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  1. I have added this addon to my custom xp with nlite but it doesn't install... when xp starts it's not present. if I manually launch it from installation cd (\i386\svcpack\defender.exe) the silent setup start and after few seconds it's installed and working... why ? (i don't have WGA installed on that copy of xp... maybe this is the reason?)
  2. Windows defender add-on

    I have made my custom cd with nlite 1.3beta; I've added Ie7, Mediaplayer 11 and msn 8 without problem... but I have a strange problem with windows defender: I add it but when xp installation is finished is not present.... if I look on xp cd it's present as windowsdefender.exe on i386\\svcpack directory, if I launch it it installs immediatly without problem and in silent mode... so I added on nlite config a "runonce" entries so when installation of xp is finished the defender.exe is launched and installs on the system... why it does not install automatically like ie7 or mediaplayer? any suggestion?
  3. I have build my unattended copy of windows xp pro sp2 adding lot of microsoft hotfixes. I tested it on a new pc and all worked fine, but the first time I try to connec to windowsupdate, when exlorer looks on my pc to see wich hotfix I have installed (and wich I need of course) I get an error in internet explorer like "windowsupdate has encountered a problem" and it stops. is it normal?
  4. windows update after fix integration

  5. windows update after fix integration

    if I add all microsoft hotfix to my cd of windows (xp pro sp2) with nlite, then if I use windowsupdate does it see that updates?
  6. Xp Pro build with nlite

    so I tested my xp unattended installation on a real pc (with vmware I got some video problems) and all worked fine, except for one thing: windows update is turned off the first time XP srarts, and I have to activate it manually. after this, all is working fine...
  7. New xp pro build with nlite 1.01

    thank you!!
  8. New xp pro build with nlite 1.01

    ah, another question: on startup windows always say "please wait, appling user's setting" a second before to log on, then start ok. is it normal? it doesn't happen using standard cd of windows xp....
  9. New xp pro build with nlite 1.01

    thank you for support. well, for question 1 and 2: I tried to set resolution to "auto" but nothing changed, also "autoupdates" was set both to "auto" or "on" but same problem, maybe I should try on real pc...
  10. New xp pro build with nlite 1.01

    I have builded my own copy of xp professional sp2 unattended using last version of nlite; I tested it with vmware 5 and all worked fine (no question during install except thos I wanted) but after I got two small problem: 1) automatic updates are still turned off and I have to manually activate them (I choose enable it in nlite options, I think) 2) video resolution is not set to 1024.768 (as I want) but still 640*480 (and windows alert me to set it to higher value) any suggestion?