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  1. Hey There I've just been tasked with deploying 300+ desktop/laptops and thought of using RIS! I've seen what RISult can do so this morning I attempted to RVM and BTS into the RIS Install folder. However I am getting the following errors: RISult v1.1.7 RVM Int. 1.4.1.exe RVM Upd 2.1.1 BTS V 6.0.83 I modded the following within RISult.cmd to reflect the change of filenames: SET INGR=RVM_Integrator_1.2.2.exe to RVM_Integrator_1.4.1.exe * I then went to mod the files to reflect the latest RVM files and notice that they download as .7z extensions - do I need to rename or convert these files to be CAB's and if so what tool is recommended * SET RMAIN=RVMUpdatePack2.0.5.cab to RMAIN=RVMUpdatePack2.1.1.cab When the RISult.cmd gets to the point of integrating the Package it bombs out and displays that the file is invalid and suggests to browse to an alternative place... I also noticed that the following calls within RISult.cmd point to previous versions of BTS: SET BTSSLIP=BTS_DPs_Slipstreamer_V6034.cmd (does this need to be altered to reflect v6083.cmd) - I did search for this file but couldn't see it within the RIS folder! Additionally this file call SET BTSEXE=BTS_DriverPacks_BASE_V*.exe should this be pointing to the DPs_BASE_6083.exe? Apologies if these are lame questions :-)