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  1. Thanks Fernando. I didn't know SP2 integrated into the CD would do that. I guess I'll pop the drive in and give the CD a try without the drivers. Thanks again.
  2. I hope this hasn't been asked already. This thread is 57 pages, so it's hard to check! 1) I'm slipstreaming an XP cd for my upcoming install. I just got one of those new Seagate's. SATA2, Perp. So I'll need to integrate SATA drivers into it, since I'm going to install on the new drive. I have a VNF4 mobo, nForce4. Is the guide in the first post of this thread for me? Should I follow that to get the right SATA drivers integrated? 2) How would I go about testing the CD? Last time I did a CD I used VMWare to test. This time I'm not sure that will work. I can make VMWare use SATA, I think, but will the nVidia drivers work properly on VMWare? Any help is greatly appreciated.