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  1. look at these ipods and what do you think? i think they are pretty cool but thats just me
  2. ...
  3. help. I got the winole.exe trojan on my computer. Nortan detects it and says it deleted it but it just stays there. any suggestions?
  4. My friend has this in their AIM profile. I know this is but how do i get rid of it. Spybot and ad-aware 6 did catch it. :/ I can't believe I found ******* Picture here HAHAHA (i just posted the example so ya'll knew what version of it was )
  5. the spybot s&d is a great program but there is one problem with it!! It doesnt detect some of the newer version of LOP. Also, the LOP i had didnt install anything under the objects. My advice, get it off your system and be sure to never get it back. lol
  6. i had this searchbar but its not the its actually the LOP search toolbar. ((maybe they are incorpornated together who knows))