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  1. Hi, Is WPI running thru the network ? I tried with the version 4.3 i get a message error. I tried with the version 5.3 too i get a message 'can't find the glossy them' The path is like .\\<IP>\....\TOTALWPI\WPI.HTA The folder TOTALWPI contains all files and fodler needed. Actually i burn the same source on a DVD, it's running as well . Thanks per advance WPI experts.
  2. Hi, I start using WPI. Actually i migrate from the version 4.3 to version 5.3. When i use and "install order" it doesn't work ? In the extract, wpipathapp is a new variable which i created to point on the parent folder of wpipath This is an extract of th ceonfig.js : prog[pn]=['MS_VISIO_2003-STANDARD-SP2_EN_v2']; desc[pn]=['Visio Office 2003 user license']; uid[pn]=['MSVISIO2003STDSP2']; dflt[pn]=['no']; cat[pn]=['Office']; forc[pn]=['no']; gcond[pn]=['FileExists(\'%programfiles%\')']; cmd1[pn]=['%wpipathapp%\\WPI_APPLI\\MS_VISIO_2003-STANDARD-SP2_EN_v2\\install.vbs']; pn++; prog[pn]=['ORACLE_ORACLE-CLIENT-PATCHSET_9-2-0-5_EN_v1']; ordr[pn]=[999]; desc[pn]=['Patchset for oracle']; uid[pn]=['ORACLEPATCHSET']; dflt[pn]=['no']; cat[pn]=['Applications']; forc[pn]=['no']; deps[pn]=['ORACLECLIENT']; gcond[pn]=['FileExists(\'%programfiles%\')']; cmd1[pn]=['%wpipathapp%\\WPI_APPLI\\ORACLE_ORACLE-CLIENT-PATCHSET_9-2-0-5_EN_v1\\install.vbs']; pn++; prog[pn]=['ORACLE_ORACLE-CLIENT_9_EN_v1']; ordr[pn]=[1]; desc[pn]=['Oracle Client 9.0 version']; uid[pn]=['ORACLECLIENT']; dflt[pn]=['no']; cat[pn]=['Applications']; forc[pn]=['no']; gcond[pn]=['FileExists(\'%programfiles%\')']; cmd1[pn]=['%wpipathapp%\\WPI_APPLI\\ORACLE_ORACLE-CLIENT_9_EN_v1\\install.vbs']; pn++; prog[pn]=['SOFTWARE995_PDF995_EN_v1']; desc[pn]=['PDF generator 100 License - HKG']; uid[pn]=['PDF995']; dflt[pn]=['yes']; cat[pn]=['Applications']; forc[pn]=['no']; gcond[pn]=['FileExists(\'%programfiles%\')']; cmd1[pn]=['%wpipathapp%\\WPI_APPLI\\SOFTWARE995_PDF995_EN_v1\\install.vbs']; pn++;