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  1. With the XP drivers from my MB CD I can install Windows XP, but not Windows 2003. There is no Legacy folder on my MB CD The Legacy folder from the NVIDIA Vista Beta 2 does not work either. Guess I'll have to log a call with nVidia, see what they say. Thanks for all your help and, if I get anywhere, I'll let you know. Siobhan
  2. Fernando, thanks for getting back to me. I did read the first post. "If you want to integrate the newest nVRaid drivers into W2k3, you should take the 32-bit nForce chipset driver package you get here. Although this package is mainly designed for Vista Beta2, it works flawlessly with W2k3 too. Unzip the package and store the IDE\driver\LEGACY subfolder somewhere. Users with an nForce 430/410 or nForce 590/570/550 chipset should take the IDE\driver\SATARAID subfolder. In both cases you will need no other preparation." I got that, it is v6.67 (which I got from your link). I have nForce 430 so I took the SATARAID subfolder. It didn't work. Then I started reading subsequent folders and there was all kinds of stuff about modifying TXTSETUP.OEM, etc (I was desperate and willing to try anything). Point is SATARAID didn't work for me. BTW, MB is an ASUS M2NPV-VM, and BIOS is latest at 0303 (Wouldn't even work with XP until I upgraded to that BIOS version) So, are you saying I should build a new CD, or should I be able to use F6? Thanks again.
  3. I've read through this whole thread, and I just can't seem to get it. I downloaded the latest Vista Beta drivers. I copied the SATARAID directory to a floppy (I'm trying to use the F6 method). I copied txtsetup.oem from the \ide\legacy directory, as well as the nvatabus.inf. I modified the txtsetup.oem (from legacy) so that it pointed to I also noticed there was pointing to nvcoi.dll, which was in the sata_ide directory, but not sataraid (So I copied that file as well) When I try to install Win2K3, and use F6, it just doesn't find anything. Any hints? Thanks Siobhan