logo, the system re-boots. As you can imagine, I am now getting a bit desperate! I really do not want to trash and re-build my C:drive because it is a real pain loading up all the drivers etc. Only having a couple of hours per week, it could a few weeks to get back on track. Besides, the missus will kill me if she looses all her email contacts
  12. Please help! I had a thread not too long ago redarding a CSRSS.EXE repeated bug-check I was getting but this appears to have solved itself. That thread was called "XP Crash Dump - Points to CSRSS.EXE" That seemed to have sorted itself out and for a while, I was not getting any errors. Now though, I have started to get a crash which the dumplog tells me the following; DEFAULT_BUCKET_ID: COMMON_SYSTEM_FAULT CUSTOMER_CRASH_COUNT: 27 Inpage operation failed at 75b7b1c1, due to I/O error c0000185 IMAGE_NAME: ntoskrnl.exe Now, as before, this is as far as I can go with reading system crash dumps. I have attached the minidump to see if this can shed som more light. Thanks in advance for any help given. MMMMMMmmmmm........ I seem to have problems adding attachments! Let's try again! I remember, it does not like the file extension. Now that it is zipped, it works! Mini090906_27.zip
  13. Greyed out Drivers in Device Manager

    Well, thanks to all of your responses. I was able to uninstall the duplicates making sure that If anything was recognised, that I left it alone. All is now well in the Device Manager household. Cheers. Jimbo
  14. Greyed out Drivers in Device Manager

    No, I really do not have this number of partitions! Do I disable them or uninstall them? The reason why I asked because I tried to uninstall one and it kept coming back like a bad penny. In the end, I had to rename the driver and disable it! Thanks for the reply though. I have another examples where I have 8 drivers present but only 1 active/installed. For example Video driver, Mouse Driver, Keyboard driver etc. I presume I can remove the inactive ones? Should I make a backup or restore point before I do this? If so, what's the best one/way? Cheers.
  15. Please help, When I view devices under Device Manager, all looks fine. However, when I click on Show Hidden Devices, I get a lot of duplication and these items are greyed out! If they are duplicates, can I safely get rid of them? A screen print is attached.