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  1. Two more bits of information... My "original" CD is a burned sliptreamed SP2 cd that I made earlier. The hang up and eventual shutdown happenes when the bottom says "Setup is starting Windows..." I am going to try to borrow a Floppy drive from a friend, but I'd really like to get this to work. I appreciate all of your help.
  2. All things look good....It is not required to put any file (for example the NVATA.CAT) into the LEGACY subfolder. My advice: Control your SATA cables and retry the install with your nLited CD. Hmm... I just checked and the date on my RAID BIOS is april 26, 2005. It is version number 4.84. I now have three questions. Do I need to update RAID BIOS and if so how? Could be messing things up and should I make another nLited CD without it? What do you mean by control your sata cables?
  3. Is your Board the DFI NF4 UltraD (as mine)?Which driver package did you take for the SataRaid driver integration? Why and from where did you get the NVATA.CAT into the LEGACY subfolder? Is your Raid "healthy" and set as bootable device? Are RAM and PSU ok? Do you use a SATA connected CD-ROM/DVD device? Which mainboard BIOS and which Raid BIOS version do you have (look at second boot display)? Did you use safe BIOS timing settings (no overclocking) during the install? 1. Yes it's a NF4 Ultra D 2. I used the driver package linked in the first post HERE 3. I took NVATA.CAT from the sata_ide folder. It wasn't required? 4. Yes 5. Yes 6. No 7. I have the 704-2bt BIOS installed, but I am unsure of the RAID BIOS. I'll check and get back to you. 8. No OC during install...
  4. Hey guys, I hope that I can get a helping hand here... I have been trying to get this to work for a while now with no luck. I made sure I had all of the files (NVATABUS.INF, NVATA.CAT, NVIDE.NVU and NVCOI.DLL) in the legacy folder and used nlite. I selected nvraid.inf for the intergrate driver part and selected both of the nForce Sata/Raid Controller drivers nLite proposes. When I try to install windows, I get hung up right before the EULA and get a BSOD. "Problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage..." I can get further with my original disk, but obviously the RAID drivers are not integrated. I really wish I had a floppy drive as I am getting pretty fed up with this. This is my first time messing with raid and so, any help is greatly appreciated. Im using a DFI Ultra D and two 74gb raptors Thanks