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  1. I thought that was debunked? I believe it's possible to install Windows 7 and 8.1, but that there are issues using Windows Update, or Microsoft Update, or whatever it's called.
  2. I haven't been on the forum much in the last year, and it seems like the traffic has really slowed down on several subforums. I thought for sure I'd see some Ryzen talk now that it's mid-April, but there's nothing. No one wants to be an early adopter? Waiting for more motherboards to be released? BIOSes to be improved? What's the deal?
  3. Thanks. Your "live recording & watching" analogy explains it. Their PC is a Pentium 4. And I did have their Task Manager open and the CPU was at 70% the entire time. And thanks for the tips on how to set T.V. up for unattended access. I can see how that would be useful.
  4. OK, I tried using Team Viewer for the first time today. My mom called about some issue, so I figured we may as well fire it up see if it worked. It did. She gave me her ID & password, and :::POOF:::, I was looking at her desktop. I ended up updating their Flash player, Firefox and a couple extensions, and got into their display properties and changed the text size for their icons and menus. The only 'issue' I found was that it was a little slow/laggy. Is that normal? Windows Explorer seemed like it took 3+ seconds to open, and Firefox was 10+ seconds. It wasn't horrible, just a little annoying. It was still 1,000,000x better than trying to explain to her what to do herself.
  5. I'll definitely report back. I have Team Viewer installed on both PCs, but I haven't tested it yet because I only have a wired connection to the internet, no router. My parent's PC is going back to them tomorrow, so hopefully I can test things out soon.
  6. Thanks for the replies. We both have XP Pro SP3. I will look into Team Viewer immediately. In hindsight, I should have asked if there were better options besides Remote Assistance/Desktop in the first place. Thanks for the tips.
  7. My parents live an hour away, and when they have issues with their PC they call me and I try to fix things over the phone. The problem is that they know NOTHING about computers and can't describe anything with terms I can understand, and it takes forever to diagnose and fix things. I'd like to be able to maintain/fix their computer without so much fuss, so I was hoping to do it with Remote Assistance/Desktop. If I could just see their PC I could take care of their issues in 1/100th the time it takes over the phone. I have their PC right now because I couldn't fix their last problem over the phone, so since it's here I'd like to get it set up so I can access it from my place when they have issues in the future, i.e. next week! I've never used Remote Assistance/Desktop before so I don't know where to begin. Which one do I use, Assistance or Desktop? I would assume Assistance, but without knowing more it looks like it could be done with either. I've never used either so I don't know where to begin and could use some guidance. We both have XP SP3. I know how to access them, but how do I set them up? What is the "name" of their PC? Is it the "registered to" name from My Computer > Properties? I don't know where to start. Please help.
  8. OK, I just installed FF versions 9, 11, 16, & 24, and none of the videos from the links in my first post played. They looked the same as they do in FF v45. I'm not imagining things. I'm 100% sure that I used to play videos from both those sites on FF, and the only way I ever accessed them was through the sports website in my first post. So same question as I ended my last post with - did those sites change their video format from what they were using 9+ months ago?
  9. No, it doesn't. And apologies - it was a complete false alarm on my part. Vivaldi installed on XP does in fact NOT play the videos in the links in my first post. I have Win 7 configured to look much like XP, and in my haste to see how Vivaldi would work I absentmindedly installed and ran it on Win 7 last night, not XP. It does work perfectly on 7. Nice browser too, I like it. Stuff loads noticeably faster than with FF. Back to the issue though. Dencorso, I understand what you said earlier, that FF relies on Windows Media Foundation and that XP doesn't have it..... but why did videos from Twitter and Streamable work on FF at one time (maybe 9 months ago)? Did those sites change their video format?
  10. Hmm. I just downloaded & installed Vivaldi (also in a Sandbox), and the videos from my first post played perfectly. Interesting. I'd never heard of the Vivaldi browser before, but I see it's related to Opera. I was a big Opera user back in the day but migrated to FF as Opera seemed to go in a direction I didn't care for. From what I briefly read, it looks like Vivaldi is kind of the modern version of what Opera used to be. Might be time for another migration. I'll have to play around with it for a while first, though.
  11. Let's say I did have the same results as you. What are you saying - that my option would be to use Chrome? That won't work for me unless it can be visually customized (I don't mean themes, I mean UI ergonomics). I imported my FF bookmarks but I had to access them way over on the right side of the browser. That alone made using it really annoying.
  12. Went to the test page. With FF the first video didn't work as you predicted, but the others did. Downloaded and installed Chrome inside Sandboxie and all the videos played. Then tried the links from my first post in Chrome. The videos from Streamable didn't show the actual video on the webpage, but a gray box with an icon in the middle of it with an unhappy face. Presumably that means "you ain't gonna see nothin' here... sorry!" The Twitter videos didn't show on the webpage either, but showed the link to the video on Twitter. Upon clicking those links, I got the same message over and over: "amp.twimg.com normally uses encryption to protect your information. When Google Chrome tried to connect to amp.twimg.com this time, the website sent back unusual and incorrect credentials. This may happen when an attacker is trying to pretend to be amp.twimg.com, or a Wi-Fi sign-in screen has interrupted the connection. Your information is still secure because Google Chrome stopped the connection before any data was exchanged. You cannot visit amp.twimg.com right now because the website uses HSTS. Network errors and attacks are usually temporary, so this page will probably work later." What do my test results mean?
  13. I don't have a Twitter account nor do I use it in any way except to watch videos that are embedded on the sports website I go to to see game highlights. Videos from Twitter & Streamable used to play with FF. The one thing I haven't done is to go back to an earlier version of FF to see if they still work, but maybe that's my next step. edit: dencorso, we posted at about the same time. I'll try what you suggested and post back. Thanks.
  14. This has been going on for some time and I still haven't found a solution on my own, so I'm asking here. I've done the obvious, like creating a fresh Firefox profile without any add-ons, but no luck. Using the same version of 32-bit Firefox (currently v44.0.2), short videos from Twitter & Streamable.com play without issue when I'm on Win 7, but the same videos won't play if I'm on XP. If I press 'play' on the Streamable.com videos they just sit there. On the Twitter videos it says "This browser does not support video playback." Streamable.com examples: http://www.cbssports.com/soccer/eye-on-soccer/25505347/watch-arsenal-spurs-produce-crazy-memorable-derby-clash http://www.cbssports.com/soccer/eye-on-soccer/25505422/watch-ronaldo-scores-four-to-pass-messi-reach-these-milestones Twitter examples: http://www.cbssports.com/soccer/eye-on-soccer/25506528/watch-messi-opens-his-bag-of-tricks-with-panenka-style-penalty-kick-goal http://www.cbssports.com/mlb/eye-on-baseball/25505552/watch-jose-bautista-left-handed-slugger Any thoughts?
  15. Why would the PC need a 4k output to run on a TV with 1920 x 1080 resolution??? My whole point in considering this is so I can sit further away from the screen. I don't have a timetable for doing this, so I don't mind spending some time researching things. I'm currently sitting 43" away from my 27" monitor (which I mistakenly identified as 20-23" in the first post in this thread).